Nude color – what it is, who it suits, what it goes with, and photos of images


The nude color has been extremely popular in recent seasons. It gives the image femininity, sophistication and romance, it is used in the preparation of stylish images of the fair sex of any age. The shade is universal and will easily complement wardrobe items of various colors.

What color is nude?

Many fashionistas would be interested to know - what color is nude? Some associate it exclusively with beige tones, but it has a much wider spectrum:

  • translated from English nude means naked. Other translation variations interpret it as natural, as close as possible to the natural skin tone;
  • nude are considered to be a variety of shades, including light, reminiscent of pale skin, pastel pink, close to beige, and brownish, associated with a beautiful tan.

what color is nude

what color nude   beautiful nude color

Who suits nude color?

The universal nude color is able to suit any type of appearance and color type of a girl. It all depends on the correct choice of its tone and certain features of the fair sex (shade of hair, eyes, skin):

  1. Light, cool eyes should be complemented by nude shades that have the same cool notes. However, an important point is to complement the image with makeup with rich elements and bright accessories. This is necessary so that the image does not come out too pale.
  2. Nude color is a universal solution for brunettes. The whole spectrum of this color palette will suit them, since they themselves already have a bright color type. However, for them, unlike fair-skinned beauties, another rule applies: it is important for brunettes not to overdo it with makeup and the number of flashy accessories, so as not to overload an already memorable image.
  3. Tanned girls are ideal for warm shades, such as coffee or milk.
  4. Owners of light brown or greenish eyes may prefer shades such as pink-beige and orange-beige.
  5. Many stylists are unanimous in their opinion that a nude shade is ideal for any girl if it resembles her natural skin tone as much as possible.

who suits nude color

color nude   soft nude color

Nude color – what goes with it

Lovers of elegant and stylish images invariably prefer the beautiful nude color. Many fashionistas have a question about what this shade will be harmoniously combined with. There are many variations, since this is one of the most versatile tones:

  • a win-win classic combination is a combination with black or snow-white;
  • all sorts of bright and saturated colors are perfect, such as raspberry, red, orange, yellow, aquamarine, light green;
  • the nude color looks incredibly harmonious with golden accessories, the corresponding jewelry will also be an alternative;
  • one of the most winning combinations will be a similar color scheme. These are delicate pastel colors, such as cream, light pink, pale peach, mint, lavender;
  • a rich palette combined with nude looks incredibly harmonious. It can be burgundy, sapphire, emerald;
  • the only absolute taboo are flashy acidic and neon shades, as they create an imbalance with the delicate and sophisticated nude tone.
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what color nude goes with

beautiful nude color   what color is nude

Nude color in clothes

In the collections of many eminent couturiers, there is a palette of nude colors. They are used to create a wide variety of wardrobe items, it can be outerwear (coat, jacket, parka, down jacket), dresses and skirts, trouser and skirt suits, blouses and shirts, underwear. All these things are great for compiling a basic wardrobe.

nude color in clothes

nude color palette   what color nude

nude dress

Romantic and sophisticated pink nude color is often used by designers for tailoring dresses:

  • styles of products can be designed for everyday wear, for special occasions, for going to the office, for a cocktail party;
  • nude color can be used for sewing a sheath dress; thanks to its restraint, it will organically fit into an office outfit;
  • a midi or maxi length shirt dress will be an excellent addition to a casual look;
  • the shade looks unsurpassed if used to decorate cocktail dresses. Young girls will be able to use them as a prom dress.

nude color dress

Nude skirt

For the spring and summer season, the nude beige color, which is used to make all kinds of skirts, will be a real find:

  • the style can be as concise as possible, for example, it is a discreet trapeze or a pencil;
  • finely pleated skirts look elegant and romantic at the same time, for the creation of which nude pink color is used;
  • in such a color palette, the addition of skirts with frills, frills, peplum looks unsurpassed.

nude skirt

Nude blouse

A very organically delicate nude color looks if it is used in the design of a blouse:

  • the ideal solution for this color scheme would be blouses made of light, airy, almost weightless fabric, such as chiffon or silk;
  • nude beige can be used to create models with open shoulders containing flounces in this area;
  • A print such as polka dots, stripes, floral or floral patterns looks great on a nude background.
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nude blouse

