What to wear with a blue skirt - combination of colors and photos of outfits


With what to wear a blue skirt and how to diversify kits with her, it is useful to know any fashionista. After all, this color is relevant and in demand in any season. A variety of models and shades allows you to choose suitable ensembles for different occasions.

Runway performances and celebrity looks

A blue skirt can often be seen at fashion shows.

Blue skirts in the image from the catwalks
Images from podiums
couture models
With the show of the fashion house Dior

Victoria Beckham shows off different styles in stylish urban outfits.

Victoria Beckham Skirt Sets

Victoria Beckham skirt sets

Choose a style

The blue skirt is quite versatile and can be easily combined with other colors. You need to remember the best silhouettes for your body type and decide which style will be optimal. It will be useful to remember shades of blue and interesting combinations with other colors.

Pencil Skirt

If you spend a lot of time in the office, then blue is a good alternative in the basic palette. Design business outfits that are discreet enough to suit a work environment. At the same time, you can look stylish and not boring at work. A pencil skirt of the color you are interested in can help with this. A business look will look best with a dark blue bottom.

But if the dress code allows, then it is permissible to choose the tone of a bright palette. But it is not recommended to experiment with prints: polka dots or floral patterns should be left for everyday outings or special occasions.

dark blue skirt images
Sets with a dark blue skirt

The perfect official look is easy to get in combination with a white blouse. Complement the set is a contrast jacket. Shoes can also choose light, white or beige. No less harmonious images can be created with pastel-colored blouses: yellow, pale pink, green.

blue pencil skirt

With what to wear a blue pencil skirt in everyday life. The colors are the same, only the style of the top can be chosen more freely.

An interesting option for going to a club is a short skirt in electric blue. It should be combined with a black tank top, bralette or corset.

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Fluffy skirt (pleats, "sun")

Beautifully look and fluffy skirts with soft folds at the waist, it can be seen in the photo. They can be of different lengths. Short emphasize beautiful legs, maxi or floor - will give the appearance of some mystery. Images are feminine and stylish. This item of clothing is best combined with a slinky top. Although a combination with a jumper oversized.

fluffy blue skirt
If it is difficult to make a suitable set, then blouses of white or beige color will help out. With them it will turn out to create a gentle and romantic image. And if the skirt is a restrained shade, not ultramarine and not polka-colored, then the set is suitable for the office. Blouse may be another dim shade. Shoes need to choose a classic style.

In a less formal setting, wear a similar bottom with a crop top. It is also recommended to consider a nautical style. A striped T-shirt or jumper goes perfectly with a dark blue skirt, both long and short. But your feet can wear discreet shoes or stylish sneakers. It is better that they are light.

selection of fashion bloggers

Pleated skirt

blue pleated skirts

Pleated skirts of blue shades are universal for any occasion, the top and shoes vary.

pleated blue skirt

Wraped skirt

The style of the wrap skirt is ideal; the cut of the model stretches the silhouette vertically and looks great in motion.

blue skirt patterns to smell

blue wrap skirt

Aerial (ballet tutu)

Lush airy tutu skirts are not so versatile and are suitable for special occasions or evening events.

blue skirts airy tutus

Images for obese women

Choosing a blue skirt for full fashionistas? The right length, choice of material and emphasis on the waist are important here. Give preference to flowing or holding the form of materials, they will not allow to emphasize too much.

images for full with blue skirt

Fabric features


Products made of velvet look soft and luxurious. Model skater on the photo to confirm.

velvet skater skater


Lace skirt in dark blue color is suitable for both business and street images.

lace models


Blue leather skirts are a bold and provocative choice. It is necessary to carefully consider the image, or create a total look in a single shade.

blue leather skirt images

Length options

Mini model

A blue mini-skirt in both monochrome and favorite print (a flower, a cell) will help accent the image on slender legs.

Midi model

Universal length for a skirt - midi. The closed knee looks elegant and looks good in the image.

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shoe options

Model in the floor, maxi

Another interesting option that suits tall and slim is a floor-length skirt, as the photos show. She is able to bring dynamics to the image; a woman of fashion in such clothes looks very feminine. Low and medium-sized girls should remember that the maxi length "steals height", so you should pick up shoes at least with a small heel. It is interesting to look wedge sandals or hidden platform.

We remember that products made from lightweight, translucent fabrics are best suited for summer, in winter they wear more dense material.

On the floor-length model, the same rules apply for combining colors and other items of clothing. White blouses and tops will adorn any look. This is a win-win solution. Therefore, if there is any doubt as to what to wear a blue skirt, you need to find a white top in your wardrobe, it is exactly combined with it. A denim jacket draped over shoulders, a white or black clutch will complete the look.

blue skirt to the floor

If you wear a silk or satin long skirt to the floor with a black lace blouse, you will get a solemn look. Since the top itself turns accent, it is important not to overdo it with accessories. For less festive atmosphere, a simple top will do.

The product will also fit in the marine style. It is only necessary to choose a striped top, focusing on the photo. To make the image not seem too ordinary, you can add a set of red accessories - a bracelet, necklace or handbag.

You can get a feminine look if you wear a beige jumper with a skirt to the floor, emphasizing the waist with a belt. Especially original such top looks with a product from light, translucent fabric. A similar outfit for fall is well suited, you can wear it in dry weather with ankle boots.

Combination with other colors and prints

It is quite simple to find the optimal combination with a print, as various sizes of patterns, styles and fabrics textures are allowed. Dark blue shades are a good match for a business style or a winter look. For summer time - brighter, because during this period you want a riot of colors. But you can experiment with any color of the blue palette, not limited to weather conditions.

combination of blue in clothes

Floral print

Delicate and romantic girls should pay attention to the blue skirt with a floral print. It is better to choose a blouse of a neutral light shade or one that echoes the color of the picture. If the product is with a pronounced floral print, then choosing the top of the set, give preference to the strip.

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flowered skirts

Pea skirt

Classic polka dot print is one of the most feminine. If the skirt is in large or small peas, in this case it is better to choose a monochrome top. This show photo. In this case, you can try different colors. White and in this kit will look fresh and harmonious. To get an interesting and elegant look, you should choose a combination of a polka-dotted skirt with a white or cream top or a blouse (with accent sleeves, frill).

Do not be afraid of other shades. A turquoise or even red blouse will suit a polka dot skirt, the image will be original and bright. A blue blouse will also look harmonious. Drawing peas will not allow the kit to merge, if you add it with red accessories.

models of polka dot skirts

Brave girls can combine a similar print with a striped top or jumper. Such combinations must be approached carefully so that an overly colorful outfit does not turn out. Blue skirts look interesting not in white, but in colored polka dots. It will turn out stylishly if you choose a blouse to match it.

Variations of striped skirts and sets with them are shown in the photo.

Striped Skirts Fashion Sets

Fashionable women with neat hips can afford to experiment with a skirt in a cage. Do not forget to add volume to the top of the image.

models of skirts in a cage

Shoes and accessories

Classic pumps, sneakers, sandals, espadrilles, unisex boots, ankle boots and boots - combined with almost any style of blue skirt, as shown by the photo.

city ​​images

We choose handbags according to the rule of a flying silhouette - a rigid form at the bag. Or based on the event: vacation - straw, travel - cross-body, triumph - clutch.

floral print skirts

Do not be afraid of experiments and unusual color combinations, create stylish images. This will help the photo. A blue skirt in a winning style looks decent on any girl.