Boho style dress: chic, bohemian and unbridled freedom of style in the photo


In the latest season, stylists decided to draw the attention of modern fashionistas to the boho style, which originated in the 19th century. A boho dress appears not only on fashion catwalks, but also in Street style looks. Thanks to its originality and the combination of several styles in one image, the trend has won fans and it seems that it will continue to do so for a long time.

Features of style

The style is quite multifaceted. You can't find clear lines or simple shapes here. The priority is the volume of the silhouette. This effect can be achieved thanks to the principle of multi-layering in clothing. Basically, a boho dress has a flared cut, which gives it a flowy silhouette.

boho couture dress
Couture looks

Styles and models

Boho dresses, photos of which can be seen below, are distinguished by a complex cut. Flounces, ruffles, drapery, and all kinds of folds are used as additional elements.

boho chic dresses from fashion collections

The emphasis of many models is on the waist, which makes the outfit even more feminine and attractive. Although you can also find free models.


Many designers choose natural fabrics for their collections. Dresses in boho style, from the past fashion week, are made mainly of linen, silk, wool, and corduroy. But this does not mean that synthetic materials cannot be used to create clothes in this style. Such things become affordable, and their appearance is in no way inferior to stylish collectible models.

boho chic dress

Color, print, trim

Bright flashy colors and a boho dress are incompatible with each other. Basically, for such outfits, plain fabric with original prints is selected. The decoration uses embroidery, lace, laces, tassels and beads.

boho dresses in fashion shows

This style is characterized by floral, plant, and ethnic motifs.

Boho dress in the world collections of fashion houses

from the Chanel show


Some fashion designers have devoted more than a decade of their work to this area. A striking example is Gudrun Sjoden, who has been creating boho dresses for about 40 years, photos of which are full of bright embroidery and an abundance of knitted items.

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Gudrun Schoden collection 2018

National traditions and original Finnish patterns filled Anna Sui's collections with spectacular and eye-catching new items.

Boho dress by Anna Sui

Sienna Miller is recognized as the style icon and queen of this fashion trend, who not only creates unique models, but also often appears in public wearing them. In the collections of the Olsen sisters, this trend is combined with grunge. Interesting things can be seen in the collections of Cavalli, Gucci, Artka. But the best are ethnic outfits from Cavalli.

Boho style in the Cavalli collection

Celebrity looks

Boho dresses can often be seen on celebrities. Vanessa Hudgens prefers styles with a sheer miniskirt, decorated with a random pattern. When creating her look, she uses a fringed cardigan, complemented with ethnic-style accessories.

Vanessa Hudgens boho

Boho dress images of Vanessa Hudgens

Mary-Kate Olsen chooses voluminous, tiered outfits. She wears them with a loose cardigan.

Olsen sisters boho images

Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are distinguished by their love of style, who wears loose outfits with a denim vest.

Sienna Miller images boho dress

Feminine images of Sienna Miller

The absolute boho style can be seen at the Coachella festival. The looks are completed with fringed bags, sandals with metal studs and chunky jewelry.

Coachella festival with boho dress code

Coachella festival outfits

A special case

Outfits in this style are suitable for special occasions such as a party or a wedding.

Свадебное платье

boho chic wedding dress

The simplicity and unobtrusiveness of the boho fashion trend is now found at special events and boho wedding dresses are no exception. A wedding dress in boho style is comfortable due to the absence of a corset and is distinguished by an abundance of ruffles and frills. Its length is traditionally floor-length.

boho wedding dress

wedding dress boho

boho wedding dresses

When creating boho wedding dresses, fashion designers use white natural fabrics, which adds lightness to the outfit. It will not look ordinary if you use hoops, flowers woven into the hair, bracelets and other suitable accessories. The photo shows a boho style wedding dress in different variations.

boho chic wedding images

wedding decor and decorations in boho style

wedding in boho style
Wedding decor in boho style

Boho chic evening dress

A boho chic dress would be appropriate for a party. Its length can vary: from extreme mini to maxi. Additionally, suitable accessories are selected - earrings, bracelets, necklaces in ethnic style.

