Rating of the best foundation: from budget to lux


Almost every woman has a lot of cosmetics in her purse, ranging from simple hygienic lipstick to powder. Among all this variety, an important role is occupied by foundation, which can transform the face beyond recognition. However, it is easy to make a mistake when choosing the right product, so it is this “miracle” product that we will pay attention to today. For you, we have compiled a special rating of foundation creams, based on an analysis of the composition of cosmetic products for tinting the face and choosing the most suitable one for a specific skin type.

Next, we will analyze the main criteria by which the comparison of tonal means was carried out.

Comedogenicity. When choosing a cream, it is recommended to pay attention to comedogenicity, that is, the potential of cosmetic components to clog pores and cause different types of comedones. The higher the comedogenicity, the greater the chance of increasing the likelihood of acne.

Naturalness. The higher the naturalness index of a cosmetic product, the more natural components it contains.

Risk factor. The presence of components in the foundation that can be potentially harmful to the skin. The higher the risk factor, the more such components are contained in the cream.

Allergenicity. The presence of components of natural or synthetic origin in the composition of the foundation, which may be potential allergens.

To compile the rating, more than 100 popular tonal means of the middle price segment were analyzed.


TOP-10 rating of foundations for oily skin

Owners of problem skin need to be very careful when choosing the best foundation. It should not cover the face with a "mask" or leave an oily sheen. The texture of the foundation should be airy, weightless and pleasant.

We've ranked the best foundations for oily skin that create perfect coverage. This TOP includes the funds with the best reviews.

To compile this rating, the compositions of 50 foundations were analyzed.

TOP-1 Brand Jurassic SPA, the name "For oily skin"

TOP-2 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin Jurassic SPA

The base from Jurassic SPA is the best foundation even for the most oily skin, which does not contain silicones and mineral oils, and is made with natural pigments. It is iron oxides, lavender oil, sabal and rosemary palm extracts that have a healing effect, moisturize and tone the skin. The manufacturer promises an imperceptible and inconspicuous coverage.

But note that this is more a product designed to care for problem skin, and its tonal effect is quite light. But in combination with a good concealer it will be quite good.

TOP-2 Lumene Matte Oil Control

TOP-2 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin Lumene Matte Oil-Control

The Lumene tone can be called the best matte foundation for a natural, matte and porcelain finish. It masks all imperfections and creates the effect of perfect skin! The cream contains an extract of white willow bark, which prevents the occurrence of rashes, and lingonberry seed oil, which has a moisturizing effect.

TOP-3 Maybelline New York BB Cream Dream Satin

TOP-3 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin Maybelline New York BB Dream Satin

Maybelline New York is one of the best budget tones for combination skin. Despite its lightweight formula, the BB cream masks imperfections, leaving the skin radiant and refreshed, without imparting an oily shimmer. It is a great replacement for those people who are not yet ready to use heavy tones and foundations. At the same time, the BB cream not only corrects the tone, but also moisturizes the face.

TOP-4 Vivienne Sabo Mattin

TOP-4 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin Vivienne Sabo Mat Mattin

The best mattifying foundation is Vivienne Sabo. This product will provide a complete victory over oily sheen! Silky soft texture ideal for combination to problem skin. This product will provide a matte and velvety finish. The cream contains sunflower extract, due to which it softens, nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.


TOP-5 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin MAYBELLINE NEW YORK fit me

Thanks to the long-lasting foundation from the manufacturer already reviewed earlier, the skin will be able to breathe, but will not be overdried. It hides rashes, redness and various imperfections, without emphasizing them. The foundation contains particles of powder and clay, which smooth pores and prevent the appearance of shine.

TOP-6 DIVAGE True Color Foundation

TOP-6 among the best foundations for oily and combination skin DIVAGE True Color

The texture of the DIVAGE foundation is reminiscent of a liquid powder, which, after a while, evaporates all moisture and remains a dry product. The finish is matte, natural and pleasant to the touch. Avocado oil and vitamin E have a beneficial effect on skin condition and care for the face. You can choose any degree of coverage by adjusting the amount of applied product.

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TOP-7 Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1

TOP-7 among the best foundations for oily and combination skin Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1

Another good foundation is rightfully considered the product from Max Factor, which replaces the base, foundation and corrector. After using this product, the skin feels “doll-like” and flawless. At the same time, the product perfectly covers inflammation and redness. The cream does not create a feeling of sticky or tight skin. The product contains a lot of silicones, which are responsible for an even and clean coating even without a base.

