Wedding makeup: current trends and ideas for images in photos


Bridal makeup can be so varied in accordance with the fashion trends of the year! We invite you to get acquainted with the leading new products and look at photos of images to decide on your own unique style.

In the style of nude

Fashionable wedding makeup is magnificent in a nude palette as in the photo. The current range is represented by peach, pink, cream and light shimmering shades. A win-win combination for a beautiful wedding look - glowing skin, delicate blush, emphasized eyelashes and sensual lips. Natural makeup will highlight the natural beauty and charm of the bride.

Unusual makeup

Modern brides are bold, free from stereotypes and easy-going. For them, there is no concept of "it's supposed to be" and the green light is on for experiments.

Creative bride makeup with pearls is welcomed this year. A couple of beads are enough to create a unique look.

Another voluminous decor is also used in wedding images - rhinestones and crystals. If a minimalist dress is chosen for the image, why not make an unusual make-up the main accent?!

A wedding is an enchanting and unforgettable day, so many brides want to look bright and expressive. If you need just such an effect, take a closer look at glitter - an important makeup trend of the season. Large sparkles are applied to the cheekbones, eyelids and under the eyebrows - and only the bride can decide how many shining accents should be in the makeup.

Berry lipstick

Bridal fashion places an emphasis on fresh and interesting makeup techniques. So, a stylish idea would be lipstick in a juicy berry shade - makeup artists love to combine the accent with neutral colors in the rest of the makeup. Radiant shadows, healthy skin tone, emphasized cheekbones and eyelashes will be enough.

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In pink

Make-up artists proclaimed a pink palette as a fashionable trend in wedding makeup, which perfectly emphasizes the tenderness and naturalness of the bride. The exact hit in the trends is the use of pink color in all products: shadows, blush and lipstick.


The strobing technique has predictably penetrated into wedding makeup trends. The effect of radiant skin looks natural and elegant, and is extremely simple to perform. An elementary technique is to combine foundation with liquid highlighter. To make fashionable makeup look beautiful in wedding photos, makeup artists advise finishing off the look with translucent powder to tone down the shine to a natural effect.

For the wedding season, makeup artists also choose the Glass Skin technique. The effect of moist, glowing and healthy skin fits perfectly into the image of a gentle and meek bride.

Smoky eyes

Wedding makeup trends for the year do not discount smoky eyes - a classic technique that emphasizes female beauty. Smooth shading in shades that highlight the color of the eyes will make the look deep and the image mesmerizing.

Shimmering shadows

Sparkling shadows become a real decoration of the bride's makeup. Light shimmer or bold glitter - it's up to you; wedding makeup with glitter will in any case correspond to the trends of the season.

Glossy lips

To look great on your special day, you can create a stunning makeup look with glossy lips. The moisturized texture fits perfectly into the bride's look.

pastel shadows

Makeup for the bride this season does not accept the accumulation of many products and techniques - minimalism and naturalness are in trend. A current idea for a wedding look to note is pastel mono shadows in splendid isolation. The matte texture looks rich in a delicate tone - for example, an incredibly fashionable pink color.

Second makeover

During the season, the bride may have not only a second dress, but also a second makeup. In our opinion, the trend is very interesting: why not immediately change your lipstick to a brighter one in order to be in the center of attention and create a new image for wedding photos?!

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Bridal makeup trends include both classic techniques and unusual ideas. Whatever look you choose, we recommend using waterproof products to realize it: a wedding is always full of touching emotions!