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The basic wardrobe for a woman of 50 is somewhat different from the images that were before. At this beautiful age, it is worth thinking about the elegance and femininity of the image. Things of a provocative, defiant nature, masculine clothes will be forgiven and look out of place. On the contrary, imposing and high-quality models will add gloss to the image.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50

Wardrobe of a 50 year old woman: rules of combinations

The first thing to be aware of when forming a list of clothes is the fact that the colors of basic things should lean towards pastel and muted. In this case, the possibility of creating various combinations and using bright accessories increases. Accordingly, if the basic wardrobe of a woman after 50 years is too variegated, then the image will seem too lurid. The perfect combination for the big city: bright trousers, a dark bag, in tandem with a coat and a scarf.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50

You can change everything exactly the opposite: a bright blouse and light linen trousers with the same discreet bag.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50 years old - summer look

You can also create interesting looks with the help of accessories. For example, pick up light jeans and a shirt, a grayish, conservative checkered jacket, a light brown, muted bag and diversify the composition with a patterned scarf and a bright orange belt.

basic wardrobe for a 50-year-old woman - jeans and a jacket

This play with accessories and colors will help create inimitable and very stylish looks. This approach testifies to the ability to dress, which is not characteristic of every woman.

There is one more important rule: at this beautiful age, you should select models with a minimum amount of details, the absence of inappropriate patterns, rhinestones, feathers and similar tinsel, not befitting a stylish lady.

And the last thing. Finally, a woman can afford to sew clothes individually, and not be content with consumer goods. Such models always fit perfectly and look expensive.

Woman's wardrobe for 50 years for autumn and winter

The autumn wardrobe of a 50-year-old woman should consist of comfortable things, sewn from high-quality fabric, professional cut, preferably without hoods and overloading details. Elegant and laconic style is welcomed. List of required items:

  • Pants.
  • Skirts.
  • Dress.
  • Blazer.
  • Sweaters, cardigans.
  • Outerwear: coat, poncho.

A basic wardrobe for a woman over 50 must necessarily include 2-3 pairs of pants. It is better that these are straight, wide and slightly shortened models are possible. Of course, the colors are muted and dark, since you can pick up a bright scarf, belt, bag, gloves for them. A combination of a rich sweater and a scarf with dark blue jeans looks great. Walking in early, sunny autumn in such clothes will bring a lot of positive emotions.

basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old - autumn

Straight suit trousers will look appropriate in combination with a bright plain shirt and a dark knitted sweater. This look is perfect for an office setting.

basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old - office style

With regards to skirts, there are two rules: avoid knitted and short patterns. Mid-knee length or slightly below is ideal. It can be combined with bright sweaters, knitted cardigans, ponchos, shirts. By the way, the latter can be of different colors, but white is required without fail.

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basic wardrobe for a 50-year-old woman - sweater and skirt

The dress in the autumn wardrobe should be warm, you can knit, woolen or drape. The main thing is not to forget the rule about high-quality fabrics and classic, solid cut. Pairing a warm scarf with low-cut leather or suede boots can be the go-to outfit for this look.

Dress for woman 50 years old

Jackets look very good in early autumn. It is better to choose products with a minimum amount of details, stylish and fashionable cut, but the color can be bright, only then the rest of the clothes are chosen in much more muted shades. In the fall, a chic scarf is very desirable for a jacket - this will significantly revive the image. Ideal combinations in urban style: jeans, sweater / shirt and jacket. The image is complemented with a sturdy bag.

Jacket with jeans for a woman of 50 years

Moreover, it is not necessary to use such an outfit only for walking - this is an interesting option for going to a cafe and even in a working environment, if the dress code allows. This combination is not only fashionable, but also comfortable.

Sweaters, jumpers, cardigans are an indispensable attribute of both spring and winter wardrobe. Knitted or knitted cardigans of great length look very nice. With the right accents, this image will make a positive impression. You should also purchase woolen or knitted turtlenecks in the amount of 2-3 pieces.

Long cardigan for a woman 50 years old

A basic wardrobe for a 50-year-old woman, and other ages, cannot do without outerwear, especially in a cold, rainy autumn. What is recommended to wear? First, you must avoid too long models (an exception may be an original knitted coat for early autumn). Short coats and jackets are also not welcome, so medium lengths are in favor. Material - cashmere, drape, wool.

Fashion for women 50 years

But a stylish knitted coat, as mentioned above, can be quite long. It is permissible to wear it with jeans, trousers of any style, a voluminous scarf is not excluded. Of course, this option is only possible in warm autumn.

Long coat with jeans for a 50 year old woman

A poncho with a checkered pattern, intercepted by a belt or without it - this image is always in trend.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50 - ponchos and trousers

If the poncho is bright, then it is complemented by a dark trouser bottom and expensive suede or leather shoes, on the platform. This option will decorate the wardrobe of a plump woman.

basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old - red poncho

In winter, the following items should be added to the above options:

  • Fur vests.
  • Warmer chunky knit sweaters.
  • Fur coats.

Fur vests, by the way, are perfect for autumn, and in winter they are cozy both in a cafe with friends and in a cold office. Fur can be different: from silver fox to sheepskin, but natural is better. And don't forget about accessories - the right bags, scarves, belts and gloves will complete the look.

basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old - fur vests

Sweaters, sweaters, cardigans - everything looks organic, and most importantly, they are warm in them on a frosty winter day. Wide models with coarse knit are allowed, just avoid too voluminous collars - this makes the image heavier. To complement such a top, if it is not bright, it is necessary to warm colors of trousers or skirts: mustard, coffee with milk, chocolate, cinnamon and the like.

