Fashion and style of the 80s: bright, bold, eccentric - photo images


The party in the style of 80-x - today is a very popular version of the holidays and events. After all, it gives the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of that distant and colorful era. What was the fashion in 80's? How then did girls and boys dress up? What outfits were preferred? After all, today's trends send us exactly in that decade.

80 clothes

Little about the era

What does the Soviet era 80's associate with? Collectivism, work, friendship of nations, political holidays with bright red banners ... All this, of course, was. However, life in those days was boiling as rapidly as now. Girls and women dressed up in fashion, young people rested and made noisy disco parties.

"The Eighties" brought new idols to the Soviet people. Barbara Brylska, Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontyev were the real icons of fashion and style of that time. From foreign stars - Joe Dassin, Madonna, Sophie Marceau, bright guys from the group "Modern Talking", "Queen", "Duran Duran". All these people, undoubtedly, strongly influenced the behavior and worldview of the youth of those distant years. Imitation of these stars gave rise to such a style of dress, like rock and disco.

Madonna 80's

It should be noted that the fashion of the 1980s began to look back to the past, resuscitating and actively using classic styles. The clothing models of that time looked like colorful collages in which the mass and the elite, the past and the present were intertwined. Many bright images of those times were born in the bosom of musical, dance and even sports subcultures.

jackets and jackets 80's

“The more colorful, the cooler!” – this is precisely the slogan that can be used to characterize the youth fashion of the 1980s. Bright inscriptions and prints, fringe sewn onto clothes, rhinestones, sparkles and buttons of different colors and sizes on outfits - these were the mandatory attributes of a fashionista of that era.

How the girls dressed

A typical outfit of the Soviet model of the "eighties" included brightly colored leggings, a fluffy skirt, and a printed wide top (it's very good if it falls carelessly off the shoulder). Fashion was also stylish for other elements of the wardrobe. A leather jacket, pumps and a wide belt at the waist are no less important elements of clothing of this era.

leather jackets 80x

High hairstyles, curls and voluminous bangs dominated girls hairstyles. Nowadays, this style is called “vintage”. And in the 80-e "model" of this type strolled through the streets of each Soviet city.

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Along with 80, the fashion for lace gloves, bright plastic jewelry and colorful bracelets came into fashion. Moreover, the more a girl puts such bracelets on her hands - the better. Numerous photos of young fashionistas of that time once again confirm an extraordinary passion for this accessory.

At the beginning of the 80-x became very popular to do aerobics, fitness or sports dancing. Of course, this could not but affect the clothes of the girls. First of all, there was a fashion for colored tight leggings and leggings, which were often worn in combination with baggy jumpers. Interestingly, the girls wore them not only at discos, but also in everyday life.

Jeans 80x

In general, the female image of 80's can be described in three epithets: bright, catchy, eccentric.

oversize denim jacket
80's shoes

For today's adaptation of the spirit of that time, we should highlight: an oversized jacket, a voluminous denim jacket, a bomber jacket, a biker jacket, high-waisted jeans (skinny, mom-jeans), sneakers, sneakers. Accessories include badges, stripes, bright plastic jewelry, and a mono earring.

80's fashion

How the guys dressed

The boys of the 80s dressed no less daringly and extravagantly than the girls. Creative disorder in clothes and on the head are the main “whales” of the male image of the “disco” era. The sporty style in the clothes of the Soviet guy was often intertwined with the ostentatiously informal.

Wide jeans, sweaters, lightly worn sneakers or sneakers — that’s what young men looked like most often in the 80s. In those days, young people had the fashion for laces of bright, poisonous colors — yellow, pink, light green or purple. Especially aggressive individuals wore leather jackets with an abundance of zippers, rivets and other metal objects.

men's fashion 80x

In the hairstyle of the guys there was a rule of the highest possible bouffant. The level of "coolness" of the young man in the eyes of the opposite sex depended on this. In the absence of high-quality hair styling gels, Soviet guys actively used domestic beer or soap suds for this purpose.

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What was the makeup like?

80's makeup was as aggressive as the sets. At this time, so-called “fox eyes” were popular with the girls, using dark shadows, which were painted with greasy strokes. Too bright blush on the cheeks and a solid volume of mascara on the eyelashes - all this caused stormy enthusiasm among those around at any disco party.

Makeup and hairstyles

The color of lipstick in the Soviet 80-e could be any. However, nail polish was chosen to match her. The challenging and aggressive makeup was complemented by bright jewelry - plastic bracelets and earrings of huge sizes.

Organization of retro parties: features and nuances

Themed retro party is a great way to celebrate one holiday or another. The scale of the party here is not so important. The organization is more important: the development of the script, inventory selection, interior decor, etc.

In some cases, a disco party will be an excellent option for celebrating a birthday. Especially if the hero of the occasion grew up in that unusual and motley time. This will help the birthday man at least for one evening to return to the time of his youth and hopes.

for a party in the style of 80 and disco


Vinyl records and other attributes of the epoch will help to decorate the room for a disco party. You can decorate the walls of a room or a hall with posters or clippings from Soviet magazines; The following things will also help to create the appropriate atmosphere of those distant years:

  • mirror rotating ball;
  • a cassette tape recorder (even if idle), decorative elements from cassettes;
  • rare porcelain figurines and so on.

Images and costumes

Fashion "eighties" puts forward its requirements for the preparation of images for the disco party. It is best for guys to dress in jeans or wide trousers. The ideal outerwear is a T-shirt, leather or sports jacket. Slightly worn sneakers can be worn on the feet.

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The most fashionable female image of those times is a bright skirt and top, casually slipping from one shoulder. Color leggings on the girl will also be very appropriate. You can decorate your head with a fleece or fluffy styling. High-heeled shoes and aggressive make-up are essential attributes of the traditional style of girls from the "eighties".

80x images
In general, the clothes of both men and women for such a party should be bright, colorful and interesting.

Music and entertainment

A good retro party is, first of all, an adequately composed playlist. Any disco music will do.

During a disco party, you can successfully use slides, foreign clips or excerpts from old Soviet films. This will help to plunge into the atmosphere of the era.

Memory photos

A good photo shoot is the best way to permanently keep a disco party in memory. To do this, you can (and should!) Invite a professional photographer.

80x mods

Perhaps the most obvious is the fact that all photos can be black and white. This option will not only be historically correct, but also win-win. Black and white photos always look better and more atmospheric.

The image for such a shooting should be thoroughly thought out. Style, makeup, hairstyles and outfits - all this should be consistent with the spirit of the times. In addition, models for photographing should behave correctly in the frame, on facial expressions and movements, too, will have to work.

Retro-style photo is aristocracy, enthusiasm, sense of taste and romance of the Soviet era. Such a photo session will be a wonderful and juicy finale of a retro party.