Wheat hair color - sunny and warm shade


Wheat is a very soft and delicate color that many women like. The advantages of wheat are undeniable compared to other dyeing colors, so women often choose it. Let's look at why this color is in demand and who it suits.

Features of wheat hair color

Wheat is a warm color that contains notes of beige, caramel and ripe wheat. Most often, this is the shade of hair that blondes have from birth, so the color is classified as natural. Wheat is available for dyeing in a salon, but only if the owner’s hair is completely bleached. Since such a tone cannot be applied to dark hair, because it will appear in spots.

Who is suitable for wheat hair color?

Wheat is well suited for women with a warm color type. To find out what color type you have, look at the inside of your wrist. The wrist should be exposed to natural sunlight to accurately determine the color of the veins. If it is greenish, then you are a warm type, and if it is blue, then you are a cold type.

In any case, wheat will fit perfectly into a warm color type, but this does not mean at all that it is prohibited for a cold color type. The fact is that when different shades are added to wheat, the color can change its tint in the light. This makes it possible to choose a color for any woman.

Popular shades of wheat hair color

Wheat colored hair also has its own shades. Let's take a closer look at them.

Light Coloured

The light shade will provide the perfect look on any hair structure. It looks best on straight hair, as it begins to shine, which looks very beautiful in sunlight. Light wheat will look good on hairstyles with and without bangs.

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Gold is a very soft and deep color. It is rich, shiny and can create a truly expensive look. The golden wheat shade is perfect for short hair. It seems to emphasize their short length and makes the whole image mega stylish and attractive.

With a light brown tint

This option with a light brown tint is suitable for women over 50+. And all because it emphasizes the years of its owner, making the whole image neat and discreet. This coloring option can be done on any shade of blond hair.

With an ash tint

An ashy tint to the hair is a cool shade that is suitable for women with a cold skin color type. In addition, it will harmonize with green and blue eye colors and will help shade fair and peach skin. Wheat with an ash tint helps rejuvenate, which is very important for older women.

Dark caramel

Dark caramel is the darkest shade of the wheat color. It includes notes of molten gold, amber, beige sparkles and an underlying wheat color. This range of colors will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. Dark caramel is ideal for curly, long and heavy hair.