Expensive manicure in mocha color - design ideas in the photo


A manicure that looks expensive is important to perform in a cozy and magnetic mocha color. Why it's so easy to fall in love with a new trend (and you shouldn't resist a wonderful light feeling) - read in our article!

Why you should try a new trend

The new trendy lacquer has conquered many stars - the manicure was seen at Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner and other celebrities. Why is he so good?

  • A muted and soft shade of brown is ideal for a variety of manicure for every day. Masters call this lacquer "new nude" - the design is practical and easily fits into any look: from business to evening.

Alternative names for fashionable colors are “latte” and “coffee with milk”. How cozy!

  • Manicure has no contraindications in the form of skin color - however, for a light tone, rich and deep varnish is preferable. Tanned girls can experiment with any representative of the fashion palette.
  • A nice bonus - a soft shade smooths out age-related changes and is suitable for a rejuvenating manicure.
  • The fashionable palette is especially popular in the autumn-winter period, because it has warmth, comfort and magnetism.

  • Well-groomed manicure in coffee shades looks expensive, elegant and feminine. Aristocratic restraint and good taste are invariably in fashion.

Glitter Mocha Manicure

The design of an expensive manicure welcomes the dosed use of brilliant accents. So, gold glitter, foil prints or gold leaf look harmoniously with coffee varnish.

A fashionable move is the combination of coffee polish with shiny accents in rose gold. Simply amazing!

Coffee varnish does not welcome a clutter of rhinestones and sparkles - laconic decor is suitable for an expensive design. A delicate shine and zest in the image can be easily achieved if you use a base polish with a fine sprinkling of glitter.

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In the technique of gradient

The gradient effect is embodied in the "coffee with milk" manicure. A classic trick for a flawless look is solid nails that change shade from dark to light.

french nail design

Expensive manicure in coffee color increases the degree of elegance and sophistication framed by French design. Now the trend is non-standard and minimalist versions of the French manicure - an option with a thin border of the "smile" without filling with color.

Matte manicure

A matte manicure in mocha color requires high skill and a neat base - it does not forgive the slightest inaccuracies. But if you entrust the design to a good master, the final nail art will turn out to be noble and elegant.

Rubable Holographic Powder

It is important to perform a stylish expensive manicure with splashes of rubbed shiny powder. A fashionable solution would be pearl powder with a delicate shine, and a mirror rubbed powder would be suitable as accents of a monochromatic design.

With drawings

The photo shows an expensive manicure in mocha color with accent patterns. Trends suggest that it is important to perform abstract and animalistic compositions.

Color combinations

A coffee-colored manicure is great with its relatives from the brown range - milky, beige and terracotta tones, as well as with the addition of a pinch of cinnamon, latte or cappuccino. What a delicious design!

Mocha manicure looks elegant with muted pink splashes. Masters advise taking a translucent texture of varnish to create an expensive nail design.

The combination of mocha with white varnish will make the manicure expressive and noticeable.

A combination of coffee polish with gold accents is also considered a fashionable technique. A spectacular union fits into the everyday look.

We hope you have adopted design ideas for a dear woman's manicure. An interesting fact: in color therapy, the cozy shade of mocha symbolizes peace and a sense of security. If you want a manicure that not only looks stylish, but also relieves stress, try out a new trend!