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floor length boho dress

When creating evening sets, they use expensive natural fabrics, which are decorated with cuffs and fringe. To accentuate the waist with a boho sundress, use straps and thin belts.

Olivia Palermo boho chic

A boho chic evening dress is complemented with a scarf, a silk stole and large beads.

evening boho dress models

Street style

Bohemian outfits fit perfectly into street style, which is characterized by lightness of material, comfort and layering.

street style boho images

Summer linen models, as in the photo, are ideal for the hot season. A boho shirt dress will be trendy in the Street style look. Knitted models are created for autumn and spring. In urban outfits, midi or maxi length dresses with flared hems are more often used. They are often made of lightweight fabrics with floral prints. If the clothes are made of plain material, they are complemented with bright accessories.

Boho dress Olivia Palermo

What to wear with a boho dress

In order for the created set to be harmonious and stylish, you need to figure out what to wear with such a dress.

shoes with dress

Summer models

There are many options for boho summer dresses. Their design depends on the imagination of the fashion designer. Natural fabrics are used more often. Among the most popular are linen, silk and chiffon sundresses.

summer images boho dress

Light summer models are combined with a long silk robe (kimono), large glasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and a small handbag with a thin strap.

boho style summer dresses


Boho sundresses are worn with vests and cardigans. It is ideal if individual elements of the image are made from materials of different textures. Bright skinny scarves will complement the look. Handmade jewelry would be appropriate.

summer models in boho chic style

Linen models

Linen has become the ideal material for bohemian style clothing. They are worn with sandals or sandals with flat or platform soles. Decorations are selected inconspicuously.

linen boho dresses

Models for full

A boho dress for plus size people was a great solution. Tight clothes can emphasize figure imperfections, and bohemian style allows you to experiment with your look. But when choosing a boho-style dress for plus-size women, you need to use moderation so as not to make the outfit overloaded with details.

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dress for plus size boho style photo

When creating an image for overweight women, we must not forget about suitable shoes. The best option is models with wedges or low heels. This way you can balance the proportions and complement the outfit.

boho dress for plus size

A boho dress for plus-size women looks harmonious with large bracelets, earrings, and long chains. This allows you to divert attention from problem areas. When choosing accessories, you need to give preference to natural materials.

Sets autumn (spring)

Sundresses will be combined with a knitted elongated cardigan, which at least slightly resembles the style in color, trim or pattern. A plain, straight-cut midi-length coat and a biker jacket will perfectly complement the outfit. The set will be completed with a wide-brimmed hat, the shade of which should be in harmony with clothing and accessories.

Boho dress autumn images

autumn sets with dress

autumn outfits with a dress

Accessories and bags

The fashion trend involves the use of bright and original accessories. Massive earrings, large bracelets and several pendants at once would be appropriate. They are able to create a balance of texture and simple cut.

boho style accessories

Gold is considered the ideal material for jewelry, although multi-colored jewelry will look no less interesting.

decorations for a boho style look

Original belts and belts will help make an accent in your outfit. It is acceptable if they are decorated with a variety of decor: embroidery, fringe, stones. To complete the look, it is advisable to choose a bag from unusual materials, decorated with embossing, fringe or other attractive trim.

boho style bags

Suitable shoes

ankle boots with dress

In the warm season, sandals with thin straps and stones and sandals in ethnic style are suitable. For overweight women, models with flat soles are selected.

sandals with floral dress

In autumn and winter, Cossack boots, Chelsea boots, Western-style boots made of genuine leather or rough boots with metal buttons become popular.

boots and dress

sets with boots

Clothing in the boho style is an excellent option for creative fashionistas who want to emphasize their individuality. Thanks to the versatility of the fashion trend, it is possible to choose a set for any occasion: for everyday use, a special event, a business dinner and even a wedding. To do this, just experiment with styles and accessories.