Fashionable leather dresses - the best images in the photo


The cold season is the best time for leather items; at this time they allow you to create the most beautiful and comfortable looks. We analyzed all the autumn/winter collections and selected the best leather dresses.

Fashionable dresses made of genuine leather reflect many trends of the season. Here you can see asymmetry, a combination of different textured materials, eyelets and other metal decorative elements. In some cases, the leather is finished in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish it from PVC, and sometimes it looks like fabric or oilcloth. There are models with a smell and in oversize style. Traditionally, the most exquisite leather products are offered by the fashion houses of Hermes, Tods, Coach, Trussardi and many Italian brands whose names are not so well known.

What dress to buy and how to wear

Choose a leather dress you need in accordance with the features of the figure. No matter what style of new outfit - the main thing is that the dress fits well on the figure, does not stretch and does not deform, otherwise over time it will lose its appearance and you will not want to wear it. Given the fact that these dresses are quite expensive, it will be a shame, because it will not be possible to sell it.

Putting on a leather dress, we must remember - this is a very bright thing, even if the dress is black. Therefore, a leather dress sets the tone for the whole image, and you need to carefully choose accessories so as not to turn into a follower of subcultures or a girl in the BDSM theme.

Do not limit yourself to the traditional black and brown color. These dresses are universal, and if you buy your first dress made of leather, it is best to choose black. But modern fashion offers a wide range of colors, including brilliant materials for silver and gold. All this gives a wealth of choice and the opportunity not to limit yourself to black. Ideally have a black, brown, blue and red dress made of leather.

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David Koma, Altuzarra, Givenchy

Leather dresses should be stored in a dark place on hangers, not on shelves. At the same time, it is important to note that out of season it is better to close the dress with a fabric bag so that the materials breathe.

To buy or not?

Recently, more and more people in the world are dissatisfied with life, everywhere they talk about the crisis and savings. Is it worth it in such a situation to spend money on expensive purchases?

Leather is a timeless trend, and it will not disappear from fashion collections, despite the increased popularity of artificial materials such as synthetic fur and eco leather. Dresses, skirts and other leather items are seductive and very durable. If we are talking about natural leather, high-quality workmanship, the dress will be durable and comfortable.

Therefore, experienced thoughtful women of fashion buy products made of genuine leather. Your principles now do not allow you to wear natural materials? You can always opt for an artificial alternative. New technologies make it possible to make high-quality eco-leather, which may not differ from natural in appearance.

Rochas, Alice McCall, Litkovskaya

If we compare the quality of products made from natural and artificial leather, while all artificial materials are inferior in terms of wear resistance and comfort. Manufacturers only promise to make new materials, but so far they have not been able to come up with eco-leather identical to natural.

All dresses presented are from current autumn/winter collections and are available for sale.


Hermes, Juicy Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier