Fashionable blouses and shirts autumn / winter: styles and photos of outfits


Blouses and shirts are popular tops for creating different looks: casual, formal, festive. Ladies combine them with jeans, trousers, skirts. Vests or jackets are worn on top.

Here you will learn all about fashionable blouses and shirts that will be in trend in autumn and winter.

Trend # 1 - Sheer blouse

Perhaps this is the most unexpected style. It requires special attention, a perfect bottom layer. Such a blouse is more of an accessory than a separate wardrobe item. It is worn over the top, creating an attractive look.

Chloé exemplifies this trend with a black sheer top. It looks weightless, airy. The blouse here is the darkest detail of the image.

Christian Dior's image, on the contrary, is made in black tones, but every detail here has its own shade of black. The bodice is clearly visible under the blouse. It looks aesthetically pleasing and bold.

Fashionable sheer blouse from the autumn-winter collection Chloé

Fashionable transparent blouse from the fall-winter collection of Christian Dior

Trend No. 2 - "Flutter" sleeve at the blouse

Fashionable blouse for autumn and winter is complemented by flutter sleeves. This style is a wide flounce that falls freely from the shoulder. Gentle waves that flutter in the wind are obtained. Hence the name, because from English the word flutter is translated as “flutter” and “flutter”.

An example of proper flutter is the look from Chloé. The sleeves are made of flowing material with pleats, they differ from the base, and the lace collar becomes another delicate detail.

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Fashionable blouse from the autumn-winter collection Chloé

Trend #3 - Denim Shirt

Fall-winter fashion continues to love denim, like many seasons before it. The denim shirt is versatile and can be worn buttoned up or unbuttoned so that it reveals the top underneath.

Traditionally fashionable, a denim shirt is worn with trousers made of the same material, as in the image from Zadig & Voltaire. The rules for combining shades are observed here: it is important that the top differs from the bottom.

Fashionable denim shirt from the Zadig & Voltaire autumn-winter collection

Trend # 4 - Printed shirt

This fall-winter trend provides another platform for self-expression. If earlier T-shirts and T-shirts were the prerogative of self-expression, now prints in the form of inscriptions or images can be found on shirts.

The Chloé shirt looks bold with a print on the front and back. The spectacular image is harmoniously perceived against a purely cowboy checkered background. A fluffy, fur collar and colorful inserts on the sleeves make this shirt even more interesting.

Chloé Fall/Winter fashion checkered shirt with print

Chloé Fall/Winter fashion checkered shirt with print

Trend # 5 - Leather shirt

Many designers agree that fashionable clothes are made of leather. This material perfectly fits the female body, emphasizing its slenderness, creates spectacular folds.

Women's leather shirt goes well with denim, satin or silk bottoms. Both monophonic and colorful images are perfectly obtained. Fendi pairs a black leather upper with a trendy long skirt adorned with a whimsical print. Gauchere creates a total look, where the top and bottom are made of leather. The shirt here acts as the second, top layer. And another example of a "total outfit" from IRO: a voluminous shirt and wide trousers at the top create an hourglass silhouette.

Fashionable leather shirt from the Fendi autumn-winter collection

Fashionable leather shirt from the autumn-winter collection Gauchere

Fashionable leather shirt from the IRO autumn-winter collection

Trend # 6 - Knitted shirt

The main trend of the coming season: comfort plus showiness. Clothes for autumn and winter should not only be exquisitely beautiful, they should be warm and comfortable! A jersey shirt combines all these qualities. This material is practical, comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

A shirt from the Hermès autumn-winter collection looks strict and gentle at the same time. A triangular collar, an even row of shiny buttons, vertical convex stripes (“ribs”) - everything here looks like a correctly solved geometry problem.

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Fashionable knitted shirt from the Hermès autumn-winter collection

Trend # 7 - One print on a shirt and skirt

Fashion trends for the coming season allow for both unexpected combinations of top and bottom, and complete unity. If the shirt and skirt are decorated with a single print, they look like a single whole. Like a stylish dress!