Nude suit

A trouser or skirt suit looks sophisticated and expensive if a coral nude color is used for its manufacture. There are such variations of models:

  • business suits with straight dress trousers or pencil skirts, jacket or vest;
  • chiffon light suits repurposed for summer, which can include a flared skirt and cropped sleeve blouse or jacket.

nude suit

Nude underwear

When choosing underwear, many of the fair sex will choose panties and a nude bra:

  • such underwear will be an indispensable solution to pry it under an outfit of any color, since it is as close as possible to the natural skin tone;
  • this option will be a real find if the outfit is made of light translucent fabric;
  • under a tight-fitting dress, it is better to choose not only flesh-colored, but also seamless underwear.

nude underwear

nude wedding

The solemn event, in which the wedding nude color appears, has been reasonably associated with the classics in recent seasons:

  1. Thanks to this shade, the feeling of purity and freshness inherent in this celebration is preserved, but at the same time the image takes on additional soft and feminine notes.
  2. Nude shade can be present not only in the bride's outfit, but also in the design of certain things and accessories (bouquet, suit, shirt or tie of the groom, interior items in the rooms where the photo session and the reception are held).

nude wedding

Wedding dress color nude

In recent seasons, one of the most popular variations of outfits is a nude wedding dress:

  • the product can be completely made of a fabric of this shade or contain only certain parts;
  • The combination of nude and snow-white colors looks very impressive. For example, the bodice of a dress can be white and the hem light beige;
  • nude may have separate inserts on the bodice, hem, sleeves, veil and other elements. Moreover, they can be made of some other material, for example, lace details on a satin dress;
  • nude harmonizes perfectly not only with white, but also with all sorts of pastel tones, such as soft pink, mint, they can also be used when creating a wedding dress.

nude wedding dress

nude shoes

Shoes, for the creation of which the nude color is used, are reasonably recognized as one of the most versatile. This is due to the possibility of combining them with wardrobe items of various colors:

  • nude tone will organically complement outfits of dark or deep saturated shades, such as black, navy blue, burgundy, eggplant, emerald;
  • when designing outfits, bright saturated colors can also be used, such as yellow, red, orange, aquamarine;
  • wardrobe items of similar colors can be selected, for example, it is light coffee;
  • outfits of delicate pastel colors are perfect;
  • as for styles, elegant options are preferable, for example, nude boats will be a win-win solution;
  • the bag can match the color of the shoes or be of any other tone, modern fashion allows for a variety of combinations.
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nude shoes

Nude bag

Feminine and beautiful nude color is perfect for decorating bags:

  • since this tone is associated with sophistication and elegance, it is mainly used to create models of classic bags in small or medium sizes;
  • accessories with a rigid frame that have a square, rectangular or rounded shape look great;
  • handbags look exquisite, saddled in the form characteristic of the Chanel trademark, containing a diamond-shaped stitching over its entire surface;
  • the clutch will become an organic addition to the image, which is made for going to the theater or to an evening event.

nude bag

Nude color manicure

A win-win solution to organically complete any look will be nude nails:

  • stylish and elegant nail art can be created on both shortened and elongated nail plates;
  • absolutely any shape of nails is suitable, but almond-shaped will look the most organic;
  • nude color will become an unsurpassed background for creating nail art with all kinds of designs. These can be floral or floral patterns, certain animal prints, for example, colors imitating leopard skin, geometric designs, ethnic motifs;
  • gentle French or moon manicure as if created to use this shade.

nude color manicure

nude makeup

A sophisticated and beautiful nude color is very in demand for applying certain types of makeup:

  • With the help of a similar color palette you can easily create the effect of freshness and youth. This is especially true when applying makeup intended to complement wedding and prom outfits;
  • A variety of types of cosmetics can be made in nude shades, these include eye shadow, powder, foundation, and even lipstick;
  • it is worth considering that this solution is perfect for girls with tanned skin or with a fresh peach healthy complexion. If a young lady is endowed with natural pallor, she is recommended to diversify her makeup with at least one bright element, for example, it is often a rich-colored lipstick.

nude color makeup