10 plus size secrets from Ashley Graham


How to work with a plus size figure? What are the features and difficulties in creating a harmonious proportional silhouette? How and how to divert attention from problem areas? A wonderful example of harmonious plus size looks is Ashley Graham.

Correct proportions

A figure of any size will look great when there are harmonious proportions. When there are a lot of transitions and irregularities, then even an S size figure will look unattractive. If the figure is perfect, but tights and underwear stick into the body, then we get an ugly, unsmooth silhouette.

Size does not matter, a beautiful flowing silhouette with the right proportions is what we should strive for. Any version of the figure will work if the proportions are visually in harmony with the classic idea of ​​​​beauty. On top of an existing figure of any size, we create a new proportional well-thought-out silhouette. We decide where to narrow, what to focus on, where to add volume.

The most relevant silhouettes for plus size:

  • volume at the bottom and no volume at the top;
  • volume at the top without volume at the bottom;
  • hourglass with a clear waistline.

Materials that hold their shape will help create the right proportions.

The right fabrics

Stylish Ideas

For plus size clothing, choose materials that hold their shape or thin, flowing fabrics. We choose tight shirts, possibly from the men's departments, tight skirts, jackets, dresses that fly, and not tight-fitting, stretching on the figure. We take and seem to ignore the existing differences in the figure, and on top of them we draw a smooth silhouette with the help of clothes.

The jacket can be with voluminous shoulders and fitted.

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Thick top layer

Secrets of plus size style

The product of the top layer should be denser and looser than the bottom, so that nothing fits anywhere. Try to remove tightness and tightness from the images, but add a fit to the floor with flying and dense materials. In summer, it is especially important to pay attention to the density of the fabric. A summer T-shirt should be made of thick cotton.

plus size

Style for the full

It is better to choose a size larger than a size smaller. We give more air to clothes. The hand in the sleeve must be free. Nothing should make you an immovable snowman.

Shifting attention

Style for the full

Accent details in the image on non-voluminous parts of the body. If there is a part of the body that needs to be hidden, then we transfer all the bright details to the opposite side. For example, you need to hide the hips, then we draw attention to the top with a bright top. We move everything bright, noticeable, accented to the opposite point from the correction point. We change the focus of attention to the other side.

Creative details

10 stylish ideas for plus size women

We play with style, adding unexpected details to the images. For example, voluminous sleeves, feather decor, frills. All things in the basic wardrobe should play a plus in creating ideal proportions and correcting problem areas, but even in the plus size style, unusual creative things and image elements are acceptable.

Unusual products will look bright on a plus size girl. The piece is minimalistic at first glance, neutral in color and material, but with an unusual cut – basic yet creative and complete. For example, the shirt has an unusual print. Each creative wardrobe item must meet other criteria.

Structured bag

Hobo bags and soft bags with a plus size figure should be abandoned. The plus size figure looks soft and streamlined because of the volume, so for harmony, streamlined shapes are best balanced with geometry. And vice versa, if a girl visually wants to look fuller, with an angular figure with hard corners, we add softness. For a plus size figure, we choose geometric prints on clothes, hard bags to add geometry to the image.

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The right set of seamless underwear

We choose the highest quality seamless underwear, because it should not roll, stick, but pull and support without forming additional relief.

Correct length

Secrets of plus size style

The product must be lowered below or above the correction zone. For example, if we have wide hips, then the shirt can be lowered below the widest line of the hips, and the jacket can be shortened. If we finish the product on a wide part of the figure, then we draw additional attention to this place.

Narrow toe shoes

Not necessarily shoes with a narrow toe must be heels. The extended toe is a cool trick to elongate the silhouette. It can even be ballerinas.

Do not listen to the media if they advise you to wear a black hoodie and wrap yourself in clothes in neutral shades. All these rules may not work. Plus size girls have different characters, respectively, and their style can be different. Vivid images are remembered and attract attention. Don't be afraid to experiment. Express your character through clothes. The main thing is to follow the techniques described above, and the use of color and a combination of prints is acceptable.