How to draw eyeliner arrows correctly: 10 tips for beginners and makeup photos


Every touch of makeup must be flawless. Only then can you hide some flaws and have a charming look. In a word, it is a whole art. The smallest inaccuracies in the arrows negate all efforts.

eye makeup

Many, after the first unsuccessful attempts, abandon this idea. But in vain - a little knowledge, a little practice and your eyes will be flawless.

how to draw arrows

We will show you how to draw arrows with eyeliner so that they are symmetrical and your eyes deep and penetrating.

Tips for Beginners: How to Draw Arrows Correctly

how to draw arrows with eyeliner
  1. If you have never drawn arrows, then try with a pencil first. It's easier than liquid eyeliner.
  2. You should not try to make arrows with eyeliner for the first time before an important exit, it is better to practice in the evening.
  3. Before drawing the arrows, apply a foundation on the eyelids: powder or mono eyeshadow.
  4. Draw the arrows with open eyes, looking directly into the mirror.
  5. To make it easier to correct, you can first draw with a light pencil.
  6. To keep the arrow line straight, it is recommended to stretch the eyelid.

The subtleties of drawing arrows on the eyes

Mentally draw parallel lines in front of the eyes, as shown in Figure 1. The tail of the arrow starts from the outside of the eye, as if continuing the line of eyelash growth, and lies on the lower parallel line.

how to draw arrows on the eyes
Figure 1

We advise beginners draw a line of arrows with a dotted line.

how to draw arrows with eyeliner

The dotted line can outline the entire length of the arrow. If you see that everything is working out well, then draw a clear line.

how to draw arrows correctly

If you plan to do broad arrows, then you can first draw, outline, and then fill with paint inside. Pay attention to point 4 (fig. # 1). It is from this place and outward that draw the upper line of the arrow.

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Optionally, you can leave the arrow as it is, or draw a continuation from point 4 to the inner corner.

how to draw arrows on the eyes with eyeliner

Use a brush to make the arrow thin and pointed at the end.

Life hack with a spoon helps to make lines even and symmetrical in both eyes.

how to draw arrows for beginners

Basic rules for how to draw arrows:

  1. Draw the arrows so that there are no voids around the eyelash contour.
  2. For a wide eyeliner, use an eyeliner with a wide brush.
  3. If you do not need to narrow your eyes, then it is not recommended to draw arrows on the lower eyelid.

What are the arrows

What are the arrows

If you have coped with the classic arrows, try more complex options.

Two-color arrows

Two-color arrows

Bicolor double

how to learn to draw arrows

For a special occasion - special arrows

how to draw arrows in front of your eyes
arrows on the eyes how to draw for beginners
how to draw arrows step by step
how to draw arrows with a pencil

Match the arrows to the shape of the eyes

There are various types of arrowheads that, if used skillfully, can mask imperfections in appearance.

If you have wide-set eyes, then the arrows should be clearly traced in the inner corner of the eye or even climb on the bridge of the nose.

draw arrows photo
how to draw arrows with eyeliner step by step

For eyes that are close, begin to draw an arrow from the middle of the eye (point 4 in Fig. No. 1) moving towards the outer corner.

how to learn to draw arrows in front of your eyes

Drawing technique for those with drooping eyes.

how to draw arrows for eyelids

Deep-set eyes can be corrected with arrows.

how to draw arrows on eyelids

We hope that the tips on how to draw eyeliner arrows will help you look charming.