Strawberry makeup - what it is, how to do it and photo images


Strawberry makeup is only at first glance, makeup only for the summer period. In fact, this makeup will be very suitable for any other time of year and season. The main difference between this makeup is maximum naturalness and bright freshness.

The trendsetter and “mother” of an unusual style in the beauty industry was the model and famous founder of the Rhode brand, Hailey Bieber. Many young girls saw her unusual models and beauty solutions on the Tik Tok social network. Her videos receive more than 3 million views, and it is not surprising that young people began to repeat her fresh ideas and solutions.

Offering a new product, Bieber emphasizes that the most important thing in implementing this makeup is moist skin, fresh rosy cheeks, artificial or real, simply correctly emphasized freckles and juicy glossy lips.

About the concept of “strawberry makeup” and its features

So, what is “strawberry makeup”? This is a real trend today. This is a kind of “minimal makeup”, that is, makeup without any makeup, that is, the result should be the most natural “picture” without a ton of foundation, serious contouring and vulgar colors.

In strawberry makeup, the most important cosmetic products are blushes in berry tones, which will help create the effect of a “fresh tan.” The effect of skin slightly “browned” by the sun looks very cute and touching, as well as youthful.

Who is strawberry makeup suitable for?

It is worth noting that strawberry makeup may not suit everyone. But you can “adjust” it to suit yourself, your skin type and color, your style, eye color, and also, of course, do it for a specific occasion.

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This makeup looks good on both dark brunettes and tanned brown-haired women, and is also incredibly suitable for delicate blondes. But the main thing for strawberry makeup is to choose the right shade that will suit your own skin tone and will not make your eyes and face tired, since reddish and pinkish tones with the wrong color can give just such a “tired look.”

Experienced stylists share the opinion that a girl with a warm autumn and spring color type, with light eyes, or with eyes of warm amber tones, should choose blush in terracotta and delicate peach tones. For girls of a cold color type with blue, light brown, green eyes, cooler tones of blush - pinkish and beige - are suitable. For ladies of the winter color type with dark brown eyes, dark gray eyes, it is better to choose brown, peach, bronze blush, as well as various berry and rich wine blush colors.

Makeup with predominant berry, pink and red-pink shades is suitable only for those lucky women who have good, clear skin. If you use such colors for girls with problem skin, you only risk emphasizing all possible imperfections, from small pimples to overly noticeable blood vessels and dark circles under the eyes.

How to do actual strawberry makeup correctly

We have more or less sorted out the color types. Now it’s time to figure out the most important thing - how to do strawberry makeup correctly? The most important basis for such makeup is carefully prepared skin, moisturized and fresh.

Makeup artists advise choosing cosmetics that contain vegetable oils, because they are nourishing and make the skin more well-groomed, moisturized, and smooth. For these purposes, it is best to use your usual products that your skin is already used to. The product should be evenly applied to the skin of the face and neck, allowed to be absorbed, and then you can proceed directly to the makeup itself. This will happen in several stages:

  1. After the skin is prepared, you can proceed to the cheeks and forehead - they need to be lightly bronzed. It is better to use a fluffy brush. And then, the final step in preparing the face, is to apply concealer. It should be applied to the following areas: corners of the lips and nose, under the eyes.
  2. BB creams and cushions are also suitable for moisturizing the skin. Such cosmetics are not heavy and will allow the skin to breathe, while perfectly coping with skin imperfections. The cushion will help even out the tone and make the skin smooth.
  3. Then you can start applying blush, because Bieber in her videos focused specifically on blush. It is best to use a cream blush: it goes on more smoothly and does not clog pores, which is very important for maintaining a natural look in your makeup.
  4. As a blush, you should use at least 2 shades - light pink and darker, more saturated. Apply it to the protruding apples of the cheeks. This is to create a bright, fresh blush.
  5. After blush, you can apply a shining highlighter. It will give the blush on your cheeks a festive light glow and give some volume.
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The final stage of strawberry makeup is lip coloring. These can be different lipsticks in berry shades, without a matte effect, or bright, rich lip glosses with a glossy effect.

Some useful tips for doing strawberry makeup

And now some tips on how to make strawberry makeup even more interesting and attractive.

Designers advise young girls who decide to do this type of makeup for themselves to use bright berry colors and shades - they will give the face a healthy and fresh look. It is best to use products with a light, airy texture that is barely noticeable on the skin. Apply such products to the upper convex points of the cheekbones and gradually blend towards the temples.

Strawberry makeup is a new type of youth cosmetic trend that involves highlighting cheekbones and cheeks with a bright berry blush and highlighting with rich shades of gloss or lipstick. This kind of makeup is not suitable for everyone, for example, for older women it will only add years and make the face look tired. That is why it is more recommended for young ladies and young women.