Basic wardrobe for a woman 30 years old - fashionable images in the photo


Thirty years is a wonderful age, when literally all styles are appropriate in clothes, but Her Majesty Femininity comes to the fore. Of course, jeans and sweaters are still trending, but buying a dress and a skirt should be planned. Let's take a look at what to look for when putting together a basic wardrobe for a 30-year-old woman.

basic wardrobe of a woman 30 years old

The main taboos for women over 30

Before proceeding to the list of necessary things, it is necessary to outline several rules, without which any clothing will not have the proper gloss:

  • quality fabrics;
  • a bet on the classics;
  • color nuances;
  • style compliance;
  • shoe variety.

Even the most chicly cut dress will not impress if it is made from cheap material. This is absolutely impossible. A woman's wardrobe after 30 years should be sewn only from high-quality and expensive fabrics. It is more advisable to choose materials that reliably retain their shape.

Super-fashionable, provocative things, perforated jeans, short tops, too-tight models, short shorts - this should gradually become a thing of the past. But do not regret: stylish, classic and completely boring clothes come to their place. On the contrary, at thirty, a lady is more beautiful than ever, provided that she knows how to dress with taste.

business style for women 30 years

Do not think that the classics are insipid models of gray or black. This is not true. After all, clothes can be rich and juicy shades, compiled from all possible palette. Cherry, mustard, chocolate, burgundy, muted green, indigo, blue, beige and many other equally attractive colors are appropriate. The main thing is that they should be combined with each other and be appropriate in this or that case.

Basic wardrobe of a stylish woman for 30-35 years

A basic wardrobe for a woman aged 30-35 should contain items of various styles in order to wear them as the occasion requires. Undoubtedly, urban-style combinations are perfect for daily wear, business-like is appropriate for work, and an evening dress looks great on a romantic date in a restaurant.

basic wardrobe for women after 30

Shoes in the basic wardrobe for a 30-year-old woman are very important, because the wrong choice can ruin the created image. Models with and without stable heels, stilettos, comfortable sneakers for jogging and outdoor trips, universal pumps - all these positions (at least one pair) should settle on the shelves of a thirty-year-old lady.

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Basic wardrobe of a stylish woman for 30-35 years

It is worth paying attention to accessories, in particular, bags and clutches. Leather laconic models look stylish, without tinsel and artsy details.

It is better to stick to a strict geometry: baggy bags will no longer be appropriate. Scarves of a wide variety of colors, widths and textures are also welcome, depending on the season and overall look.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 30

Basic wardrobe for a woman over 30: autumn / winter

In the cold season, first of all, they pay attention to outerwear and warm clothes. But first, in early autumn, when the days are pleasantly cool, you should take care of buying a short trench coat or an insulated raincoat.

basic wardrobe for a 30-year-old woman - black leather jacket, hat and jeans

A short leather jacket, as shown in the photo above, will also look good. Autumn wardrobe for women over 30 includes:

  • coat;
  • jacket, trench coat;
  • vest or cape;
  • pants;
  • skirt;
  • sweater;
  • Blazer.

Black thigh high boots

The cut of the coat may vary. Usually this is a classic model, up to mid-thigh in a slightly muted shade. It can be combined with scarves and matching handbag. If the coat is of a juicy shade, then accessories are chosen in calmer colors and vice versa.

Basic wardrobe of a stylish woman for 30-35 years

Outerwear up to mid-thigh goes well with classic trousers and jeans. A belt is appropriate and even desirable. Colors can be different, except for pure white - you should refrain from it. Its substitute will be beige, shades of champagne, coffee with milk, ivory.

Fur vests, cashmere capes are always in trend. With them it is easy to compose frivolous compositions, simulate images. For example, a golf jersey or plaid shirt, navy blue, straight jeans and a light beige fur cape are a look that never goes out of style.

Stylish autumn-spring look for a woman over 30

Jeans are obligatory, but without an abundance of holes, excessive scuffs, patterns and rhinestones - these details are too simple, and a woman's wardrobe after 30 years requires a certain gloss and femininity. Trendy mom jeans work well. You can not do without classic, democratic trousers. They are perfect for both a blazer and a sweater.

