Autumn-winter manicure: stylish design ideas in the photo


With the onset of cold seasons, humanity, along with all of nature, seems to turn on sleep mode. A lifeless gray atmosphere reigns around, washed by frequent rains. Therefore, I want to wrap myself in a warm blanket and do nothing in an atmosphere of home comfort. Can a modern girl afford such a "luxury"?

Of course not! After all, she is waiting for unconquered peaks in a successful career, exciting trips with her family or new meetings and acquaintances. To do this, it is necessary to maintain vitality, for which manicure, as an associate to a good mood, a confident sense of self and purposefulness. What should be the nail art of autumn and winter, allowing modern ladies to always stay on top?

Warm palette

Manicure should sparkle and shine, as in the fashionable performance of the best masters of this season. In the design they use:

  • camifubuki;
  • liquid metal;
  • glitter with different sized particles;
  • powder with a metallic effect;
  • potal.

Brilliant design will complement the feminine look for any party. But in everyday autumn nail art it is better to use warm warming shades of sand, orange, yellow, beige. At the same time, designs with a purple, blue, emerald and olive pattern, as well as a plain coating are allowed.

By winter, the palette should be changed to:

  • blue;
  • lavender;
  • blue;
  • light pink;
  • lactic;
  • green.

Also, do not forget about the colors that never go out of style. This is red and black, their combination or separate use. The classic range also includes nude shades that create delicate and luxurious images for any occasion.

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Shapes and patterns

Painting, as well as imitation of artistic patterns, such as stamping or stickers, do not go out of fashion. For autumn, you should choose floral patterns, including:

  • leaflets;
  • twigs;
  • stars;
  • gingerbread cookies;
  • pumpkin.

Accordingly, for a winter manicure, it is better to consider other thematic prints, such as deer, Santa Claus, snowflakes, Christmas decorations, as well as “knitted” and cold marble nail art.

In addition, inscriptions, “animal” prints, abstraction and geometric shapes have moved from warm seasons to winter trends, which look best on square and oval shaped nails. The “ballerina” variation is now gaining popularity, but the almond-shaped form, although still in fashion, is gradually fading into the background.

"Quail" pattern

Black small splashes that adorn the surface of quail eggs in the summer migrated to the surface of the nails of avid fashionistas. However, designers continue to experiment with the pattern and complement it with such a color base as:

  • purple;
  • olive;
  • peach;
  • pink;
  • green;
  • red;
  • beige;
  • dairy, etc.

In addition, it is permissible to make patterns on top of "quail" splashes or decorate them with sweatshirts and cobwebs.

Colored french manicure

For festive occasions, it is worth using a “metallic” French manicure when the strip has a gold or silver sheen. A French design can be achieved with a glossy rub-in powder with a trendy gray base.

Also, at the peak of popularity, colored French manicure in different versions, whether it be a gradient or a pattern with a color transition. Do not forget about the classic nail art, made with a nude range. Moreover, it belongs to the now fashionable palette.

"Animal" design

Back in the summer, nail art masters practiced animal color stylization in bright and even neon colors. But for autumn and winter it is better to choose patterns that are close to natural:

  • leopard;
  • tortoiseshell;
  • zebra;
  • giraffe;
  • snake.
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This design refers to extravagant and bright designs, so you should not use it on all nails. It is better to enclose the pattern in geometric shapes: circles, squares, stripes. And do it only on a few nails. From leopard spots, you can even do a French manicure, if the everyday look allows such bright accents.

Fox and company

In addition to imitating the skin of an animal, you can depict the animal itself. The fox is especially common in fashion designs. It is in harmony with the image of autumn leaves, cones and twigs. But in order to smooth out the bright palette of the picture, painting is best done on a transparent or beige base.

However, the red fox is not the only option for a bright manicure for the fall. Those who haven't had time to say goodbye to summer looks will like images of a panda, giraffe, monkey or any other cute animal on a bright orange or olive background. In this case, the drawing is done on 1-2 nails, and paw prints and floral prints will help to continue the theme on the rest.

Rain and snow

Who said that it is impossible to cheer yourself up in rainy weather with a thematic pattern in the form of raindrops. It will not induce sadness at all. Rather, on the contrary - shiny droplets of silver or gold flowers on a blue or even gray background will look very cute and bright.

As well as openwork snowfall during the winter cold. A manicure with such a pattern is refreshing and reminds of a long holiday vacation, accompanied by the most pleasant events: gifts, guests, parties.

Delicate abstraction

Abstraction, which was proposed by eminent masters, most often consists of smooth lines and curves. It can be asymmetrical waves or graceful lines randomly scattered over the nail plate. For the pattern, you can choose both plain black paints and colored ones for a striped rainbow on the nails. Neutral beige or milky shades are suitable for the background. It is also permissible to decorate abstraction with potal, foil, rhinestones and sparkles.

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"Negative" manicure

The fashion for transparency could not bypass the design of nails. Moreover, it can be made of ordered strips of transparent lacquer, gold foil and color coating or of abrupt shapeless inserts. Both gold and silver outline will look equally attractive.

As for the color coating, a dark palette of plum, malachite, gray, olive and chocolate colors is suitable for it. The texture of the negative space manicure is predominantly matte.

Photo of autumn-winter manicure

Thus, during the autumn / winter season, you can use quite bright and saturated options that will certainly stand out against the backdrop of a peaceful atmosphere. However, those who don't need to stimulate their mood with a colorful palette may like neutral designs with a sheer or nude base. Such nail art has been in fashion for more than a season, only replenished with new designs and decorative elements.