Lipstick guide - which one is suitable for and how to choose the right tone


At the moment, there is a huge selection of different lipsticks of various shades on sale. Among them, a series of bright shades stand out, which are very much loved by many women, and there is a more gentle selection for cute girls with a meek disposition and character. So what would be the best choice? And what would be the best lipstick finish? You can find answers to all these questions below.

What are the lipsticks for texture and finish


This is a relatively new type of lipstick, which involves a liquid consistency based on water. When you apply fluid to your lips, the water evaporates and only a beautiful, juicy color remains.

Lipstick polish

It's both a lip gloss and a balm. With this type of lipstick, you can achieve a very durable lip makeup and at the same time provide protection from external influences.


Gloss is used without a lip liner, which makes it easier to apply. They come in a variety of colors, but in particular are lighter, flesh-colored or colorless.


These are any lipsticks: liquid or solid, which have a beautiful, glossy shine, but not as saturated as the shine.


Matte shades of lipstick are quite resistant types. They differ in a clear contour, without a hint of shine. Each matte lipstick has a deep and rich color, but it is not suitable for weathered lips. After all, a matte finish will emphasize not only lips, but also perfectly highlight defects.

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A tint is both a lip gloss and a face blush. All tints are very persistent and often dry the delicate skin of the lips. Tint should be used along with lip balm so that the skin does not dry out.


Cushion is a lipstick tint with the addition of a moisturizing balm, which is presented in the form of a stick with an applicator pad. This allows you to apply lipstick in layers of different color intensities.


Cream lipsticks contain special ingredients that care for the skin of the lips. This look is especially suitable for women with weathered skin of the lips.


Chameleon lipstick can only change its color once, but it's worth it. After all, such lipsticks are available in green, purple and blue tones. When applying lipstick to the lips, after a few minutes it dries and turns into a pink tint.


These are lipsticks that contain peppermint. Thanks to her lips are poured and become more voluminous.

Lipsticks exist in completely different shades. To choose the right lipstick tone, you need to build on your color type.

Appearance color type


Cold shades of lipstick, such as red, pink, wine, carrot, brick and others, are suitable for “winter”.


Spring prefers gold, peach, beige, coral, cream, ivory, warm scarlet and other warm shades of lipstick.


For women of the “summer” type, scarlet, plum, pink and fuchsia lipsticks are well suited.


The ideal lipstick colors that can be emphasized by “autumn” women are terracotta, peach, beige, copper, shiny lipsticks and others.

Choosing a shade of lipstick according to the color of your teeth

Another great way to choose a lipstick so that it looks harmonious is to build on the color of the teeth.

  • If you have white teeth, without a hint of a gray or yellowish tone, then your colors are peach, beige, cream, gold, orange, lemon and sparkles of warm colors.
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  • If your teeth are not quite white, there is a hint of gray or a yellowish tint, then these colors will help to visually make your teeth whiter - these are cold red, plum, moderate purple, cold pink and sparkles of cold tones.