How to apply foundation - 10 tips for perfect complexion


Even if you apply mascara perfectly, draw even arrows and put on beautiful lipstick, your look will not be perfect without foundation. It will form the basis for all other makeup products. Even if you know how to properly apply foundation, a few tips and tricks will not hurt. We've compiled ten of the best tips to help you achieve the perfect complexion.


Everyone has a different skin texture and complexion. So a foundation that matches your friend's complexion won't work for you. The correct consistency of foundation can help you reduce various imperfections in your skin. They can be creamy, liquid and powdery. Choose the consistency of your foundation according to your skin type. The creamy form is suitable for normal to dry skin. Fluid, mousse, cushion are ideal for oily skin.

How to apply foundation - 10 tips for a perfect complexion 1

Correct color

You need to have a foundation that matches your skin tone well. Before choosing a product, you need to know your skin tone. The three main types of shades include warm, cool, and neutral. Choose a foundation color close to your skin tone by applying a test smear to your face, not your neck or wrist.

Buy two shades

Everyone's skin color changes with the seasons; you won't look perfect at any time of the year. It is advisable to buy two different shades of foundation that suit your skin. The darker you will apply in the summer, and the lighter in the winter. Plus, mix the two together to create a third shade of foundation that will suit your skin depending on the season.

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How to apply foundation - 10 tips for a perfect complexion 2

Prepare your skin

If you want a flawless look, it's always a good idea to prepare your skin before applying foundation or any other makeup. Preparing your skin will help you get a radiant and smooth look. In addition to this, you will also get an even coverage when you apply the foundation. To prepare your skin before applying makeup, exfoliate with a scrub to get rid of dead skin and moisturize well.

How to apply foundation - 10 tips for a perfect complexion 3

Change brands and shades from time to time

Undoubtedly, you may like a particular foundation. But using the same concealer base all year round will give you the same look. Depending on the season, your skin undergoes different changes. Thus, you need to use different bases in the summer months and in the winter months.

In addition to this, choose your foundation in such a way that it can adapt to your skin as you age. Changing your foundation and shades will help you look different at different times of the year.

Use a primer

The biggest mistake you can make when applying any type of makeup is not using a primer. It helps to minimize the effects of makeup on the skin. If you have certain skin problems such as pores, acne, or sensitive skin, using a primer may become even more necessary. Primers act as moisturizers to even out skin tone and make makeup more durable.

Good lighting and mirror

It’s not enough just to have a quality toner. You will also need an ideal place where you will apply makeup. Try to apply makeup in a place with sufficient lighting, daylight is great for this. You will also need a good mirror to help you get a bigger view of your skin. For perfect makeup, you can use LED mirrors.

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How to apply foundation - 10 tips for a perfect complexion 4

Use the best tools

The makeup tool is just as important as the products you use. Therefore, never use mediocre quality brushes to apply foundation. Choosing the perfect makeup brush or sponge can also depend on the type of foundation you're applying. Do not use the same brush to apply liquid and cream foundation. Choose your tools carefully to get the best results.

Apply from inside to outside

Most people make the mistake of applying the foundation from the outside to the inside, but this is not the correct option. Apply foundation from the center of the face to the edges and try to blend as best you can. First, apply a few drops of foundation, add if necessary to avoid the effect of "thick plaster".

How to apply foundation - 10 tips for a perfect complexion 5

Don't Forget the Surrounding Areas

Do not forget to apply makeup on the areas around your face - chin, neck, so that there is no sharp transition between these areas.