Beautiful quick hairstyles for medium length hair


No matter how fashionable women's clothing is, sometimes this is not enough to create a stylish look. Well-groomed, healthy hair and a properly chosen hairstyle play an important role in this case, and can always add attractiveness to the entire appearance. Medium hair length is considered the most common and practical. It allows you to create not only a huge number of varied and beautiful hairstyles, but also use a minimum of accessories and means for fixation.

In the material below, we propose to get acquainted with such variations of hairstyles that will help you emphasize your natural beauty and individuality.

Loose hair

Owners of medium length are allowed to safely wear their hair loose, and it can be not just freely hanging strands, but also many original variations of styling that will demonstrate the beauty of the hair, and at the same time will not interfere with the owner.

Popular hairstyles include smooth straight hair with a side parting and a light backcomb at the roots, as well as light curls pinned to the side or casually scattered over the shoulders. These can be either funny elastic curls or large “Hollywood” curls or light curls with a fashionable disheveled effect. The choice of hairstyle largely depends on the structure of the hair and the desire of the girl.

Fashionable bun

Many women believe that a bun style is completely unremarkable and is only suitable for home use. However, we hasten to assure our readers that this type of hairstyle has many variations and, depending on the girl’s desire, can become a stylish addition to both the look for every day and any special occasion.

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A bun can be created on smoothly combed hair, from braids, plaits or slightly tousled curled strands and placed on the side, back of the head or crown. Some variations are made from hair gathered in a ponytail, some, on the contrary, from strands twisted one after another.

For home styling, all you need is a hair tie and a few hairpins. The hairstyle for a special occasion is additionally decorated with pearls, flowers, ribbons, hairpins or a tiara.

Stylish braids

Various braids have always attracted the attention of others, because such a creation as a spikelet, French braid, waterfall braid or fishtail braid simply cannot go unnoticed. If you have naturally thick hair, then you will not need additional volume for braiding. But girls with thin hair should not braid their hair tightly.

Slightly loosened braids with elongated links or braids made from curled curls in this case look more attractive. Layouts of this nature also have many variations. Hair braided to the side, a braid in the form of a headband, two braids on the sides gathered into a low ponytail, Greek braiding with ribbons and pearls, basket braiding with beautiful hairpins are just some of the possible examples.


Just like the previous proposals, the tail has many types and can decorate your hair, either as a stand-alone styling or as part of a more complex composition. The simplest option is to tie your hair high or low, secured with a beautiful elastic band or hair clip. You can also wrap a separate section of hair around the base of the ponytail.

The curls in the ponytail can be slightly curled, thereby creating a slight effect of negligence and additional volume, or they can be left straight. The side ponytail looks very original, suggesting the presence of a small backcomb all over the head. The ends of the strands in this version should be much curled. As accessories you can use ribbons, threads with pearls or beautiful hairpins.

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Brushed hairstyles

A light backcombing of hair is very popular today, but this does not mean creating an “explosion” effect on the head. It would be better to call this a little “creative disorder”, which allows even ladies who are far from young to look much younger. In this case, we cannot do without means of fixation. The whole secret of such hairstyles is the absence of smoothly combed hair.

Braids, buns, ponytails and any other types of styling are done on fluffy hair. For the tail, a small backcomb is mainly created in the upper part of the head. A bun or braid is created from combed hair along its entire length. Loose curls look more attractive with volume at the roots. Such ideas are used for an evening out.

Styles with collected hair are often accompanied by separately released curled strands and accessories in the form of a scattering of pearls, small flowers, beautiful hairpins and combs.

With bandage

Fashionable hairstyles with a headband can be done in several ways, among which styling in the Greek style and adding a headband to already styled hair are especially popular. In the first example, such a detail plays a very important role and is the basis for the further construction of a beautiful masterpiece. We place the device on the head on top of the curls and wrap all the strands one by one around the headband from the sides to the back, securing the ends with hairpins or bobby pins. In the upper part, the hair can be given additional volume, like all the curls involved in creating the styling.

In cases where the headband complements an already formed hairstyle, you just need to place it on top of the styled hair. It can be a high bun, a ponytail or any kind of weaving. In such cases, girls often use headbands in the form of openwork ribbons or a thin scarf, the ends of which tied at the top look very flirty and playful. Either option will add a stylish accessory to your hair.

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Combined hairstyles

Sometimes every fashionista wants something special and unique. All the known examples of styling are a little boring and have long been mastered by friends. What to do in this case? There is only one way out - to create a combined hairstyle on your hair, which will not take much time to complete, but will definitely look fresh and creative.

Combined hairstyles are nothing more than the simultaneous combination of several variations of hairstyles on the hair. These can be loose, slightly curled curls with a rim on the top of the head made from side braids, or a variant with the same braids, which are connected at the back of the head into a common weave and placed in a bun.

A combined ponytail looks no less attractive, when with the help of several thin braids you can beautifully wrap the main part of the hanging strands. You can also braid your hair on one side into a side braid, and leave the other side loose and curl it with a large curling iron. Fantasy in this case is your best assistant.

Photos of hairstyles for medium length hair

Girls with medium-length hair are very lucky, because without much work and hairdressing skills they can change their look every day and look irresistible. A little imagination and sleight of hand will completely replace trips to stylists. And don’t worry, you will definitely succeed, because every woman is a bit of a sorceress by nature!