Spring manicure - the most stylish nail design ideas with drawings


As you know, spring is an amazing time when you really want to change something in your life. Therefore, it is during this period that every girl or woman seeks to refresh her appearance and create a more updated image that can impress others. At the same time, the concept of "change" does not always mean a radical change of the image.

Many women simply make some adjustments to their usual image, which can manifest itself in a variety of details, from changing the shade of lipstick to fashionable manicure. It's time to make your hands beautiful and the most relevant solution in this case, which will fully convey the mood of every woman, is a fashionable spring manicure with a pattern.

Manicure with a pattern - fashion trends

The novelties of manicure, proposed by designers for the spring season, are distinguished by an impressive variety. Therefore, soft colors and nude shades that are coming back into fashion this spring are perfectly combined on nails with bright prints, play of color and original patterns. At the same time, the more tiny additions on the nails, the better.

The list of trends includes incredible interpretations of French manicure, bright red and delicate pink nails with patterns, manicure with a white and transparent base and many other options that look great on nail plates of different lengths.

As for fashionable images for spring manicure, the leading position, of course, is given to floristry, without which it is impossible to imagine any arrival of spring. And also cute hearts, birds and bunnies, original abstraction, lace, geometric patterns and other ideas that can maximally emphasize the individuality and mood of each girl during this period.

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Spring French manicure with a pattern

So, as we have already said, fashionable French manicure for this spring is presented in many design variations, therefore, the use of not only standard shades in the design of a manicure will be accompanied by thunderous applause.

Classics are also used, because it is simply impossible to find something more sophisticated and elegant. However, designers advise to deviate a little from the canons we are accustomed to and replace the transparent or nude base with a pastel pink, violet or mint shade, or use colored varnishes to apply a "smile line".

Do not forget also about cute buds or a geometric composition on a pair of accent nails with an addition in the form of a few pebbles or a scattering of sparkles. If this idea does not seem to be effective enough for you, you can always experiment with the "smile" shape. Lunula in the form of a triangle, accompanied by duplicate stripes, a beveled "smile" with an original print or unfinished with elements of abstraction will surely cheer you up.

White manicure spring with a pattern

White varnish in the design of manicure is simultaneously considered basic and quite multifaceted, because in his company any colors and shades are fully revealed. Therefore, it can and should be used to create one of the chic ideas for spring manicure.

A white coating is used as a background, on which various images and additional decor are applied. And the choice of drawing and jewelry in this case completely depends on the girl's desire, because even the most laconic ideas look bright and beautiful on such a flawless canvas.

For lovers of romance, you can decorate several fingers with a modular picture depicting a bird singing on the branches of a tree or a funny hare. For more self-confident beauties, it is acceptable to decorate a manicure with clear geometric patterns or abstraction. A pair of sparkly accents in the form of pieces of foil, drawing patterns with liquid glitter or rhinestones will be the perfect finish to any composition.

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Transparent nail design ideas with a pattern

No matter how women consider transparent variations of manicure too simple and inexpressive, the designers unanimously argue that it is this idea that should decorate the nails of fashionistas, regardless of their field of activity and age in the passport. Moreover, the general concept of "transparent manicure" means the use of not only absolutely transparent coatings, but also varnishes with a barely noticeable tone, for example, white, pink or beige.

As for the drawings for such a manicure, here you can experiment a little and apply various stripes, zigzags and other geometric elements to the nails, as well as all kinds of flowers, twigs and unique openwork patterns that can be used as an independent decoration or in an original combination with each other.

Red nails with a spring pattern

Red nail polish is always stylish, fashionable, bright and attractive. Therefore, not taking advantage of the opportunity to do a red manicure in the spring and at the same time not only refreshing the whole image, but also drawing attention to yourself, would be an unforgivable omission. And do not worry about the brightness of the coating at all. The red palette is quite versatile and goes well with other shades on nails.

In addition, you can always smooth out the saturation of the main tone with the help of drawings. It can be stylish geometry with clear lines, sharp corners and brilliant additions, gorgeous flowers made in one of the contrasting tones, openwork patterns imitating the "smile" of French manicure and many other proposals.

Don't be afraid of the saturation of the red. With a competent combination of manicure details, even such nails will look very gentle and feminine.

Pink spring manicure with a pattern

Fashionable spring manicure in pink tones is the ultimate dream of all romantic, dreamy and flirtatious persons. At the same time, such a definition does not mean at all that pink varnish cannot decorate the nails of girls with an established worldview and strong character.

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Pink manicure for the spring season can be playful and austere, laconic and catchy. Therefore, such a design can deservedly be called universal, especially if in addition to it there are various types of drawings.

Pink manicure with flowers, nails with geometric images, cute animal faces on delicate pink nails, marble stains, abstract drops, strokes and polka dots, combined design options using other shades - you can go on and on. It looks insanely beautiful and stylish.

Photo of manicure with drawings for the spring period

Spring is the best time for small experiments in appearance and the opportunity to try something new. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of doing what you have long dreamed of.