Fun minimalism: stylish ideas and images in the photo


In the modern world, the fashion for conceptual simplicity is gaining momentum, and there are more and more fans of the minimalist style. Style can tell us a lot about a person: who he is, what he does, what his character is, what his goals are. The basis of the minimalist style is basic things. They are designed not to attract attention, to broadcast something less about you, to be a kind of background.

You are just in neutral things, you do not declare anything, and you do not want to say anything to this world. And here is a difficult task - to remain a minimalist, but at the same time declare yourself as a person with the help of style, show your individuality and character. Let's figure out how to make minimalism creative and not boring, but at the same time not change the very idea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbminimalism style.

  1. Once you've got your basics completely neutral, the next thing to look for when creating a spectacular minimalist look is the shape of the piece. For example, a white shirt can come in different cuts - oversized, a cropped white shirt, a shirt with an asymmetric cut or unusual sleeves, etc., depending on your taste preferences. Or take a basic black midi skirt. But at the same time, this skirt can be made of dense material and keep its shape very well. Or it could be a black A-line mini skirt, but with an asymmetrical hemline.
  2. Combine several textures within one look. Let's look at the usual combination for everyone - a basic white T-shirt plus jeans. Such a set will look more interesting if the T-shirt is, for example, ribbed. The image immediately becomes deeper and more complete. It is still minimalistic, but there is already something to catch the eye. This approach works for absolutely any item in the wardrobe. We take trousers with a leather texture, add a translucent blouse to them, and throw a woolen jacket on top. This technique also works great in monochrome sets. A total black or total beige look will look more sophisticated due to the combination of several textures. Minimalism in clothes
  3. Another way to complete the image in the style of minimalism, to make it more complex is to layer it. Instead of the usual shirt plus jacket set, try adding another layer - top, t-shirt, or turtleneck. And you already get an image that will catch your eye. The important point here is the combination of volumes of things. Each next thing should be a little more voluminous than the previous one so that it does not hinder movement and looks harmonious. Stylish Ideas
  4. Contrary to much debate, there can be color in minimalism. If your look has no more than two pure colors of the same saturation, and the rest of the elements are neutral, such an image is still minimalist, but at the same time it creates the impression of a more thoughtful and eye-catching. minimalist color
  5. The choice of accessories in the image reflects your character and creativity. Accessories can be as single accents. For example, it can be one massive necklace, or one active minimalist earrings, or just a large watch. So is the combination of several accessories of different length, volume, scale and material from which they are made. Don't forget sunglasses when appropriate. After all, this is an element that, even in the absence of other accessories, increases the degree of the image and its completeness by several points at once. Minimalism in clothes
  6. You may be wondering if you can use prints in a minimalist style. In our opinion, yes. Minimalism goes well with classic prints like houndstooth, plaid and polka dots. But, in addition to this, a minimalist inscription on your product or an abstract print (without an active color combination - color block) can also diversify the basic set. All this leaves the image minimalistic, but makes it more playful and intricate. But provided that the print will be present on only one product in the image. And the rest of the things are a neutral background. images of minimalism
  7. In order for a minimalist look not to look boring, combine different styles within one look. For example, a classic jacket plus a romantic skirt. Or, instead of the usual shoes, add sneakers or sneakers to black dress pants. And due to the combination of polar styles, you get a still minimalist look, but already more complex and multifaceted.Minimalism in clothes
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All these simple style ideas will help you take your look and style to the next level, as well as tell about yourself as a person! It is important to train your mind. Subscribe to bloggers whose style is close to you. Get inspired and analyze what attracts you in their images, experiment, look for your "chips", and most importantly - do not be afraid to be yourself!