Stencils for drawing arrows on the eyes - the need and features of the application


Drawing perfect arrows is a daunting task. So much so that some ladies, in a creative impulse, take up business cards or try to draw the cherished lines along the contour of the spoon. Only now, such tricks are useless - as a reasonable alternative to handicraft ways to "make exactly" cosmetology offers stencils for the eyes.

What are eye makeup stencils

Eye stencils are special shapes designed for applying shadows and drawing arrows. They are mainly used to create straight or complex lines, where they help maintain symmetry. Many also believe that stencils make it easy to achieve neat and beautiful makeup. But as practice shows, the use of this kind of accessory requires some experience and skill.

There are several types of stencils:

  • Cellulose - paper and, as a rule, disposable products. They often have an adhesive side for fixing, and the simpler version is easy to make at home.

    Using Stencils Eye Candy Stencils

    Adhesive stencils provide the clearest outline

  • Plastic ones are made from thin material. They are cheap, easy to clean, and bend well. But they don't keep their shape badly - you need to constantly hold it, otherwise the plastic starts to "run away", smearing the contour.

    Using a plastic arrow stencil

    Plastic stencils are not suitable for fine lines

  • Silicone - reusable, most often presented in the form of flat diamonds, drops or triangles with curved edges. The main advantage is that the silicone adheres well to the skin, adheres and is practically non-slip.

    Silicone stencil DE.CO. for eye makeup

    For some unknown reason, silicone stencils for drawing arrows are the hardest to find on sale.

Stencils and eye stickers are two different things. If stencils are designed to help in drawing arrows, then the latter are their kind of replacement. Just like false nails ... stickers are applied to where the "stripes" are usually painted.

Table: pros and cons of stencils

Advantages Disadvantages
  • provide symmetry;
  • it is convenient to draw arrows of unusual shapes;
  • allow you to make a clear gradient.
  • contrary to their purpose, they hardly simplify the process;
  • require skill;
  • not for beginners - you need to be able to draw at least basic arrows;
  • difficult to acquire off the internet.
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Selection of a stencil in accordance with the characteristics of the face

For a stencil to become not only useful, but also a successful purchase, it must at least slightly correspond to individual criteria. And since they are made conditionally universal, when choosing, they are repelled by their own parameters and arrows that the accessory can represent:

  • Excessively wide lines are not suitable for women of the Asian (oriental) type of appearance, as well as for ladies with an overhanging eyelid. These arrows will make the face look tired and the makeup heavy.
  • When the eyes are round, stencils are used to draw lines from the inner corner of the eye or from its middle. The "cat" variant is ideal, when the arrow on the upper eyelid is rather thick, but noticeably narrows towards the edge.
  • If the eyes are set wide apart, then a thicker strip is drawn closer to the nose. In the case of close-set ones, on the contrary, attention is switched to the outer corners of the eyes. Here stencils "triangles" will do.

Drawing an arrow with a guide to the shape and color of the eyes

The bends of the stencil determine the appearance of the arrows, but, unfortunately, in most cases, they can only be assessed after purchasing and testing the product.

Choosing ready-made arrow stencils

First of all, you need to check the quality of the material. If it is not cellulose, make sure that the stencil is elastic and can easily bend to the desired angle. Silicone is always better than plastic, since the latter slides and straightens, it is inconvenient to hold it. And if the choice still fell on paper, it is desirable that it be sticky.

Eyebrow templates have gradually pushed the arrow stencils out of the retail market. So to purchase such a device, you will have to look into large online stores.

Cat line

A set of 2 plastic stencils, presented in the shape of cute cats. Accordingly, their "body parts" are used as the boundaries of the contour: legs, torso and tails. Suitable for arrows and shadows. But it is worth noting that Cat Lines are not very convenient during the drawing process - they must be carefully held, otherwise the stencil will unbend and lubricate the cosmetics.