Basic wardrobe of a stylish woman for 30-35 years

First of all, a pencil-shaped skirt is needed. She always looks good on the figure, is appropriate both in the office and at any meeting, gives elegance to the image. Alternatively, you can experiment with a small flare up to the middle of the knee. Since it's autumn outside, the fabrics should be warm, but knitted options should be avoided, it is better to choose dense knitwear, wool or drape.

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Basic wardrobe of a stylish woman for 30-35 years

The cashmere sweater is the staple of fall and winter wardrobe. This option is always stylish, fashionable and acceptable in many cases.

A jacket in the closet of a lady over thirty should be mandatory. Self-expression through flashy colors and patterns has long been a thing of the past - the time has come for bohemianism and chic. It is these notes that a stylish jacket brings to the created image. It is easy to combine, and with almost any clothing.

Let's supplement the list a little by discussing the winter wardrobe:

  • Warm coat, down jacket, fur coat.
  • Knitten things.

down jacket for a woman 30 years

Of course, down jackets look less organic, but they are very warm, so such clothes must be in the wardrobe. A coat or fur coat is preferable, but natural furs should be preferred, and the materials are of high quality. With regard to color, the same rules work here, then in the case of autumn options, but it is more advisable to choose slightly darker shades.

Knitted models sometimes look very stylish, especially if it is “hand made”. Therefore, on cold winter days, it is worth stocking up on such pleasant to the touch and stylish things. The basic wardrobe for a woman in her 30s can consist of knitted capes, cardigans, ponchos, even cozy, shapeless sweaters, the main thing is to wear them according to the occasion.

Among other things, in winter no one cancels going to work and going out. The office style can be realized by purchasing a knitted mid-knee dress in a neutral shade or straight warm pants in combination with a golf and a jacket.

dress for office style

A business suit made of quality wool is also suitable. For a formal event, it is ideal to use a sheath dress - it favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure and hides flaws. The only condition is an impeccable, not too tight cut and expensive fabric.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 30

Spring-summer basic wardrobe for a woman over 30 years

A basic wardrobe for a woman over 30-35 years old cannot do without light, airy models.

basic wardrobe woman 30-35 years old spring summer

First, let's discuss a list of things that are relevant in the spring:

  • Shirts and blouses.
  • Dresses of various lengths.
  • Favorite jeans.
  • Light trousers.
  • Blazer.
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A white blouse must be present, possibly with a frill. It will perfectly complement a business look. Of course, plaid shirts are a safe bet with which you can create a variety of combinations.

Small evening variations of black shades with the presence of lace, and midi dresses with a flared bottom, and classic cases will do. But there is a caveat: avoid pinks and bright, inappropriate prints.

In spring, jeans can be a little lighter and more frivolous, but not overly. Perfectly combined with cardigans and blazers, and in early spring with voluminous sweaters and scarves. Urban classics: jacket, T-shirt or shirt, jeans, shoes with steady heels and a stylish bag.

The style of trousers can be slightly narrowed, shortened, pleated, wide options, models with a high waist are allowed. Colors also vary depending on the overall directionality. A light ornament looks great.

A blazer is a stylish option that will brighten up any outfit and give the look the missing gloss. Any colors in the spring wardrobe are allowed, even white. The main thing is harmony.

mini skirt for woman 30 years

If the occasion allows, for example, a friendly party is planned, then you can wear a mini skirt, provided that it is appropriate for the figure, and ripped jeans with sneakers - everything is possible.

But care should be taken that the image does not look ridiculous. In such cases, an individual approach is required.

The summer wardrobe includes the same things as in the spring, but complemented by lighter and longer dresses, medium-length shorts. This year, short models are also appropriate if the figure is appropriate, and the dress itself is not too vulgar.

short dress for a woman 30 years old for the summer

You can use expensive accessories for them - bracelets, beads, elegant bags, stylish glasses. Of course, in the summer wardrobe you can not do without T-shirts and T-shirts. But beware of teenage patterns, cartoon prints, cropped models, tops with rhinestones and sequins. All this will forgive and level the result, on which a lot of time and effort was spent.

Basic wardrobe for a 30 year old woman - Black T-shirt with jeans

Always be feminine and beautiful. The creation of the image is in your hands. If you are over 30 years old, write in the comments what things you have in your basic wardrobe!