The main manicure trends of summer 2024: the brightest and most stylish ideas in the photo


Summer is the time for vacations, sea and sun, so the manicure should be appropriate. This year, designers are offering a huge selection of bright and unusual options that will help you stand out and emphasize your individuality. In this article, we will introduce you to the main manicure trends for summer 2024 and tell you which ideas will be the most relevant.

Neon manicure

Neon shades are a real hit this summer. They are bright, rich and attract the attention of others. Choose one or more neon shades and combine them with other colors to create a unique look. For example, you can do a neon French manicure or add neon accents to a classic manicure.

Pastel shades

If you prefer calmer shades, then pastel colors are your choice. They are ideal for creating a gentle and romantic look. Pastel manicure can be plain or with the addition of designs and patterns.


Geometric manicure is another fashion trend this summer. Use various geometric shapes, lines, dots and other elements to create an original and stylish design.

Geometry can be bright and contrasting or restrained and delicate.


Floral motifs are always in fashion, especially in summer. They give the manicure freshness and lightness. You can choose from realistic flower images to abstract floral prints.


Abstract patterns are a great way to diversify your manicure. They can be bright and rich or calm and gentle. Abstract designs pair well with other trends such as geometry and floristry.

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Rubbed in iridescent powder and glitter

These decorative elements will help make your manicure even more vibrant and attractive. Rubbed powder creates a shimmering effect on the nails, while glitter adds glamor and shine. Use them in combination with other trends or as a standalone item.

Negative space

Negative space is a manicure technique in which part of the nail is left uncovered with varnish. This manicure looks stylish and unusual, and also allows you to emphasize the naturalness and beauty of your nails.


Glitter is another way to add brightness and sparkle to your manicure. Use it as an accent or cover your nails completely. Glitter can be combined with other trends and manicure techniques.

Manicure trends 2024 for different nail shapes: the brightest ideas 

Over the past few years, nail shape fashion has been constantly changing. In 2024, various options are relevant, ranging from classic to extravagant. In this article we will talk about the brightest manicure trends for various nail shapes in 2024.


The almond nail shape remains one of the most popular. It suits almost everyone, especially those who have long and thin fingers. In 2024, the almond shape is worth paying attention to those who love bright and non-standard solutions.


Oval nails are a classic option that suits most women. In 2024, you should pay attention to the oval shape with rounded edges. This will give the manicure originality and freshness.


The square shape of nails remains relevant, but in 2024 it will be slightly different from previous seasons. Square nails should be more graceful and neat, without sharp corners.

Color scheme for summer manicure 2024: neon shades and bright accents

Summer is a time of bright colors and rich flowers, and manicure design is no exception. In 2024, fashion trends promise to be even more intense and unusual. The trend is neon shades of pink, green and yellow, which will become the main accents of the image. No less relevant are pastel tones of blue, lilac and mint, which will create a gentle and romantic image. The entire spectrum of rainbow colors will be reflected in fashionable shades of nail polish.

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But the real hit of the summer season will be bright geometric patterns made in a variety of colors. Neon details added to a pastel background will create original and stylish accents. Delicate and romantic images can be created using pastel colors, decorated with geometric patterns or floral prints.

For those who prefer bolder and brighter looks, manicures using rubs, sparkles and glitter will be in trend. Such accents will help create bright and unique images that are sure to attract the attention of others.

Summer manicure photo

Thus, summer 2024 provides a huge selection of colors and techniques for manicure. Every fashionista will be able to find her ideal option, reflecting her personality and mood.