Basic summer wardrobe - choice of clothes and photos of outfits


Summer is rich in many trends in women's clothing. Modern shades, unusual design. Distracting from the features of a holistic wardrobe, let's talk about the basics - the basic and capsule wardrobe. How to compose it correctly and what to give preference to in endless store windows? Next, we will look at options suitable for both young ladies and women 40-50 years old and older.

Models of dresses for walking and work

Basic capsules

A wardrobe capsule is a set of several clothing items, most often 7-9 items, combined with each other and intended for specific actions. For example, business, casual, sports, looks for romantic walks, etc.

Urban images of Hollywood stars

Girls have difficulty choosing the main capsules or do not prefer such a division for things at all. The same applies to women aged 40 years and older. This approach in the future makes it difficult to choose clothes and causes difficulties. Hence the usual feminine “nothing to wear.”

Summer sets for corpulent women

So, it is recommended to include the following mandatory components in the summer capsule wardrobe of young people and women under the age of 50 and older:

  • Beach. Going to the beach in summer is the best way to relax and take a break from work. Feel free to choose several sets for a seaside holiday for these trips. This is important for both girls and ladies over 40.
Leisure clothing
Holiday kits
  • Day off. Parties, clubs, trips to cafes, restaurants - all this requires a special image. Solemn, bright, attention-grabbing. A must have for a woman's wardrobe in summer.

Dress and accessories for a summer evening

  • Worker or business. Summer is a hot time. Therefore, we will leave sweaters and warm jackets until the December frosts. Choose lighter options.
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Sets with trousers in the wardrobe after 40
Ensembles with trousers
  • Casual, walking. Comfortable things for going to the store, walking the dog or going to the country with friends. Required option. And since many memorable photos are taken at these moments, the things you wear should be loved and attractive.

Skirts for summer

Now that each capsule is very clear, let's go shopping.

Choose the top

A basic summer wardrobe must include short-sleeved shirts. Such a thing will be useful for each capsule and can be easily combined. In addition, it is suitable for both a 40 or 50-year-old woman and a 20-year-old girl.

Shirts and blouses in the wardrobe after 40 years
Blouses and shirts in the wardrobe

You can choose shirts with buttons or zippers, or bodysuits. By the way, a bodysuit is a rather risky option, which is not always suitable for ladies over 40 - pay attention to this. The most preferred classic colors are: white, black, light blue or light blue. Trendy geometric patterns will also suit several looks and will be a good addition to any of the capsules. Look at the photos of the models to choose the option for yourself.

Shirts in sets
Shirt options

The capsule wardrobe also includes a variety of T-shirt cuts. Light chiffon options or classic cotton ones remain the same base for both women over 50 and girls. When choosing a color, rely on the basic range of your clothes, imagine what you can wear with it. Preferred styles: classic, polo.

Sandra Bullock street looks
Street style Sandra Bullock

Please note that printed T-shirts are only suitable for everyday wear, while long chiffon T-shirts will decorate a beach set.

Skirt or trousers

The clear answer to the basic wardrobe staple is trousers.

Sets with jeans and trousers after 50

But since we are choosing a capsule wardrobe for the summer, we will move away from the principles.

A great alternative to trousers, Bermuda shorts are perfect for any occasion. They look great paired with T-shirts and shirts, suitable for different body types, emphasizing their advantages.

Bermuda in images
Sets with Bermuda shorts

Photos of modern models show that Bermuda shorts are a real trend. In addition, for ladies over 40 years of age, this option will also come in handy.

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The 50s are back in fashion. This is evidenced by numerous photos in glossy magazines. Skirts 3/4 long at the waist, widened at the bottom - an excellent option for various combinations. A capsule of “business” and “everyday” style will fit perfectly with it. The shades are very diverse. The most fashionable of them are mustard and emerald. And what photos you can take in it! The best option for both ladies over 50 and young girls.

Evening sets Sandra Bullock
Evening looks

Of course, we don’t refuse trousers either.

Looks with Sandra Bullock's trousers

The trend of the season is boyfriend jeans. With cuts, abrasions, numerous pockets, stripes, or simply strict ones - a bad or cool day will simply not be complete without them this summer. Goes well with your basic capsule wardrobe.

Pants and jeans in summer looks

An excellent option for young ladies, but ladies over 50 need to be more careful with this recommendation. Consider straight-leg denim pants or high-waisted jeans.

Summer wardrobe looks after 50 years

What's summer without a dress?

No truly summer photo is complete without a romantic flowy dress. A light, floor-length floral dress will brighten up your capsule wardrobe. Be sure to buy yourself a similar option in your favorite color and enjoy using it both for walks and for special occasions. This advice applies to all girls from 15 to 50 and older!

Dresses in the images of Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett's choice

A trendy option is a T-shirt dress. Ideal for any figure. The most common option is with various prints and cartoon characters. Sometimes - daring, with cuts and bare shoulders. But it's always a mini dress. Made from cotton or jeans. Looks great in any photo and will make you a real model. The “everyday capsule” of your wardrobe this summer will not be complete without it. This is the best option for young ladies, but ladies over 40 should be more careful with it.

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Pants and blouses for women of different ages

Don't forget to accessorize your capsules. For example, ladies 40-50 years old will look good with exquisite beads, weighted pendants or earrings with precious stones. For girls - lighter ones - stud earrings, small pendants, thin bracelets.

Summer dresses and accessories

Do not be afraid to experiment!