Hairstyles with loose hair - fashionable options for different tastes


Loose hair allows you to create beautiful and varied hairstyles. For these, not only long hair is suitable, but also the average length, which is very convenient. Today we will talk about the most popular and beautiful hairstyles with loose hair.

In the style of boho

Unusual and incredibly feminine boho style hairstyles can suit women of any age. Ethnic style is gently intertwined with modern trends, where any decoration of long hair is allowed. It can be elastic bands, bandages, chains, hoops, flowers and more. Graceful laces or simple threads can be woven into the hair.


A simple hairstyle from childhood that does not take much time to complete. Here it is enough to comb the hair well, take two side strands and gather them together at the back of the head. Thus, they are fixed with hairpins, elastic bands or a beautiful hairpin. Modern versions of the Malvin hairstyle may include braids and various weaves.

Hollywood Wave

The Hollywood wave is always a luxury of style. It is carried out with the help of forceps by the hot laying method, or with the help of special clamps. This method is called cold and is considered more gentle on hair of any length.

Hollywood curls

Curls reveal femininity in full force. They are perfect for different face shapes and for the age of a woman. Thanks to a variety of ways to create curls, as well as different diameters, it will be very easy to choose the right and harmonious option. Curls will be the best choice for loose hair for any festive event.

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Volume on loose hair is created using styling products that lift the hair at the roots. This method is good for thin hair that lacks strength and energy. If you create a similar hairstyle in a salon, then thanks to professional products you can get a very large and beautiful volume of hair.

With fleece

A daring, stylish and incredibly fashionable hairstyle is with the addition of a pile. The fleece can capture only the parietal zone, or part of the occipital. At the same time, the hair remains in a free form, or is slightly tightened on the sides with the help of hairpins. Hairstyles with a pile can act as independent ones, or be the main one for creating more complex styling, for example, for weddings.

With braids

Not always all hair needs to be braided, because you can create pigtails from part of the hair, and leave the bulk of it loose. With this method, it will be very easy to update a simple hairstyle with loose hair, where you can do any, complex or simple, pigtails.

Hairstyle "waterfall"

The most difficult hairstyle for long hair is the waterfall braid. It is usually woven to one side, but there may also be an option in the form of a hoop. In such weaving, the hair seems to flow, resembling a falling waterfall, only from the hair, instead of water. The hairstyle is very gentle, feminine and incredibly attractive.