Achromatic colors or how not to get lost in your own shadow


Achromatic colors are a kind of neutral colors. These include colors such as white, black and grey. Achromats are perfectly combined both with each other and with any shade - be it red, beige or green.

Most often, they are present in large numbers in the wardrobes of girls. But achromatic looks don't mean boring. Even using only white, black or gray, you can make the image brighter or calmer, but not devoid of rhythm.

How to wear achromatic colors in style

How to avoid boredom in such images?

We recommend using different textures, fabrics, details. You can use the layering technique and do not forget about accessories. In addition, color accents can be added pointwise to an achromatic image - bright shoes or a bag, a scarf or a hat, etc.

Achromats in clothes

Let's analyze each color in the image separately.

  • Let's start with black achromat. Luxurious, expensive color that likes to saturate any color from the palette, i.e. enhances the effect of another color in combination. Universal. Combines perfectly with jewelry made of metals of various colors, but looks especially status with gold jewelry. The main thing is to choose jewelry made of gold metals for the occasion in order to look appropriate without ruining the look.

How to stylishly wear achromatic colors in clothes and accessories

  • White is the color of freshness and purity. Like black, it creates an expensive picture with gold jewelry. We play in the image with different textures, bright colors.

Even adding red lipstick to the makeup, white achromat will pick up this wave, and the image will develop with dignity.

  • And so, when mixing white and black, as in drawing lessons, we get gray. Landmark of calm, balance, stability, embodying a certain severity and neutrality. If gray achromat is diluted with color, then you have many options for choosing a shade - pink, purple, yellow, red, etc.
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Achromats in clothes

As for the invoices that were mentioned above. In any achromatic image, they will play a plus for us. Embossed and smooth, dense and light, matte and glossy. And it is in the multi-layered textures that are revealed especially. Do not neglect the textured combination, choose, for example, silk and cashmere, tweed and chiffon. Experiment!