6 types of neckline: ideal for an important event


A cleavage is a form of cutout on the top of a garment that can come in a variety of designs and styles. Look at the types of necklines that will emphasize the beauty of female forms and allow the owner to look sophisticated and stylish.

Round neckline

This is a classic and elegant neckline par excellence, as its round shape covers the bust. Clothing of this cut is a basic thing that every fashionista should have. With it you can create everyday and chic looks, and it will also be a lifesaver when you do not know what to wear. Round neckline is best paired with straight, pleated, A-line, flowy skirts, flared trousers, skinny jeans, mom jeans.

6 types of necklines: ideal for an important event 1


When it comes to cleavage, the “V” cutout automatically comes to mind as it is one of the most popular and sexy designs. It is a classic style that helps to style the wearer's torso and adds elegance to any outfit. It is versatile, so it is found on work shirts, wrap dresses, T-shirts that go very well with blazers and cardigans.

6 types of necklines: ideal for an important event 2

Square neckline

This cut goes very well with any type of figure, but is ideal for women with a large bust, as it does not add volume. Square neckline is perfect for office style looks or important meetings. If you choose a model in neutral shades, it will double its formal effect. You can greatly enhance the look by pairing it with accessories such as subtle necklaces or chains that won't draw attention.

6 types of necklines: ideal for an important event 3

Cross cut

Like the V-neck, the crossover is one of the favorites as it elongates the neck and slims the silhouette. It is perfect for any occasion and place, as you can find a romantic and sensual mood in the same piece of clothing. It looks best in blouses of various styles and dresses, especially in a wrap model that emphasizes the wearer's waist.

6 types of necklines: ideal for an important event 4

Asymmetrical neckline

This type of neckline is perfect for bold looks because the design exudes sensuality. This is a universal cut that suits all women, since the detail on the side or the cut makes the figure completely proportional. If you're betting on a top, pair it with dress pants. Combine a dress or jumpsuit with an asymmetrical neckline with shoes and accessories of the same tone so that they do not distract attention from clothes.

6 types of necklines: ideal for an important event 5

Open shoulders

The strapless neckline is a sexy cut that exposes part of the chest, back, and arms. It is a chameleon style because with the right additions it can be worn to a formal or casual event. If you opt for tight outerwear, you should opt for looser clothing at the bottom of your body for balance.

6 types of necklines: ideal for an important event 6