Beautiful manicure ideas with rhinestones in lilac tones: photo of nail design


Due to its unique ability to look appropriate and beautiful on nails at any time of the year, lilac manicure very often becomes the choice of modern fashionistas. It is perfect for young girls and looks great in the images of the older generation. According to psychologists, lilac tones can relieve pain. They simultaneously relieve nervous tension and stimulate brain activity.

And, based on the teachings of Feng Shui, the color we are discussing is not only considered a symbol of the holiday, mystery, intuition and depth of knowledge, but also creates harmony around itself. Therefore, the design of nails in lilac tones is perfect for a strict office look, a festive outfit and a casual look.

Competently playing with lilac shades and using additionally different decor, for example, rhinestones, you can create very interesting and original design options. What techniques can reveal the nature of the lilac color, and how you can complement such a manicure with rhinestones, read on.

Lilac manicure with rhinestones - recommendations for choosing a shade

We all know that the lilac color is obtained through a combination of discreet blue and energetic red hues. And depending on the concentration of the content of each of them, lilac tones are divided into warm and cold. For girls or women with dark skin, it is preferable to choose brighter shades with a warm undertone, for example, wisteria or violet.

It is important for owners of fair skin to use pale lilac or lilac with a pink undertone in manicure, which belong to cold tones. Lavender in all its variations is considered neutral and is perfect for any type of appearance.

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Solid lilac manicure and rhinestones

Despite the fact that new techniques are constantly appearing in the world of nail art, a monochromatic manicure is still at the peak of popularity. And such a decision is fully justified, since it is precisely this design of the nail plates that allows you to fully reveal the depth of shades and allocate enough space for decorating nails with rhinestones.

The main thing is to try not to overload the manicure with sparkling fragments. A simple pattern in the root zone of a pair of nail plates made of crystals, pearls or beads in the form of a crescent, a curl, a wave will be enough.

Matte nail design with rhinestones in lilac tones

A velvety finish manicure design is perfect for complementing any look, whether it's an important business meeting, a casual outing with friends, or a formal event where you need to look your best. The matte structure “calms” bright shades a little and emphasizes the tenderness of light ones. Therefore, lilac nails in this design can have different saturation.

Don't forget about the sparkling decor, which will be the final accent of the whole design. It can be single stones on each finger or a design with an expressive composition on a pair of nails. Choose only for you. You can also slightly transform the muted lilac with the help of floristry or geometric motifs.

Lilac manicure with rhinestones in French style

Legends can be made about the popularity of French manicure, so we will not waste time publishing a prosaic character and will simply tell you how you can beautifully decorate a lilac French-style manicure. The most relevant solution in this case would be to use one of the lilac tones to design a “smile”. In this embodiment, it is customary to duplicate the arc at the base of the nail plates with rhinestones to match.

An equally original solution can be called a combination of French manicure with a monochromatic coating and more complex sparkling patterns, or the addition of a “smile” on the lunula of the nail plates with delicate buds, where crystals or spheres will serve as the final accent of the composition.

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Lilac manicure ideas with drawings and rhinestones

The design of a manicure with drawings always attracts attention and allows you to emphasize the individuality of each woman, so many women of fashion prefer this type of design, even when the chosen nail art suggests the presence of decor in the form of rhinestones.

On a lilac base, all kinds of flowers, buds, twigs and other elements of floristry or butterflies look just great. Such plots complement the manicure with notes of femininity and grace.

No less beautiful are veil-style drawings, as well as chaotic stripes and abstraction. You can apply drawings using art painting, using sliders, stickers or using stamping.

Rhinestones can be directly involved in creating a pattern or used as a brilliant addition and located in the core of a flower or at the intersection of stripes.

Lilac manicure design with rhinestones and geometry

Such a concept as geometric patterns in manicure is very multifaceted, so designers always treat this topic with some trepidation. This category of images includes simple stripes and zigzags, which are very often combined with other images, strict compositions of many geometric shapes of different sizes, and bright sketches in the “color block” style.

Lilac manicure is wonderfully combined with each of the proposed examples, and geometric patterns are wonderfully complemented by rhinestones and other decor. Decorations in this case are usually placed directly in the middle of some figures or at the intersection of their sides. Ideas also look very nice when beads, crystals or small “caviar” balls duplicate some parts of the pattern.

Dark lilac manicure with rhinestones

As we have already said, the saturation of the lilac color directly depends on the concentration of its constituent shades, so this palette contains not only warm and cold, but also dark and light lilac shades.

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Dark tones tend to be popular in the cool season, which does not mean at all that you cannot use this color in spring or summer manicure for going out. Moreover, you have real “treasures” at your fingertips in the form of crystals, pearl hemispheres, beads and other fragments that will wonderfully transform the dark base.

Here you can safely use charms or create patterns to your liking, combine rhinestones with drawings, sparkles and experiment with the structure of coatings. Deep lilac, lavender, amethyst, red-lilac, blackberry or purple colors look wonderful in such a tandem.

Pale lilac manicure with rhinestones

To create a soft lilac manicure, it is acceptable to use light shades of lilac, violet, cyclamen, light lilac or a delicate tone of wisteria. The question of the location of the stasis on such a basis should also be approached from the creative side. And in this case, the most successful solution, according to the designers, will be minimalism or decoration with shiny and sparkling particles of a pair of accent nails.

This can be a simple pattern in the form of a wave, two stripes, a highlight of the lunula at the base, or a complete coverage of the nail plate with crystal chips or beads in the style of a “caviar” design. The main thing is that the design is in harmony with your outfit and emphasizes individuality.

Photo of a manicure of lilac shades with rhinestones

In our publication, we talked about only some ideas for decorating a manicure in lilac tones. And we are sure, having completed at least once one of the proposed designs, you will forever fall in love with this amazing and multifaceted color.