Manicure with hearts - the most feminine design in the photo


A cute and delicate design may contain obvious “feminine” symbols, which nevertheless do not contribute to the popularity of such a manicure. Designs with hearts have always been in demand due to the variety of heart images, where the master creates real masterpieces on any nail length. We present the best selection of manicures with heart designs.

Uniform design

The heart is the best choice to dilute the most discreet monochromatic coating. The design is minimalistic, so it will suit any outfit and any event in your life. Additionally, you can decorate the heart with rhinestones or sparkles to make it more festive.

Classic french manicure

Most often, French manicures are decorated with hearts. After all, the heart can be depicted on the nail in different forms and using special nail material. For example, acrylic powder, which allows you to make heart drawings three-dimensional. And another design forms a heart as if it were carved on the nail, right in the coating.

Mirror finish

Mirror nail polish always looks amazing, and together with a heart design, such a manicure will be worthy of any holiday.

Deep cat eye manicure

Cat nail polish has its own inner magic that makes the color glow from within. No matter what color is chosen, this varnish will always look great. Despite the fact that “cat” is a self-sufficient color, it gently harmonizes with the heart pattern. Here it is important to maintain a golden mean and not highlight all nails with hearts at once.

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Discreet matte nail design

A special gel for finishing nails removes shine from any color, creating a discreet but noble matte finish. Hearts with a matte finish look fresh and stylish, and an extensive base of colors will allow you to create real design masterpieces.

Luxurious ombre

Gradient nail colors do not lose their popularity due to the unique feature of providing a soft transition from color to color. The heart, like no other symbol, will not overload the ombre effect, but will only complement it. Thanks to this combination, the gradient nail design with a heart looks beautiful, feminine and magical.

Bright splash of colors

For real lovers of bright and catchy colors, different colors of hearts and the main coating of nails will be a very successful combination. This will create a contrast that will mutually enhance each other. But you don’t have to follow this rule, because you can choose very bright colors, for example, acidic ones, which can highlight your manicure.

Hearts and designs on nails

The heart is often accompanied by inscriptions about love, and other romantic phrases, but can also be supplemented with drawings and patterns. Most often these are cute animals, bears, rabbits, cats and dogs, but absolutely any designs and patterns can be selected for the hearts.

Modern “lunar” manicure

The most modern and fashionable option for combining hearts on nails is the “moon” design. “Moon” nail design is created in the form of hearts with characteristic halves of a rounded soft shape. The point of the heart is usually hidden, but this does not prevent the design from looking amazing and incredibly feminine.