Cat Line Stencils

Cat Line stencils look impressive, but perhaps this is where their advantages end.

Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils

Eye Candy is a classic version of paper stencils, fixed on the skin with medical glue. In addition to straight lines, the manufacturer promises a relatively reusable use - each "strip" can be glued up to 3 times. Suitable for both arrows and for creating gradient makeup.

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Stencils Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils

To avoid allergies, stencils should be glued to dry eyelids.

Beautyblender Liner Designer

The stencil is made of soft silicone and looks like a pink guitar pick. Designed to draw the protruding tip of an arrow, with each face creating its own line. The advantages include the compact size and the ability to attach to the skin, repeating the curve around the eye. Includes storage case.

Beautyblender Liner Designer

In order for the Beautyblender Liner Designer to stick to the skin, it must be warmed up by rubbing a little between the palms.

Rules for using stencils for eyes

Step-by-step instructions for drawing arrows using stencils:

  1. Before starting work, you can apply a primer or any other makeup base to the skin.
  2. The stencil is applied to the eyelid with the desired side. Please note that not all of them hold their shape. For convenience, the edges are held with fingers - index and ring, for example. In extreme cases, you can fix the accessory with paper tape.

    Using the cat stencil

    The instructions for use are the same for all types of stencils - from simple "triangles" to Cat Line

  3. Carefully outline the contours of the arrow, gradually filling the space between the stencil and the ciliary edge. As soon as the tool used for drawing dries up (important for liquid eyeliner and liners), the stencil can be removed. It remains only to correct the resulting arrow and, if necessary, make it brighter.

Common mistakes when using an accessory

A few mistakes that can be frustrating:

  • Many expect stencils to change the way they look at makeup forever. At the very least, they will reduce drawing time, while providing perfectly straight arrows. But this is not so - in order not to suffer when using them, you need to practice at least some time.
  • Markers for eyes and hard pencils are convenient for drawing by hand, but when stroking they will "load" and stain the skin. To draw the arrows more or less accurately, choose soft and liquid products. Kayal and well-pigmented eyeshadow are considered ideal options.
  • If the outline of the stencil is too long, rounded or straight - not suitable for your eyes - no matter how hard you try, it will not work beautifully. Trying to "fill your hand" is also useless here, you have to look for another accessory.
  • Usually, it is customary to draw arrows after applying the main makeup. But stencils can spoil the shading, which makes it better to apply shadows at the end.
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How to make a stencil for arrows with your own hands

A homemade stencil will be a solution for those for whom a universal one is not suitable due to the structural features of the eyes. In addition, its production is cheaper, and the shape is limited only by imagination. And you won’t have to worry about a stupid purchase if this method of drawing arrows doesn’t work. Otherwise, there is always the opportunity to purchase a more “professional” analogue.

Scotch eye stencil

The quickest way to make a disposable stencil is to use paper tape

You will need:

  • template or sketch;
  • thick but flexible paper (soft plastic, silicone);
  • pencil and eraser;
  • scissors.

Create your own eye stencil:

  1. We take a ready-made template or make a sketch. To do this, we carefully study our eyes - pay attention to their size, length and shape. And based on this knowledge, draw the base line of the bend. After that, it is given a shape: thickness, corner and other necessary details are added.

    Full Size Arrow Templates

    Ready-made templates only need to be printed, but they will differ little from universal ones and will not suit everyone

  2. The sketch is applied to thick paper (the material of the future stencil). The arrow is cut along the outer contour, taking into account the space for the eye itself.

    Stencil for drawing arrows at home

    The stencil can "cover" the entire eye or be used to draw the arrow directly

  3. Further, the shape of the stencil can be adjusted and adjusted, periodically applying it to the face. Although, if there are serious mistakes, it turned out crookedly or "I just don't like it" - you will have to cut it out again.

    Testing a homemade eye stencil

    Homemade stencil allows you to experiment freely, giving your shooters a unique shape