Basic wardrobe for a 50 year old woman - White knitted sweater

The basic wardrobe of a 50 year old woman cannot do without a natural fur coat. Its length should be sufficient to cover a long dress, respectively, only an elongated model is permissible. A fur coat is always stylish, fashionable, dignified and, finally, warm.

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basic wardrobe for a woman of 50 years - a fur coat

The down jacket, of course, does not look so high-profile, but outerwear is warmer, it is difficult to find. One thing is important: avoid short and too long models, as well as hoods, patterns and large details - everything should be concise. The girdle is perfectly acceptable.

50-year-old woman's wardrobe for spring and summer

The snow is melting, green grass appears, the sun's rays, along with a drop, knock on the windows of boring offices - spring has come. It's time to change, the eyes are tired of the monotonous colors, and the body is tired of bulky clothes. But you won't be able to start wearing light dresses right away; for a start, you should still think about outerwear and light turtlenecks. So, let's discuss how to update the spring image.

The basic spring wardrobe of a woman after 50 years should include such items of clothing as:

  • Jeans, trousers.
  • Costumes.
  • Jackets.
  • Raincoats
  • Light sweaters, knee-highs.
  • Shirts.
  • Skirts.
  • Dress-case.

In spring, jeans can be a little lighter and more frivolous, the only exceptions are curvy ladies, because in this case the rule applies: the darker the better. Jeans go well with any blazers, sweaters, golfs and blouses.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50 years old - black jacket

For a business woman, and just for a lady who prefers classics, suits are required. It is always fashionable and stylish. In addition, a suit must certainly be in the wardrobe of any woman over 50, since the opportunity to wear it can present itself at any time, besides work. Better to wear tailored suits. And only from high quality fabric.

Business woman's clothes at 50

Of course, spring will not immediately start to please with warmth, so a raincoat is required. It should not be too long, not shortened or muted in tones. You can complement it with any bright accessories.

Fashionable trench coat with jeans for a 50 year old woman

Light, slightly elongated sweaters with trousers are a classic option. Only you can't wear both things in juicy shades, and you shouldn't buy clothes richly decorated and featuring any super-fashionable innovations. Only classics and elegance. At this age, the bet on these concepts is the most advantageous. For example, a bright sweater or jacket and skinny pants in dark or warm colors.

Stylish look of a 50 year old woman

Shirts are allowed with ornaments - this will depend on the overall composition. As for spring skirts, here in favor a pencil skirt or just a straight model.

Polka dot blouse with skirt at 50

But it should be remembered that in this case it is better for the top to be juicier and brighter.

How to dress a woman at 50

No woman, including a 50-year-old, can do without a dress. It can be worn with a chic stole thrown over the top in tandem with a stylish, expensive clutch. In general, forget about things of dubious quality - you deserve more! The dress should fit perfectly and not be provocative and vulgar. Its length is slightly above or slightly below the knee.

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Stylish dress for a 50-year-old woman

For a casual look, play with combinations of jeans, shirts, and light scarves. Blouses can be in rich colors, which will refresh the complexion and make the look interesting.

Burgundy blouse with jeans at 50

If the spring day is cooler, then jeans can be combined with a warm sweater and ballet flats. This urban outfit is very fresh and playful.

Spring image for a woman of 50 years

More festive looks can combine a spring cape (by the way, it will decorate a plump woman's wardrobe) and a summer lace cape.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50

The latter can be worn over a light, crisp white jersey and chiffon suit. This is a very seductive and stylish option.

basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old - summer

Little by little we have come to the summer season. It's time to go on vacation, go to the sea and, in general, give yourself a beloved one to relax and unwind. For these cases, the list of necessary things should be supplemented:

  • Summer dress.
  • Lightweight suit.
  • Trousers made from natural materials.

Summer dress - only a long one made of high quality chiffon, silk, natural cotton, linen or other light and solid fabric. In the evenings it can be supplemented with a blouse. Don't forget about the appropriate accessories, which can be supplemented with expensive jewelry: bracelets, beads. By the way, an important nuance: it is not necessary to observe color combinations - one bright spot against a background of muted shades will not hurt. The dress can be patterned or not, the main thing is a sense of proportion. And do not overload the image with details and color.

basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old - summer dress

In the evening on the embankment or after a sultry city day, a walk with a possible trip to a summer cafe is supposed to. How can you do without a light knitted suit? Different styles are allowed if the thing fits perfectly on the figure.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50

Well, the final look for a summer evening is bright trousers made of light fabric, which are combined with a snow-white blouse, and in case of coolness, then with a jacket. In this form, you can go to the cinema, a summer restaurant or just enjoy a walk.

basic wardrobe for a woman of 50 years old - trousers with a jacket

Capsule wardrobe on vacation for a woman over 50

  • 1 jacket / cardigan / pashmina.
  • 4 skirts / pants / shorts.
  • 4 tops / blouses.
  • 3 pairs of shoes (heels, flat walking shoes and sports shoes).
  • Accessories are a great way to freshen up an outfit and they don't take up a lot of space, so have some fun with them.
  • Do not forget your swimwear or winter accessories - hats, gloves - depending on your destination.
  • You can use a dress instead of a top and bottom, this way you will reduce the total amount of clothes. Choose a model that matches a jacket or cardigan.
  • Choose clothes in neutral hues like black, navy, or brown, or with a common color in patterns to make it easier to mix and match. Each piece should be paired with at least 3 other pieces in your leisure wardrobe.

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Live life to the fullest, dress stylish and fashionable even after 50 years! Let only your passport know about your age!