Snow-white hair color - cold beauty!


Snow-white hair has become one of the most fashionable colors since the release of Game of Thrones, followed by House of the Dragon. The main character of the series, Daenerys, and all representatives of the Targaryen house wore snow-white long hair, which often amazed everyone around. Such a color can really conquer at first sight, due to its unsurpassed pure beauty and elegance. Today we will talk about how to achieve and care for a similar color.

White hair is the hardest color to dye

White is a particularly pure tone that is very difficult to achieve at home. In fact, this is almost impossible, unless, of course, you are an experienced master colorist with all the tonics and colorants in your arsenal. The fact is that a similar color is performed with a complete discoloration of the strands, with the addition of paint to get rid of green and red shades.

During coloring in white, unwanted shades can very easily come out, which the master should warn about. To obtain such an ideal snow-white tone, up to 7 different types of dyes are often used, which have a complex effect on the strands. This allows you to achieve just such a pure white color, without grayness, yellowness, greens, blues and other parasitic shades.

Who suits snow-white hair color

White hair will look perfect on women with cool skin tones. These are the women whose blood in the wreaths on their hands casts a blue tone in the sunlight. The skin of the owner should not have a yellow and olive tone in order to exclude possible grayness or pallor in the final image.

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Fashionable Hair Coloring Techniques

Not all techniques create the same result, and also require a complete recoloring of the strands. This is very convenient, as you can choose the perfect option for yourself.

Solid color

Monochromatic coloring implies complete whitening of the strands. The master begins to work with the bleaching technique, and then applies paint to the hair: from roots to ends.

Ombre technique

Ombre is considered the most gentle in terms of snow-white hair coloring, because the scalp is not affected here. Ombre does not require a full hair dye, which is very suitable for those women who want to combine their native hair color with white.

Snow-white hair color by tint tone

Pure white can have a different final shade, where the result has a different effect on the overall perception as a whole.

With an ash tint

The ash tide is the lot of young girls who express their bold character and temper with such staining.

With pearl shimmer

A beautiful and bewitching color that is best suited to older women. It pairs perfectly with short haircuts such as the classic bob and bob, as well as the stylish pixie.

Perfect white

The purest and most complex color that requires a lot of professionalism from the master in the salon.