Manicure for March - 100+ photos of nail design


Spring is like a small beginning of something good and new, the beginning of life and flowering. This is the best time for experiments and fashion experts advise all girls to decorate their nails with an unusual and beautiful manicure. March has prepared a lot of cool nail design ideas.

Flowers in manicure

Flowers on nails create the effect of sophistication. Nails look gentle and discreet. In March of the year, designs with Japanese sakura are very fashionable. Sakura is a symbol of spiritual harmony, peace and tranquility. This design is suitable for girls with a gentle and sophisticated nature who love style and follow fashion.

Glitter design

Most of the fair sex love to decorate their manicure with sparkles. This year, shimmery elements are quite relevant. Glitter always looks charming, beautiful and fashionable on nails. Sequins decorate both all nails and one. The best colors that are combined with sparkles are gray, red, black, pink, beige and milky.

cartoon characters

In March, young people increasingly choose manicures with funny cartoon characters. This manicure is fun and spring-like. Most often they choose Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, cheerful and bright fairies, Pinocchio. On a cool day in March, just such a manicure will give you fun and remind you that summer is coming soon.

Manicure with rhinestones and kamifubuki

Rhinestones on nails never go out of style. This kind of decor can be increasingly seen in photos of popular stars on the Internet. In March, it's fashionable to make a daring design: cover your nails black and glue a rhinestone to each nail at the bottom. If you have such a manicure, believe me, you will not be left without attention.

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What is kamifubuki? This is a small confetti that will give your nails a stunning and vibrant look. These ornaments come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Manicure with kamifubuki is considered more festive. In March, red nails with kamifubuki in the form of cute hearts are popular. The design of such nails looks cool and passionate.


Geometric manicure has remained popular among girls for a long time. The basis of this manicure: triangles, circles, parallel lines, ovals and of course squares. The best colors for such a manicure in March are: white, pink, blue, red and black. With this design, you can easily express your individuality and highlight your individual style clearly and beautifully.


A minimalist manicure always looks stylish, but at the same time quite simple. Young girls love it for its uniqueness. This manicure is suitable for every day, holiday or on a date. Preferred colors for manicure in the style of minimalism: all shades of nude, black translucent, white.

Pastel and matte manicure

Pastel shades are popular in March. These colors will add elegance and tranquility to any look. Best colors:

  • lavender,
  • tapioca,
  • peach,
  • sesame.

In March, you can not do without a matte manicure. It always looks elegant and sophisticated. Matte manicure on long nails is chosen by girls who like to experiment, but do not want to stand out from the crowd. It is worth remembering that girls with dark skin should prefer flesh tones, light-skinned girls should choose bright and saturated colors.

Manicure and abstraction

Abstraction is always at the top of ideas for nail art. This manicure is decorated with curved lines, original shapes and shapeless spots. Abstract manicure looks both simple and complex. But a manicure in the abstract style is one of the brightest and most memorable designs in March of the year.

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Manicure with birds

In March, nature begins to awaken. It is in March that birds return to their native lands from warm countries. Why not transfer the birds to your nails? This design looks feminine, neat and stylish.

Checkered manicure and manicure with gold

The cage on the nails has been in fashion for a long time, but at the same time it does not lose its beauty and causes violent emotions. Checkered manicure on short nails looks unusual and beautiful.

Do you want variety and to have your hands noticed? Do just such a manicure. Gold gives a manicure richness and luxury. This nail art is suitable for any nail shape. In March of the year, masters offer a new product - a golden French manicure.

Animal print

Do you like creativity? Then in March of this year you should choose a manicure with an animal print. Imitation of cow leather is in fashion in spring. This design will be remembered for its mischievous and cute features. A manicure with an animal print will add something new to the usual style.

Ombre and french manicure

Ombre is a fairly popular manicure in March. This is a manicure that combines several colors. It is created by a transition from a brighter color to a softer color. A fashionable color combination in spring is soft pink and lilac.

Also in March, minimalistic and elegant French manicure remains at the peak of popularity. The nails are done in a soft pink color, and the “smile” line is drawn in white. In March of this year, it is worth adding a little color to this manicure, namely adding the following colors: lilac, yellow, turquoise and green.

Manicure in March is a time of change and riots of colors. Knowing the main trends in manicure, every girl will become more confident in herself and will always look fashionable and stylish.

Photo of spring manicure