Manicure with a pattern 2024: fashionable nail design in the photo


In search of an unusual and fashionable manicure design, many fashionistas choose the fashionable direction of manicure with a pattern. Drawings and stickers on nails are one of the simple, but at the same time the best ways to express your mood or your tastes. Moreover, modern realities completely allow this to be done and quite simply. What nail art options are popular in 2024 and what designs are in demand? We'll talk about this in more detail in this article.

Every new season, something unusual and fresh appears in the nail industry: new trends, new techniques and, finally, new colors and shades that become popular and in demand. Just look at the “quail egg” technique, which took over the nail design sphere last season.

Neon smoke, color geometry in manicure 2024

The real hit of 2024 in manicure is an unusual manicure with an image similar to a haze in a neon tone. It is quite easy to create this effect using various neon rub-in powders that are applied to the gel coating. This manicure with a neon haze looks incredibly original and quite unusual.

Strict patterns in geometric style do not leave the fashion pedestal. It is best to make such patterns in 2024 bright, catchy, and eye-catching. Strict geometric shapes combined with a bright design will look very creative and will complement the overall image of a fashionista, more stylish than ever. But it is worth saying that it is important not to overdo it with the number of geometric elements, so as not to overload it.

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Gradient stamping and floral motifs in manicure 2024

Modern manicure in 2024 is not complete without your favorite stamping technique. And yes, today it is no longer just a simple monochromatic design or pattern, it is a bright technique that will help you create a unique and very fashionable manicure.

This season, masters suggest adding even more bright colors to this technique, and making an interesting ombre technique - with a transition from one color to another. The transition should be smooth, stretched, and for this you need as many shades of varnish as possible. Then it will turn out even more interesting. If there are few varnishes available, you can use colored rub-in powders, the effect will be even more interesting.

Floral and floral motifs also remain popular. Especially if you combine them with the “negative space” technique - when part of the nail plate remains natural and is not covered with colored varnish, but is simply treated with a transparent base. So, it is in such areas, using floral motifs, that you can simply add a WOW effect from an unusual manicure.

Splashes of paint, inscriptions and polka dot ornaments in manicure 2024

A simple, at first glance, unpretentious pattern - polka dots, still remains a trendy and popular design in 2024. And this design is appropriate for absolutely any nails, any shape and length. New to last year, the “quail egg” technique remains trendy and fashionable this year. She really looks very lively and attractive.

The color “spray paint” technique will look very stylish and beautiful - however, it is worth choosing the varnish so that it matches the image and appearance. Under no circumstances should you overdo it.

Also in trend are various inscriptions and slogans, arranged in a strict order or in a free form. With such a design, there is no need for any additional decoration or additions: the inscriptions will look stylish and beautiful.

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Creative and cute designs in modern manicure designs

A special place among the variety of fashion designs is occupied by creative nail art in the form of sliders and drawings of funny animals, cute faces and decorations. You can also draw fruits, trees, food, and even some drinks with eyes and in an original form - this is very fashionable and very stylish. Lively objects in a manicure design are a cool idea for young girls and for those who love everything non-standard.

Minimalism and portraits in manicure 2024

And another direction in nail design is minimalism, for lovers of everything strict and restrained. For such designs you need to use a minimum of bright shades and colors. For such a manicure, you should choose calm, neutral colors, discreet designs, and what would be best to decorate a couple of nails.

And also fashionable designs in 2024 with stickers depicting portraits. Beautiful female faces framed in frames, rhinestones, or simply classically depicted with black outlines: it’s all very beautiful, sophisticated, and most importantly, in trend today.

It’s worth saying that you shouldn’t do a large number of portraits on your nails, otherwise the effect will be too colorful and incomprehensible. It is better to choose several fingers and decorate them with portraits. It will turn out very unusual, harmonious and interesting. You can design portraits depending on the time of year: if it is autumn, girlish portraits can be decorated with autumn leaves; light and warm shades can predominate in them.

If it's winter, you can add more coldness to girlish looks, decorate them with snowflakes and frost using various decorative elements.

Photo of manicure with drawings

Manicures with designs, various intricate patterns, stickers, sliders and rhinestones continue to gain momentum in 2024. Polka dots, the quail egg technique, geometric patterns, portraits, neon drops and already-loved floral motifs - all this is in demand and popular, all of this is trending in 2024. The main thing: focus on the overall image, do not overdo it with stickers and other additional elements, so that the end result does not turn out to be a vulgar manicure.

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The main thing is harmony, a sense of taste and color, and not blindly following fashion trends. You can choose a popular nail polish color, choose an unobtrusive pattern for several fingers, and leave the base one common and neutral. The end result will be a gentle, fashionable and very harmonious manicure that will make your fingers well-groomed and will definitely attract the attention of others.