How to draw eyebrows without mistakes: makeup secrets and photos


Stuck eyelashes, bad arrows and unnatural eyebrows - makeup failed! At the same time, so many incidents are rare, but a lot of time spent on eyebrows, which do not look at all the way we would like, is familiar to many. Eyebrow makeup is an art, but it takes time to hone the technique. They should not be too thin, too dark, too large.

Make sure you don't make these common eyebrow grooming mistakes.

What not to do with eyebrows: 5 mistakes

The correct eyebrow makeup works wonders for the face. At the same time, mistakes in eyebrow makeup can ruin the look. Most likely, you have been wrong more than once. These tips will help you highlight your eyes and face beautifully.

# 1: chose the wrong color

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 1

Many, when choosing the tone of the pencil, match the color of the hair on the eyebrows.

But in fact, it should be a tone lighter than the hair on the head. The lighter shade is perfect for filling in any gaps and will look natural. The only exception is blondes with very light hair. In this case, you need to add more color, so choose a product that is specially formulated for blondes.

# 2: don't try to make your eyebrows look exactly the same

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 2

Don't be obsessed. Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins. Many, trying to make them 100% the same, are fond of plucking. It's better to have them a little different than to be overly plucked. If you accidentally overdid it, leave them alone for a while and let them grow back. After waiting, shape them so that the length, angle and width are close to each other, but do not find fault with much.

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# 3 don't create a new shape

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 3

Another mistake in eyebrow makeup is to blindly follow fashion. Monobrow, square and other shapes are not for everyone. They'll just ruin your face. Each has its own shape that fits. But for many years of plucking, waxing, haircuts, have you completely forgotten what they should be? See how you looked in baby photos and stay within your unique parameters. In short, work with what you have.

# 4 one solid color

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 4

By creating eyebrows that are too big for facial features, too dark, or using too much mascara, you run the risk of getting a dramatic look. Even when dealing with a minimal amount of hair, you don't need to apply a lot of product to get what you think flawless eyebrows. So that they do not look too heavy, concentrate strokes only on rare areas and be sure to blend them.

# 5: don't be afraid to paint outside the lines

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 5

It used to be considered correct to paint inside lines - but this rule is not always true. Yes, it is possible to fill only the area where the hair is, but this is not the only option - go beyond the natural shape so as not to miss out on the best shape. If you don't like it, micellar water will erase all mistakes.

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 6

One more tip. Comma-shaped brows create a surprised look, while other unnatural shapes distract from the eyes and draw undue attention to the arches. Make sure that the tips are not long, the edge at the bridge of the nose is too rounded, and the distance between the eyebrows is not wider than the nostrils.

Eyebrow tattoo errors

In anticipation of the procedure, it is best to stop plucking and depilation so that the specialist can see and form the correct shape. It is also advisable to skip any harsh facial peels to avoid skin inflammation. Find a master you are confident in. Discuss the desired form with a specialist. It's important to make sure he understands exactly what look you're looking for, and doesn't start coming up with something fancy. Try out a few shades to see which one suits you best.

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Eyebrow dyeing mistakes

How to draw error-free eyebrows: makeup secrets 7

Tips for avoiding make-up mistakes work here as well. Staining is essentially the same thing, but for longer. In addition to the wrong color and shape, there may also be an incorrect paint application.

Errors of permanent eyebrow makeup

If the unsuccessful regular makeup is easy to wash off, then you can remove the permanent one with the help of a laser. This is a long and costly job. Therefore, in order not to fight the consequences, it is better not to rush with the procedure. Find a good specialist, try temporary tattooing, this will help you to accurately choose the shape and color. Be vigilant and avoid the following mistakes:

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