New ideas for square manicure 2024 - photo nail art


The square shape of nails is a popular, timeless solution that is particularly chic and elegant. A square manicure stylishly decorates women's hands, making them well-groomed and very attractive.

Manicure ideas for square nails 2024

Fashionable polish colors for square manicure this year are yellow, light green, emerald, green, blue, coral, classic scarlet, burgundy, terracotta, gray, black, as well as numerous natural shades from milky to dark coffee. Trendy techniques for square-shaped manicure in 2024 include ombre or gradient, marble (or other stone) design, “quail egg”, “negative space”, decoration with shiny foil of various types and others.

Manicure 2024 for short square nails

For short square shaped nails, many sophisticated and trendy designs are perfect. With the help of correctly selected geometric and abstract motifs, you can create not only an original pattern or design, but also, for example, visually increase the size or length of the nail. Nude manicure looks natural and elegant on short nails with a minimalist geometric design or a modest shiny decoration on one or more nails.

Square manicure for medium length nails

The average length of nails is one of the most comfortable and impressive. A square manicure on medium-length nails is a good, spacious enough basis for implementing any planned design; such a manicure visually lengthens the nail plate, but at the same time remains practical and comfortable. It is worth noting that if your nails are brittle, then it is better to choose a rounded square shape, which will eliminate possible damage to the nail plate.

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Manicure for long square nails

A square manicure on long nails is more like a work of art, since it is this length and shape that allows you to embody the most daring, original and stylish designs. Trendy options for 2024 are a single-color manicure in a fashionable color in a glossy or matte version, an exquisite French manicure, an original lunar design, decoration with animal patterns or prints, a gradient in current color combinations, pastel nail polish colors with minimalist decor, colored manicure in bright, neon, reflective colors.

White square manicure

Even a monochrome white manicure on square nails of any length is a stylish, versatile and flawless option. Nail service professionals are also ready to implement fantastically beautiful nail art ideas on square nails, popular in 2024.

Among them: a laconic decoration of a white square manicure with rhinestones or decorative stones at the base of the nail, the use of large floral prints in a white design. The ideal option for a square nail shape is a design with geometric lines or their combinations. “Quail egg” decorations and marble techniques, glitter and various types of gold and silver foil are very popular and in demand in white.

Red square manicure 2024

Unsurpassed red varnish on women's nails always looks bright, stylish, expressive; it has long become a classic. Red polish is especially good and chic on square nails of any length. A red square manicure will leave an indelible impression even in a minimalist monochromatic design, and with any surface - glossy or velvet matte top.

But in 2024, interesting designs are among the fashion ideas. For example, all the nails are in red monochrome, except for the nail on the thumb, which, in turn, is covered with white varnish with a laconic design, pattern, inscription, print. The color red, like some animalistic designs, symbolizes passion and strong emotions, and is also successfully combined in nail designs, for example, red polish with leopard prints.

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Dark square manicure

The dark color of the base coat always requires ideal shapes of the nail plate. It is the square shape of the nails that provides the perfect basis for dark shades of manicure, including deep and elegant black. Fashionable dark manicure designs this year: “cat eye”, “broken glass”, stained glass, mirror colored rubbed powder, contrasting or smooth gradient, various designs using foil in all its chic varieties.

Nude square manicure

Natural and neutral shades are the absolute trend of the year, not only in the art of manicure. Therefore, natural, delicate and feminine shades are acceptable in any version - alone or with modest, laconic decorations or discreet accents.

Matte square manicure

The refined and luxurious texture of matte manicure has captivated many of the fair sex. A fantastic velvet finish on square nails is one of the fashion trends this year. You can choose a matte surface to cover all your nails, or you can cover several nails with a matte top coat. A variety of shiny nail decorations look especially impressive on a matte manicure.

French manicure 2024 for square nails

Square French manicures are affordable and trendy in 2024 in a variety of colors and adorable designs. First of all, for colored French manicure, colors and shades that are fashionable this year are used. And among the trendy square designs are the following stylish options: sophisticated geometry, abstraction or laconic plant motifs and elements as delicate patterns, rainbow design, floral elements in the form of stickers or elegant sketches, beautiful and delicate stamping, slider design.

Photo of manicure for square nails using different techniques

For a long period of time, the magnificent square shape of nails does not lose its attractiveness and popularity due to its incredible beauty, and 2024 is no exception.

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