Modern trends in bright manicure 2024 - photos of nail designs


A bright manicure is a spectacular and stylish combination of multi-colored nails and unusual, attractive decor. This popular trend is well suited for emphasizing a stylish and creative female image. Thanks to the wide variety and options, every hand, every finger can become a real work of nail art.

Yes, 2024 is characterized by the fact that restrained, pastel, natural colors and shades are considered fashionable, but at the same time, colored manicure is a great idea, a wonderful kind of nail fashion. This manicure will look especially good in the warm season. It is suitable for simple, informal events, meetings and walks.

This article contains various fresh ideas about designing a bright manicure, its decoration and some tips from nail masters.

Fashion trends of bright manicure 2024

The color and shade palette of varnishes today is very wide and diverse, so making a choice is not so easy. But the final result depends directly on the desired goal, occasion, occasion: a walk, a restaurant, or just a manicure for every day.

Today, colors and tones such as mint, bright yellow, sapphire, purple, and various shades of pink are popular. All these colors can be combined with each other, creating various interesting combinations.

Several colors and tones at once look quite unusual and fresh on the nails, for example, pink, delicate light blue, and other colors - the main thing is that they are combined with each other.

It is best to choose the future design for bright, expressive nails in advance so that it fits the overall image. For an official event or for work, you should choose bright varnishes very carefully.

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In 2024, fashionable gradient techniques, small bright designs, as well as plant and floral motifs, as well as small images of birds, animals or insects.

Bright manicure for short nails 2024

It is not at all true that a bright manicure is not at all suitable for short nails. The main thing is to choose beautiful and fashionable equipment, and, of course, the color schemes themselves. Nail designers offer for short nails both a simple varnish coating in one bright tone, and complex, intricate patterns and original solutions. At the same time, it is important to understand what colors are needed and what technique is suitable for a particular case and occasion.

Beautiful and bright floral designs that will look very bold on short nails are in fashion today. You can combine two or even three colors on one nail, while, of course, matching each other.

On one half of the nail you can draw flower heads of roses, peonies, and on the other side - leaves and branches, other interesting parts of vegetation. This option looks very elegant and attractive.

A fashionable nail solution would be a combination of varnishes and mixing them, which from the outside resembles light colored beautiful summer cocktails.

You can also choose one single light color, on which you can draw different fruit colors, images of fruits, for example, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, and so on. This is the perfect bright manicure for the warm season.

Bright manicure for long nails 2024

To create a bright manicure on long nails, you should choose colors and shades very carefully. An excessive abundance of color can lead to the creation of an pretentious, vulgar, tacky result, which is definitely not suitable for a secular fashionista.

In 2024, manicure options that are too bright and draw too much attention to themselves are not at all in demand and unpopular. The price includes moderately bright, neat styles. Before drawing approximate options in your head and going to a master to implement them, you should carefully look at the examples and familiarize yourself with fashion trends.

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For a bright manicure, the checkerboard effect technique is good - this is when one varnish color alternates with another color. And in order for it to look unusual, you should be well aware of the rules of color combinations. If you don’t know these rules, you can end up with a nonsense that will look excessively tasteless and untidy.

It will be good to implement a bright manicure for long nails, applying geometric patterns. They go well with almost any nail shape.

Such examples can be made in a variety of colors. The deep blue color with a white polka dot pattern looks very unusual and interesting. It is simple, stylish and suitable for everyday life.

Decor for bright nails 2024

A special word should be said about the decor for bright nails. Due to the fact that this manicure is mainly performed in rich colors, it is better not to use a lot of decorations and not to use large decorative items. This is necessary in order not to get a tacky and unsightly manicure.

The best option would be to use silver, not too shiny, or pinkish nail glitter in the design.

Glitter will be especially good if a young lady is getting a manicure for a party, going to a cafe or club. And special nail foil is also widely used. This decor is suitable for a festive, elegant manicure. You can use lilac, delicate purple, golden, blue foil. It should also be selected to match the primary colors. You shouldn’t decorate your nails with foil that are too bright, or if you try to decorate a bright manicure with too much pomp, you’ll get the opposite effect. You just want to hide your nails.

Manicurists suggest decorating a not too bright, but festive and creative manicure with various small rhinestones, neat flower designs, or small inscriptions and various prints.

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Photo of manicure in bright colors

A bright manicure in 2024 can be achieved using various bright varnishes in already familiar and favorite techniques: ombre, gradient, French color, the good old version in the form of negative space, as well as polka dot designs and the “quail egg” ornament.

In the new seasons, manicurists offer a fundamentally new look at conventional nail designs, using techniques such as “artist’s brush strokes” or “random splashes” and, of course, geometric images and designs. Whatever option is chosen, the main thing is that the colors combine and are harmonious with each other. Otherwise, the result will be a very unfortunate option - pretentious and vulgar. And this is not at all necessary for fashionistas and society ladies.