Haircuts for curly hair - varieties and photo images


Curly hair always looks impressive and attracts the attention of others. However, the owners of natural curls themselves are less optimistic and claim that they cause them a lot of trouble. Professional hairdressers, in turn, say that a high-quality haircut can save curly girls from problems with their styling. What haircuts for curly hair will be popular?

Fashion Trends

The most voluminous haircuts will be especially popular. Among fashion trends, it is worth highlighting asymmetrical and creative haircuts, thanks to which every girl can show her individuality. In this case, you need to take into account not only the length and structure of the hair, but also personal data.

Next year, as before, the style of minimalism will dominate. The bob haircut breaks all records of popularity, which in combination with curly hair will provide the fashionista with a bright and free image. This combination looks feminine and is suitable not only for business women, but also for romantic people who want to look brighter. Messi Bob haircut is beyond competition. It involves chaotic styling with a huge number of loose curls and curls.

Asymmetrical haircuts

The use of asymmetrical haircuts for curly hair allows the hairdresser to adjust the volume and overall appearance of the hairstyle. For those who want to create an unusual image in the style of avant-garde, asymmetrical four or asymmetrical Bob is ideal. In this case, the individual strands in a certain place are made longer than all the others. Oblique or asymmetrical bangs will help to create the image.

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Kare on curly hair

A long bob that looks spectacular on curly hair will be trendy. But the classic bob, up to the earlobe, is no longer fashionable, just like straight, voluminous bangs. Instead, part your hair in the middle and avoid cutting your bangs. This is exactly what, according to stylists, an urban fashionista will look like.

The versatility of such a haircut is that it is suitable for both thin and thick curls, helping the girl to emphasize her image. Cutting the bottom edge, you can achieve maximum volume and lay curls in the direction you want.

To focus on the hair itself, profiling and graduation of the tips is used.

Curly hair cascade

For shoulder-length curly hair, the Cascade haircut is ideal. Thanks to this haircut, you can visually change the shape of your face. The waviness and volume allow you to hide lush cheeks and a narrow face. The feathers on the bangs, hiding part of the forehead, look very stylish.

For those with a round face, a uniform Cascade is suitable. In this case, the curls will hide the cheekbones, and the volume on the crown will make the face more elongated. For very curly and coarse hair, clearly defined steps are preferable. And to visually increase the volume of your hair, you can dye individual strands.

In addition, hairdressers are sure that Cascade is quite easy to care for and even the most complex styling will not take you much time.

Creative haircuts

If you want to get a bright image, choose creative haircuts. This season, a shaved head or temples will be trendy. In this case, the shaved area can be supplemented with a pattern. Such haircuts will look original with bangs. It can be asymmetrical, maximally graduated or double.

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Pixie haircut

There is an opinion that it is possible to make such a haircut only for girls with even hair. But the stylists have proven that this is not the case. Pixie - a short haircut, running with a maximum graduation. In a complex with a slanting bang, this hairstyle looks very romantic.

Haircut fouette

Creative women of fashion can choose a fuete haircut, suggesting long strands in the face area and the shortest nape. It allows you to make the image notes of mischief and carelessness.

Haircut aurora

This haircut was popular a few decades ago and now the fashion for it has returned. Its feature has become a rounded cap and a neat transition between the steps. But this hairstyle is not suitable for those who have too small curls.

Haircut garcon

Initially, this haircut was exclusively male, and today it is chosen by many girls. With a pixie, it is joined by open neck and ears, only all strands are the same length. Ideally, such a haircut looks on slender fashionistas with bright features.

Garson allows you to focus on the face. Therefore, girls who choose this hairstyle should be attentive to their makeup.

Patchwork haircut

This is the name for a haircut in which torn strands are created over the entire surface of the hair. Its advantage is its ease of installation. The hairstyle is ideal for medium length hair. But long-haired beauties should not refuse it either, since with its help you can create attractive grunge hairstyles. This season, stylists recommend combining a patchwork haircut for long hair with side bangs.

Round face haircuts

Making a choice in favor of a particular haircut, decide on what is planned result. If you need to hide excessive roundness of the face, then this will help a long, asymmetrical bangs. For those who have a high forehead and a large nose, fit a long bang to the eyebrows.

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At the peak of popularity, there will be an arched bang that goes well with any haircut.

Haircuts for thin curly hair

Owners of thin curly hair are ideal short haircuts, allowing to achieve the maximum amount. The style is chosen on the basis of their appearance.

One of the most suitable options would be a pixie with a “cap” on the top of the head and the back of the head and temples trimmed to the maximum. A symmetrically cut hairstyle looks harmonious with any type of face, smoothing out possible imperfections. An asymmetrical pixie looks better on a long face.

A suitable option for short hair would be a bob. This hairstyle will provide the missing volume and emphasize the features of the hair structure. To focus on your cheekbones, you should choose the shortest possible bob.

With thin hair, the hairstyle always lacks volume. Thinning and grading of hair will help achieve this effect.

Stylists were able to prove that the correct choice of haircuts, will allow girls with curly hair to always remain beautiful and fashionable, without spending much time on styling.