TOP-8 IsaDora Wake Up - suitable for problem skin

TOP-9 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin

According to reviews, this foundation is well suited for “capricious” sensitive and problematic skin. It is non-comedogenic, sufficiently masks and brightens imperfections, including acne. The cream can be described as medium density. It contains such popular caring components as hyaluronic acid and panthenol. Among the disadvantages, it can be noted that the product is not designed for use on very fair skin, as it has a warm yellow undertone. To ensure that the tone remains uniform for a long time, before applying it, you should prepare the skin using a special base or a light Wake Up cream.

TOP-9 Make up Factory Oil-free Foundation

TOP-8 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin

And the Make up Factory remedy closes the rating of the best tonal products. It is resistant, dense and opaque, due to which it perfectly covers any flaws: from the smallest to the largest. The foundation mattifies the skin all day long, eliminating oily shine and unpleasant shine. Oil-free Foundation protects against harmful influences from the outside world and does not contain mineral oils.

TOP-10 BEAUTY BOMB Acne Fighter Matte & cover foundation - for young problem skin

TOP-10 among the best foundation for oily and combination skin

This is a budget cosmetic product created specifically for teenage problem skin. According to its properties, the cream is non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog pores, which is especially important for foundation. After all, when the skin is prone to acne, applying a dense layer of the wrong foundation all day long can greatly exacerbate the problem. However, when using this product, you need to take into account the likelihood of allergies to individual components that are in its composition.

The cream creates a mattifying effect. The consistency is quite dense. Zinc and aloe extract present in the composition have a slight antiseptic effect. Manufacturer: Poland.

List of the best toning creams for dry skin

In this section, you will find toning products for dry skin. This rating was also compiled on the basis of an analysis of the composition of a cosmetic product and reviews on the Web. Let's pick nine moisturizers from different price points.

TOP-1 Brand La Roche-Posay, the name "Toleriane Teint Hydrating Water-Cream Foundation"

TOP-2 among the best foundation for dry skin

The next cream for dry skin is from the “pharmacy” category, because dry skin needs special care and often classic tonal products from the mass market cannot perform this task. “Toleriane Teint” cannot be called budget, the cost of a tube is around 20-25 euros. But this product, like most “pharmacy” creams, is hypoallergenic. There are no frankly “harmful” components in the composition. Of the minuses: there are few shades, it is difficult to choose the ideal tone. Can be used without makeup base, since not all of them are suitable for this tinting product. The masking effect is present, the coating is pleasantly velvety.

TOP-2 Enough brand, product name "Ultra X10 Cover Up Collagen Foundation"

TOP-3 among the best foundation for dry skin

In third place in our ranking of foundations intended for dry skin is “Korean”. Yes, Korean cosmetics continue to compete with classic mass-market brands such as L'Oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline, etc. This product has a good composition. Korean concealers and foundations have a strong masking and leveling effect due to their density and high pigmentation. For this they are loved by many. This product is in the line of budget foundations for dry skin costing up to 1000 rubles. But be careful, it is not suitable for combination skin, as oily shine may appear in the T-zone during the day.

TOP-3 Brand Vichy, name "Dermablend"

TOP-4 among the best foundation for dry skin

Next in the ranking is another “pharmacy” product from the Vichy brand. It is also not reported to cause allergies, has a good "safe" composition and is in 4th place only because it has more synthetic ingredients than its "rivals" in the rating. According to reviews, this product perfectly hides all skin imperfections and creates an even tone without the effect of radiance. Of the minuses: since the coating is quite dense and the cream "does not adapt" to the skin, you need to carefully select the shade in daylight conditions. Apply to the skin in the store, walk around, go outside and only evaluate the tone in daylight.

TOP-4 Brand The Saem, the name "Derma Wear Foundation": suitable for sensitive skin

TOP-5 among the best foundation for dry skin

In the middle of the rating is a hypoallergenic foundation from a Korean manufacturer, which is suitable not only for dry, but also for sensitive skin. Also, this cream is distinguished by a fairly strong SPF filter. According to reviews, the product is difficult to apply, as it fixes quickly. It also requires additional hydration of the skin to obtain an even coverage.

TOP-5 Brand Lumene, name Matte Oil-Control

TOP-6 among the best foundation for dry skin

This tool makes the face matte, while all skin imperfections do not overlap, so it is better to pre-work the problem areas with a concealer, as well as moisturize the skin with a light day cream that is quickly absorbed. In general, a good foundation for its price range. There are not many natural ingredients in the composition, however, it is safe enough for delicate and sensitive skin.

