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If you are a young, energetic girl, and your day is full of active activities, and you often have to be behind the wheel of your car, then purchasing a fur jacket or short fur coat becomes a direct necessity.

Fur jackets and jackets
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Fur jacket, short fur coat and fur jacket - what are the differences

A fur coat is a luxury; if it is made of natural fur, you cannot wear it for every occasion, but at such moments you can replace the fur coat with a fur jacket or short fur coat. Both options will be an excellent alternative to a fur coat.

First, let's decide - where is a fur coat, and where is a sheepskin coat or a fur jacket.

It’s not just about the length of the product, but also about the cut, tailoring and individual details corresponding to each of the products. It is not always possible to draw clear boundaries between them, but they still exist.

For example, if a fur coat is floor-length, then there is no doubt about whether it is a fur coat or a jacket. A fur coat can also be called a fur product just above the knees, with a cut reminiscent of a coat. If this product is much higher than the knees, in one case there may be a sheepskin coat, in another - a jacket.

Fur jackets usually refer to items that reach the waist or hips, with jacket-like details and cuts. For example, there are fur jackets with a bomber or leather jacket cut. It's not at all difficult to guess the jacket here.

Fur jackets
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Fur jackets
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With short fur coats it’s a little more complicated, but based on the details of the cut, you can call a fur product a short fur coat. However, there will be nothing reprehensible if a short fur coat suddenly gets the name jacket or fur coat.

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The main thing is that you like the product and satisfy your practical and aesthetic needs. It should be noted that in this case we will pay attention to models in which the fur on the product is located on top. If there is fur inside, this type of short fur coat refers to sheepskin coats or bekesh.

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Shortened products have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to long-length ones. They look beautiful with short skirts or trousers. They are more convenient in transport. Shortened products wrinkle less when traveling in a car and do not hinder movements. They are lighter and their cost is much lower.

Short fur coats and jackets for women of any figure and of all ages are easier to choose. They can decorate a woman of any income.

Beautiful fur jackets
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Beautiful fur jackets
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If you have given up natural fur, faux fur is now at the peak of popularity, and even a highly wealthy lady will not find it inconvenient or even shameful to wear a jacket made of colored faux fur or the now fashionable fur that resembles a teddy bear. But if, after all, it’s a matter of principle, then buy short fur coats made from Barguzin sable or Black Glama and Black NAFA mink.

Women's fur jackets

Models of shortened fur products are very different. There are models with short sleeves, for example, 3/4 sleeves, and fur bombers or leather jackets, short fur coats with a wrap.

Dennis Basso, Givenchy

Fur jackets always look original and stylish. Slender girls can afford voluminous fur models, while girls with curvy figures are better off choosing a straight or slightly fitted silhouette, with a length below the waist or along the hips.

Beautiful fur jackets
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