Grunge manicure - rocker style and nail design photo


Grunge design is a rocker style that is characterized by boldness, contrasting colors, or bright hues. The grunge style has gradually merged into the modern fashion of clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and now it's the turn of manicure. Audacity and courage are the main components of a unique grunge manicure.

Geometry in grunge style

Geometry is a great option for creating a grunge style. Geometric print is very easy to depict on nails, using varnish or regular acrylic paint.

Grunge "peacock"

The Peacock design includes bright and catchy colors such as emerald, indigo, turquoise, purple and many other shades. In the grunge style, this design will suit any length of nails and their shape.

"Lunar" grunge

Stylish and modern "moon" grunge manicure will appeal to any woman. It is ideal for short nails, and long nails help to make them less vulgar. Use bright and catchy colors, or dark and saturated ones.

Moonstone nail design

"Moonstone" is not a simple design, because here the master must try to get a realistic mineral pattern. In grunge style, it can be light or dark. Its design uses gray, graphite, milky, beige, ivory, anthracite, jet black and other colors.

Matte grunge manicure

Matte is one of the affordable and luxurious options to make your nails stand out. Grunge and matte nails have become one of the harmonious combinations, so you can easily make it at home.

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Grunge "zipper"

Lightning is a great solution for highlighting nails on any base. A milky, dark and “acidic” base of the nail coating is allowed, and the lightning itself is drawn in a different color than the base. This method will help highlight the zipper pattern on the nails.

Neon grunge manicure

Neon grunge is bright and saturated. "Acid" shades have always been in fashion, especially in the spring-summer season.

fiery grunge

Fire design is a popular grunge style pattern. His colors are red, green, yellow, black, orange, pink. There is no ban on colors, the main thing here is to choose the best for yourself.

Grunge ombre on nails

The grunge gradient effect is done in dark colors. Two or three colors flow smoothly into each other, leaving no visible place where the colors merge with each other. Ombre is very effective!

Grunge manicure with chains

Chains are an extravagant and unusual way to highlight a grunge manicure. Chains can be glued to the nail plate, or you can pierce the nail and hang the chains like earrings.

Grunge manicure and rhinestones

Rhinestones and grunge style are indispensable friends that help create an unforgettable, elegant and daring style. You can use any rhinestones, but if you don’t like to create, then just pick up the dark ones.

French manicure in grunge style

Unconventional french grunge nail design will definitely fall in love with you. The master will be able to make it light, or vice versa, more difficult. The sophisticated design will only add zest to it.