TOP-6 Brand Hean, the name "Camouflage Waterproof Found"

TOP-7 among the best foundation for dry skin

Another lightweight fluid cream in our selection of products for dry skin. It is recommended to use in combination with a base, otherwise it can accentuate flaky skin. Mattes well and at the same time hides imperfections. Due to its light texture, it is suitable for the summer period.

TOP-7 Brand Revlon, name "Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup"

TOP-8 among the best foundation for dry skin

The rating of creams for dry skin with a tonal effect is continued by the budget cosmetic Make Up product from the Revlon trademark. It differs in that it lays down on the skin quite evenly, forming a thin layer that makes it radiant and pleasant to the touch, but does not hide irregularities. When choosing a tone, you should not rush, because when interacting with the skin, the shade is transformed, you need to be more careful with this.

TOP-8 Brand REVOLUTION, name "Foundation Drops": suitable for sensitive skin

TOP-9 among the best foundation for dry skin

This tinting cosmetic is recommended for sensitive skin. It has a light consistency with a barely noticeable reflective finish. The tone is almost invisible on the face, very light, evens out, but does not hide obvious skin imperfections. The composition is rich in natural ingredients, despite the fact that this is not a "pharmacy", but professional cosmetics. However, the use of this cream in some cases can lead to an allergic reaction.

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Please note that the volume of the bottle is small at a rather high cost.

TOP-9 Brand DIVAGE, name "Fluid Foundation"

TOP-10 among the best foundation for dry skin

In ninth place is another light fluid with a good composition, containing more than half of natural components. However, the cream was downgraded due to its allergenicity rating. This product is created exclusively for dry skin; it simply will not work on oily and combination skin. This fluid can rightfully be called moisturizing. The finish is light and barely noticeable, but the masking ability is quite good. But some obvious shortcomings are not able to hide. Not suitable for spreading sponges.

TOP-8 rating of tonal creams for aging skin

The choice of cosmetic products with a tonal effect for aging skin requires a special approach. The cream should not dry the skin and contain "harmful" components. It is ideal if the composition contains reflective particles, which visually will give the skin a fresh and radiant appearance, as well as shift the focus from fine wrinkles. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that aging skin already requires the use of tonal creams with a pronounced lifting effect.

What cream to choose? Let's make a reservation right away that there are not so many inexpensive good products that meet the requirements stated above. Basically, truly anti-aging foundations can be found in the mass market +, premium and luxury segment, in the price range from 13 euros and up.

TOP-1 Enough brand, the name "Gold Snail Moisture Foundation"

TOP-1 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

The first place in the ranking was taken by the anti-aging Korean foundation, which only the laziest blogger did not write about. This tool is really interesting. The manufacturer claims that it not only has an excellent masking effect, but also slows down the processes associated with age-related skin changes. It really does contain a lot of natural ingredients (41%). The foundation is thick and contains many reflective particles, making the surface of the skin look very smooth and beautiful.

But there are also disadvantages. It is difficult to choose a tone due to the poor palette of shades. The cream can also emphasize wrinkles if you overdo it a little. You should also not use it without a base coat that hydrates your skin well. Due to its density, the product may not be suitable for oily skin. But this is perhaps the best cream option in an inexpensive price category.

TOP-2 Brand PuroBIO, name "Sublime Foundation Fondotinta"

TOP-2 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

This tinting cream contains 68% natural ingredients, including herbal ingredients, which are suitable for the care of aging skin. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that the composition also contains ingredients that in rare cases can contribute to allergies, but in general the composition is very good for a foundation, and in the category up to 15 euros.

The peculiarity of this product is that it quickly fixes on the face and lasts a long time without additional powder, evens out the skin well. However, it must be applied to well-prepared skin using moisturizing products. This point is especially important for mature skin, because it can highlight the nuances in the form of fine wrinkles. Instead of a brush, it is better to use a slightly moistened sponge, then application will be more comfortable.

If the skin is initially prone to peeling, it is better not to use this product. Be careful: the shade after fixation will be slightly darker than the original version. Production: Italy.

TOP-3 Brand L'Arte del bello, foundation "Tone To Tone"

TOP-3 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

Another Italian foundation that is positioned as anti-aging. The manufacturer claims that the cream has a beautiful light lifting effect. After using the product, a fairly durable matte finish remains on the skin. Like all mattifying products, this foundation requires prior application of a base for daytime makeup. The comedogenicity of this cream is almost zero, so it does not clog pores and is easily removed from the skin with micellar water. A significant drawback is that there are only 4 shades in the collection.

