Fashionable lipstick for the summer - colors, textures and photos

The transition of the season from cold to warm is not only a change of wardrobe, but also a completely different approach to makeup. Leave the restraint and monotony for winter. And in the spring-summer months, you can be natural or, on the contrary, bright, rely on classics or experiment. In today's review, we'll tell you what lipstick color you should consider for the summer.

trendy lipstick shades for summer

Properly selected lipstick may well become the basis of all makeup. As a rule, this applies to bright colors. It is enough to balance them with light eye makeup to make the image look perfect. But what lipstick colors do makeup artists recommend this summer? Let's find out.

  • Peach. Beautiful, easy to perceive shade that will look great on a tanned face. Be sure to take peach lipstick on vacation. She will never overload the image, but on the contrary, emphasize femininity. You can apply it before evening outings, and before a walk around the sunny city. The texture of lipstick can be either matte or glossy.

  • purple neon. We have repeatedly written that the neon effect is quite popular in the nail service. This trend has also reached the makeup segment. Neon on the lips is incredibly impressive, catchy, bright, bold. Only the most daring fashionista will decide to include such lipstick in their images. But she can definitely be sure that her makeup will not go unnoticed by others.

  • pink brown. This shade entered the TOP trendy for spring-summer quite recently. And all thanks to the Hollywood actress Lily James, who successfully used it for her images. As make-up artists emphasize, lipstick will look great due to the brown color on the lips of girls with a warm color type of appearance, and on the lips of “cold” fashionistas due to pink.
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  • Crimson. Crimson color of the year is incredibly popular. So it is not surprising that raspberry lipstick is also popular in the summer. Moreover, in general, berry shades are in trend today. Raspberry color on the lips looks juicy, bright, as if inviting to a kiss. But it is especially luxurious in a matte texture.

  • Liquid gold. Unexpected, right? We can enjoy the "liquid gold" on the lips in the summer thanks to the famous Belgian couturier. Dries Van Noten used this atypical shade for the hot season in her show. The trend won the hearts of many fashionistas and almost immediately went to the masses. Trendy lipstick "liquid gold" for the summer is ideal for parties.

  • neon pink. As we said earlier, neon shades on the lips are the chic that every girl should afford. In addition to purple, pink neon will be popular. It is more versatile and is quite suitable even for everyday looks. Worth trying it out at a beach party. With this lipstick, you will definitely impress others.

  • Coral. Delicate coral lipstick will be a real must have in the upcoming hot season. Like peach, it will perfectly emphasize the beauty of tanned skin, which means you should definitely take it on a trip to the sea. Coral is suitable for both blondes and brunettes, but it’s worth choosing the tones more accurately. For example, dark girls are better off taking coral with hints of red.

  • Yellow. Yellow bright lipstick is quite unusual. Perhaps, makeup, where the lips are painted in such a shade, you will not see every day. And yet, this is one of the trends that has left the catwalk and has become interesting to many brave fashionistas. Wearing such an unusual beauty trend is only for those with dark skin. Yellow lipstick will refresh the image, make it memorable.
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All seasons and fashion trends beige lipstick that will emphasize the natural beauty of the lady. This shade can be complemented with a beautiful catchy eye makeup, for example, smoky eyes. Remains in trend and transparent glossy lip gloss, which will focus on clean skin and the natural beauty of the girl.

Recommends make-up artists in the summer not to refuse classic red lipstick. However, do not forget about her "cunning".

Fashionable shades of lipstick for the summer will help reflect your personality. As expected, brightness rules the ball, which means that every lady will have plenty of opportunities for experimentation.