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Pink is a gorgeous and incredibly feminine color that comes in a huge number of shades. Among the most current tones are fuchsia, butterscotch, purple, coral, lemonade, peach, watermelon punch and flamingo.

Pink Manicure Ideas

Pink manicure is very popular and in demand this year. Among the most fashionable trends of the year are original designs of pink manicure with shiny decorations (gold, silver, rhinestones, sparkles), pink matte or marble designs, ombre with smooth or contrasting transitions, moon or French manicure, floral and minimalist prints.

Pale pink manicure

Delicate shades of pink can be classified as a nude palette, which is very popular this year in all fashion areas. To create elegant and stylish designs in soft pink, rhinestones and sparkles in moderate quantities, mirror rubbed powder in a pearl shade are ideal. A soft pink base coat is a great base for a broken glass or pink marble design. Magnificent delicate shades of pink look especially appropriate and harmonious in lunar manicure and French nail design.

White and pink manicure

Pink manicure with floral and plant motifs, drawings or stickers is especially effective in combination with white. A versatile and pure white color used to cover one or more nails on the hand and further decorate it. A number of other options for white and pink manicure are also possible: alternating laconic coating in two colors, French manicure, repeating or complementary decorative elements on white and pink coating.

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Manicure in gray and pink colors

The combination of gray and pink colors is unique, unusual and looks very beautiful in clothing design, interior design and, of course, manicure. In this case, it is important to adhere to color balance: the richer and brighter the pink hue, the deeper and darker the gray. Many modern manicure design techniques are available for the ultimate gray-pink look: ombre, matte, marbled, knitted and many others.

Hot pink manicure

A stylish and fashionable manicure in a bright pink solution is a great idea for a spring or summer manicure. Bright pink varnish goes well in various designs with white, black, gold and silver jewelry. A special option for those who want to be the center of attention is neon varnish, for example, fuchsia. A self-sufficient and laconic option is a bright pink shade of varnish in an exquisite velvet version of a matte finish.

Black and pink manicure

This year, the exquisite combination of pink and black in manicure is in demand and fashionable. The design of such a manicure with a contrasting color is often based on contrasts of different textures and techniques: a matte pink manicure with a glossy black design, and vice versa, a manicure using pigments (neon, fluorescent, magnetic), as well as a variety of shiny decorations in black and pink.

Manicure in pink and blue shades

This combination of shades in a manicure can be surprisingly delicate and feminine, or bright and contrasting. It is important to choose the right shades of blue and pink varnish. For everyday and laconic manicure, it is better to use cold, soft, natural shades.

For a summer or event manicure, it is possible to use the brightest and most unpredictable shades of varnish with all sorts of modern effects, for example, reflective particles. Any shades of pink and blue are delightful in a gradient or ombre, manicure with geometric and abstract motifs.

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Pink-lilac manicure

The combination of pink and lilac in manicure is perhaps one of the most successful and beloved. We associate these fantastic natural shades with beautiful flower buds and the warm season. It is in pink-lilac manicure that all kinds of floral motifs, drawings of individual flower elements, stickers, and flower patterns are used.

Pink French manicure

It's no secret that French manicure is a classic for all times and for all occasions. Pink French manicure is distinguished by a chic opportunity to diversify the traditional technique with various shades of pink - bright or pastel - in drawing a “smile”. You can complement the pink jacket with modest shiny decor. This year, the almond shape of nails remains at the peak of popularity.

Pink matte manicure

Matte manicure gives your nails a special texture and original appearance. A single-color velvet manicure in an exquisite pink shade is flawless and elegant. The combination of matte and glossy finishes looks very beautiful in nail design.

Gold design in pink manicure

There are now a huge variety of ways to create a magnificent golden manicure design and they are all freely available in specialized stores. This year, designs using gold leaf and foil, glitter and kamifubuki, beads, golden caviar, rhinestones and the smallest decorative stones are especially popular. Many modern varnishes contain golden glitter, pigments, and reflective particles.

Silver pink manicure design

For a pink manicure with a silver design, it is recommended to use silver sparkles, mirror silver powder, spectacular varnishes with metallized particles, silver foil and stripes, rhinestones of various shapes and sizes, kamifubuki, and the multidimensional cat-eye technique.

Photo of manicure in pink shades

Pink manicure continues to hold its leadership position throughout the year. Surprisingly versatile and multifaceted, he will find his fans among completely different women and will become their real and exquisite adornment. Find your favorite shade of pink and make your new design a reality!

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