The Hermès outfit is covered in geometric patterns that look austere and sophisticated at the same time. From under the shirt you can see a gray, solid-colored turtleneck collar, the sleeves of which are also visible. This bottom layer complements the shirt and skirt as they are made in the same color scheme.

Fashionable shirt from the Hermès autumn-winter collection

Trend # 8 - Classic Silk & Satin Shirts

Women's blouses from the autumn/winter collection are made of fine and refined material. What could be more delicate than clothes made of chiffon, silk or satin? It creates charming folds, falls in waves, and this fabric is also very pleasant to the touch. Real pleasure!

Delicate wonder with long sleeves from Off-White looks incredibly impressive. The skirt with an unusual print, reminiscent of the color of a calf, harmoniously complements it.

Fashionable shirt from the autumn-winter collection Off-White

Trend # 9 - Long Shirts

A long shirt is an element of the basic wardrobe for everyday life. Based on it, you can build a lot of outfits for every day, combining it with different bottoms. If the shirt is long enough, it can be worn as a separate item. It turns out a shirt dress - a classic loved by many. The spacious silhouette is especially attractive to overweight ladies who do not want to show all their curves.

Balenciaga offers an interesting option for combining a long and spacious shirt with equally spacious trousers. Perfect outfit for oversized lovers.

Fashionable long shirt from the Balenciaga autumn-winter collection

Trend # 10 - White shirt with a tie or bow

White shirts are a recognized symbol of officialdom. Combined with a business suit, they look great. Coco Chanel borrowed a lot of details that originally belonged to men and gave us, modern fashionistas, the opportunity to wear strict and elegant suits. Their center is a white shirt, complemented by a tie or neck bow.

Christian Dior and Emporio Armani show what a modern business woman should look like. Suit with a skirt or trousers, a fashionable jacket on top, a plain light shirt in the center.

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Fashionable shirt with a tie from the autumn-winter collection of Christian Dior

Fashionable white shirt from the Emporio Armani autumn-winter collection

Trend # 11 - Shirts and blouses with patch pockets

Volumetric patch pockets complement shirts and blouses for the autumn/winter season. This detail is practical, provides space for storing small things. And it’s also just a decor that emphasizes a democratic, relaxed style.

IRO offers an interesting outfit for women who value practicality and comfort. Patch pockets visually add volume to the shirt, which is combined with straight-cut trousers.

Fashionable white shirt with patch pockets from the IRO autumn-winter collection

Trend # 12 - Blouses with a stand-up collar and bishop sleeves

Women's clothing with bishop-style sleeves looks gentle and airy. This name was given to the sleeves, since initially they adorned exclusively the vestments of Catholic priests.

The peculiarity of this model is that the sleeves gradually expand downward, and then gather at the cuff. The result is a teardrop-shaped silhouette, clearly visible in the Chloe blouse. The blouse from Andrew Gn has sleeves of a more complex design, here the "ladder" silhouette is clearly visible.

Fashionable blouse with long sleeves from the Chloe autumn-winter collection

Fashionable blouse with long sleeves from the autumn-winter collection of Andrew Gn

Trend # 13 - Sleeveless blouses with shoulder pads

Models with short sleeves or without sleeves at all are relevant for autumn or summer, if you wear them in a warm room and have a jacket or cardigan on hand to throw over. Some designers complement such blouses with extended shoulders to make the silhouette look massive, reminiscent of the dashing 80s.

The epic and layered outfit from Prada puts the bet on the shoulders and wins. The deliberately spacious blouse tapers downwards, which creates an hourglass silhouette.

Fashionable sleeveless blouse with shoulder pads from the Prada autumn-winter collection

We have presented the most important trends of the upcoming season in the world of women's blouses and shirts. Now you know what models are in fashion, what fashionable colors and silhouettes they have.

Inspired by photos and descriptions of new products, you can safely go shopping and create your own unique style based on hot trends!