TOP-4 Brand Clarins, tonal fluid "Everlasting Youth Fluid"

TOP-4 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

This cosmetic product can easily be classified as a luxury foundation. It has a rejuvenating effect and a pronounced lifting effect, so it is suitable for women over 50 years old. Light texture and the presence of reflective pigments give the skin a well-groomed and radiant appearance. The palette is wide, designed for different skin tones: cold, warm and neutral. The cream contains synthetic components that can cause allergic reactions.

TOP-5 Brand Make up Factory, name "Velvet Lifting Foundation"

TOP-5 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

The cream is intended for toning and care of normal and dry skin. The cream contains many emollients and moisturizers. The consistency is dense, the cream masks various nuances on the skin, but due to its density it is not easy to distribute. A sponge is not suitable for application, as it absorbs a lot of the product, it is better to apply with your fingers.

The composition contains many synthetic components. The risk factor is higher than that of other creams, but it is within acceptable limits.

TOP-6 Brand Bourjois, the name "Healthy Mix"

TOP-6 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

A budget lightweight foundation from the Bourjois range with a luminous finish that masks minor imperfections of the skin. The active ingredients are nourishing. It contains about 40% natural ingredients, which is quite good, given the low cost of this cosmetic product. The liquid consistency allows you to perfectly distribute the tone in literally minutes. Please note that this product is not suitable for skin prone to flaking, as it may accentuate these points.

TOP-7 Brand ARTDECO, name "Rich Treatment Foundation"

TOP-7 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

Perhaps one of the best foundations in the ARTDECO line in terms of composition and characteristics. Half of the components included in the product are of natural origin. Like most anti-aging cosmetics, this cream has a radiant effect. It is recommended for women whose skin is either normal or prone to dryness (it will be tight for oily skin). One of the significant disadvantages is that the packaging of the cosmetic product does not have a dispenser, and you need to remove the cream using a spatula.

TOP-8 Brand Ekel, cream "Collagen Foundation"

TOP-8 among the best anti-aging tonal creams

A lightweight foundation for a radiant finish. The consistency is closer to liquid, due to this it is easily distributed over the skin. If desired, you can make a denser coating, for this you need to apply a tone in 2 layers. The composition is quite good, there are many components that have a beneficial effect on mature skin, but there are also synthetic substances that may not have a very favorable effect on the condition of the skin, therefore the "risk factor" indicator is increased, but in general it is within normal limits.

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Best tinted cream for normal skin

Many cosmetic products are created for normal skin, including foundations. Below is a rating, which includes many products that have already been mentioned in one rating or another. We will not dwell on them in detail, we focus on the new names of toning creams.

TOP-1 Enough Brand, Ultra X10 Cover Up Collagen Foundation

The best foundation for normal skin in the TOP-10 rating

This sensational Korean-made cream. Non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types. Differs in a good smooth finish, excellent masking properties. But it is dense enough, so it may not be suitable for the summer period.

TOP-2 Brand Lumene, name "Matte Oil-Control"

Foundation for normal skin Lumene Matte Oil Control

Another versatile cream that can be used for normal to dry and even oily skin. It gives a long-lasting matte finish, even without dusting. It does an excellent job of masking pores, but can visually emphasize flaking. Therefore, if you have very dry skin, it is best to apply a moisturizing fluid first. For sensitive skin, this tool is also suitable, since there are no ingredients in the composition that contribute to the occurrence of allergies. The tone is quickly fixed on the skin, so it is recommended to use a slightly damp sponge for application.

TOP-3 Brand Revlon, cream "Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup"

Revlon Normal Skin Foundation

This tool, unlike the previous matting, is recommended for normal and dry skin. The composition of the cream is generally not bad, but the reviews are mixed. It covers light imperfections, but is easy to apply and has a good leveling effect. Doesn't shine, but has a bit of shimmer, so the result is a slightly radiant skin. But if you have a problem T-zone, it is better not to use, or powder.

TOP-4 Brand Sante Naturkosmetik, the name "All Day Moisture 24h Fresh Skin Foundation"

TOP-4 in the rating of tonal creams for normal skin by Sante Naturkosmetik

The fifth place was taken by the cream with a tonal effect, the best in terms of natural composition. It consists of 80% plant components, which makes it stand out from the total mass. It is probably impossible to call it truly tonal. It's still more of a care cream with a toning effect. A good light cream for the summer, but not suitable for oily skin.

