What are slippers, slipons, moccasins and how do they differ


We have long wanted to know what the difference is between sleepers, slip-ons and moccasins, then come to us. These comfortable types of shoes are loved by many women, but it will be very difficult for a beginner to choose a fashionable option for themselves, since it is completely unclear what kind of shoes they are. Today we will help you understand such a tricky issue.


The word “slipper” is the English name for shoes, which translated means slippers. Initially, sleepers were considered purely men's shoes, but a little later the style seeped into women's shoes. Slippers are semi-closed shoes with an oval, pointed or blunt toe. It is always at a low speed, and the design can be bright, pastel with the addition of decor and decorations.

Sleepers are often confused with ballet flats, which the shoes are actually very similar to. Sleepers look great with any outfit, and a huge selection of models allows you to choose the perfect option for yourself.


Slip-ons appeared in the fashion world not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity. They have thick soles and rubber inserts that replace zippers or lacing on slip-ons. This makes them much easier to take on and off. Slip-ons are designed to be worn in warm and hot weather, sometimes they can be worn for the warm autumn season.

Shoes are very popular among young people due to their comfort and stylish style. These shoes are ideal with jeans, where you can easily find denim slip-ons on sale to create a monochrome look.

The most popular models are those in leopard print style. They can easily become the highlight of the whole look, even if you wear a boring dress or shorts with a T-shirt.


Manufacturers offer two types of moccasins: women's and men's. Women's ones are distinguished by their delicate color, additional decor, as well as a softer shape. Moccasins are a closed style, with a soft sole and an additional “tongue”. Moccasins are always stitched with fine stitching in the toe area, which makes it softer in appearance.

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The color range of moccasins is very extensive, so it will be easy for any woman to make a choice. They look elegant on the foot and have a soft spring when walking. Moccasins are considered the best shoes for women of any age, but older ladies prefer such shoes most of all.

What to choose: sleepers, slip-ons or moccasins

Here you should make a choice according to your tastes and feelings. After all, some are more comfortable in sneakers, while others are more comfortable in shoes with small heels. The following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Slip-ons are more suitable for creating a sporty and simple look. They are convenient for outdoor recreation and walks on the beach;
  • Slippers are shoes very reminiscent of ballet shoes, so they are universal. It can easily be combined with dresses, jeans, leggings and other types of clothing. This type of shoe creates a modern and fashionable look;
  • Moccasins are classic shoes, so they are loved by true connoisseurs of comfort and convenience. But it is no longer considered as fashionable and stylish as the options described above, so it is more suitable for older women.