TOP-5 Brand Maybelline New York, BB cream "Dream Satin"

Foundation for normal skin Maybelline New York BB Dream Satin

Light and unobtrusive BB cream for the summer period, will give the skin a well-groomed and natural look, while perfectly evening out the tone. But it should be noted that his masking ability is far from ideal. It is absolutely not suitable for skin prone to oiliness in the T-zone, as there is a slight oily feeling. Suitable for normal skin without obvious imperfections, it will moisturize and give it radiance.

TOP-6 Brand "Vivienne Sabo", name "Shaka Shaka"

TOP-6 in the rating of creams for normal skin by Vivienne Sabo

This lightweight fluid creates a beautiful finish with a slight gloss, but is not friendly to oily skin. It moisturizes well and does not roll off the wrinkle area. But, unfortunately, you cannot call him persistent. To get a more lasting effect, you need to powder a little the skin near the wings of the nose, the nose itself and the forehead.

TOP-7 Brand Max Factor, cream "Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1"

Foundation rating: TOP-3 Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless

Max Factor can also be said to be a good cream for normal skin. It is also present in the rating of creams for skin prone to oily sheen during the day. The degree of concealment of imperfections in the cream is average, it is quite persistent, the finish is matte, you can not fix it with powder. According to reviews, it is not so easily distributed over the skin, it is better to apply after a moisturizer.

TOP-8 Brand ARTDECO, name "Rich Treatment Foundation"

TOP-8 in the rating of tonal creams for normal skin ARTDECO Rich Treatment Foundation

According to reviews, this foundation does not settle in wrinkles and pores, masks imperfections well, and creates a beautiful velvety effect. The product is quite durable. But for skin with a capricious T-zone, it is better to choose a cream with a pronounced tonal effect, or powder this one.

Good expensive creams designed for application to normal skin

Now let's move on to the more expensive makeup segment. These will be already mentioned above:

  • La Roche-Posay "Toleriane Teint Hydrating Water-Cream Foundation";
  • Vichy "Dermablend";
  • Hean "Camouflage Waterproof Found".

Creams, excellent in composition and characteristics. Their only drawback in most reviews is the cost. The best cream with a tonal effect can be called La Roche-Posay, and Vichy, which conceals imperfections well, can be called. Hean foundations often have a beautiful matte finish.

Here is such an extensive review of tonal creams. If your cream is not included in the list, then you can write its name in the comments, and we will publish data on the characteristics of the composition of this product. Vote for your favorite cream. Recall that in order to compile the rating, the compositions of more than 100 popular tonal means were analyzed, and more than 300 reviews were studied.

Anti-rating of foundations for makeup

Only not all foundations are so good. On the shelves of various cosmetic stores, products of not the best quality are often striking, which provoke rashes, allergies, acne, or simply do not cope with the task at hand. They can roll off, not block the oily sheen or create an even tone, especially on combination skin.

Foundations with a high allergenic factor:

  • Enough 3 in 1 Collagen Whitening Moisture Foundation.
  • VOV Pure liquid foundation NEW.
  • Ottie Pick Me Foundation.
  • AVON "Calm Shine".

Foundations with a high skin risk factor:

  • TLM Foundation Color Changing.
  • NEWWELL Cover Foundation.
  • Max Factor Foundation Color Adapt.

Foundations with a high content of synthetic components:

  • Revlon Colorstay Makeup Combination-Oily.
  • MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.
  • Make-up Atelier Paris Fond de Teint Fluide Anti-Age.
  • STARWAY Water Based Foundation.

Foundations with a high level of comedogenicity:

  1. ART-VISAGE Long-lasting foundation with a moisturizing complex and vitamin E;
  2. Rimmel Stay Matte;
  3. Yves Rocher Zero Defaut;
  4. GOSH Extreme Full Coverage Foundation;
  5. Clarins Haute Tenue+;
  6. Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid;
  7. Sante Naturkosmetik All Day Moisture 24h Fresh Skin Foundation;
  8. MAC Face And Body Foundation;
  9. Max Factor Lasting Performance.

All the creams on the list have a high comedogenicity, so we put them in the rating section with the prefix "anti". Which means it’s not worth buying them. Comedones are usually formed due to irritating components, which are precisely in the compositions of the above products.

Now you know which cream is good and which one is better to bypass and leave on the store counter.