Wine color - this is what, to whom it suits, what is combined with photo images


Burgundy, Marsala, wine, brick - in the red palette there are many beautiful deep shades. And such colors always emphasize confidence and elegance, complementing the image at the same time with restraint and sophistication. In modern fashion, wine color is considered one of the most popular.

Wine color - what is it?

This shade can easily be confused with many other very similar tones, referring to deep tones in red. However, when choosing clothes, accessories and other details, it is worth remembering that this color itself refers to the cold, since there is a mixture of a saturated feminine shade with purple. In any case, whether it is the main element of the wardrobe or a clutch of wine color, such a detail will always attract attention and look rich against the general background.

wine color is what

What goes with wine color

When choosing such a color for an image, it is important to know with what shades it looks harmonious and spectacular. Ideas in the style of total look remain win-win. And in this case, you can combine not only identical in tone, but also lighter with saturated tones. In addition, a fashionable color scheme can act as a catchy accent, as well as a stylish background in an outfit. But let's see what wine color is combined with in clothes:

  1. With black and white. Classical ensembles remain the most successful for any look. Bela will add tenderness and contrast to the image, and black will emphasize the elegance and showiness of style.

what wine color is combined with

  1. Nude. Another successful decision for every day is a combination with beige tones. In this case, all shades are relevant - shortbread, coffee with milk, ivory, ivory and many others.

what wine color in clothes is combined with

  1. With pastel colors. A touch of romance and femininity, even in the most practical casual look, will add details of light and fresh colors. Light colors are considered especially popular - rose and peach, mint, azure, lilac.

what color is wine combined with

  1. With prints. In addition to solid solutions, abstract designs will also be a great choice. One of the most successful is considered leopard and tiger prints. In the trend and a variety of inscriptions, numbers and their combination.

beautiful wine color

Who goes the wine color

Such a rich shade is not suitable for every type of appearance. Stylists do not advise girls of the spring and summer color type to use similar tones, since such decisions emphasize the pallor and transparency of the skin, creating the illusion of soreness. The question to whom wine color suits is relevant for winter and autumn fashionistas.

Deep catchy shades perfectly accentuate a bright appearance and look especially impressive in an ensemble with red and copper hair. However, accessories and decorations of dark red color can be worn for blondes, adding appeal to the image.

who is going wine color

Wine color in clothes

This beautiful rich shade is often used not only in everyday clothes, but also in the design of evening and themed outfits. Designers note that in an ensemble with different texture of the material, the color looks different. Therefore, the trend is not only monochrome products, but also the combined ideas of tailoring.

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In addition, the ideas of printed solutions with patterns and combinations in the same color palette or with contrasting tones are in vogue, which makes the wardrobe element even more attractive and the image individual. Let's see how wine red is used in clothes:

  1. Printed wine color. Products with patterns and abstractions in the same color scheme look very beautiful and unusual. In this case, designers usually combine matte and shiny textures. In the trend and prints with a black or white motif.

wine color in clothes

  1. Wine brilliant color. Such a rich deep shade looks great on shiny textures. The most popular fabrics in this case are velvet, silk, satin and leather.

wine red color

  1. Matte tones. In a completely different, but no less attractive, dark red tones look on materials without shine. Therefore, products made of suede, cotton, yarn, knitwear and others became popular.

deep wine color

Wine dress

This deep color looks great in products made of warm, cozy materials. One of the most fashionable trends for every day is a comfortable knitted dress in the style of a stocking or a trapeze. Beautiful textured patterns will give greater appeal and originality to the whole image. Unusual safari style suede models, casual shirts made of cotton and silk are also in fashion.

However, the wine is the most compelling and sophisticated evening dress with a shiny or iridescent texture - from velvet, satin, patent leather, lace and guipure.

wine dress

Wine Coat

Stylish rich colors are perfect for outerwear. In this case, the most popular are the various styles of coats. The trend is both shortened practical short coats and models of moderate and maximum length. If you are looking for a feminine option that will emphasize your sophistication, then a wine-colored robe coat with a contrasting or identical shade belt is an excellent choice.

Catchy products of an unusual cut, such as a cape or poncho, are also considered spectacular. But universal for any figure remains a classic.

wine coat

Wine Pants

Another stylish choice of clothes in a beautiful rich shade was women's pants. And there are a lot of fashionable styles in a modern style. For everyday urban socks, joggers, chinos or bananas are perfect. A note of romance and femininity will be added to the whole image by flying sails, loose culottes or shortened classic models.

Jeans of any cut will be a win-win choice in your wardrobe. In question, a wine color combination, stylists suggest focusing directly on trousers, complementing them with a light or pastel tone on top.

wine-colored trousers

Wine suit

Add to your business style attractiveness and originality, without going beyond rigor and elegance. A classic wine-colored pantsuit will do just fine with this task. The details of this kit can be varied in cut. Models with a vest and short pants with a high rise remain a fashionable trend.

In the trend and men's styles with a jacket on two sides, complemented by lapels and sharp shoulders. For everyday wear, designers offer beautiful suits with a skirt and a cropped top, sports styles in twos or threes.

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wine suit

Wine jacket

Irresistibility and attractiveness not only to a business outfit, but also to an everyday city or club look will be perfectly added by a strict jacket of rich colors. Deep wine color will not only add contrast, but also help visually adjust the figure if you are endowed with broad shoulders. For an elegant look, opt for a fitted jacket.

And if you have no problems with the parameters or you want to balance the visually voluminous lower part, then a shortened jacket and models with a deep neckline will be an excellent solution.

wine jacket

Wine skirt

For several consecutive seasons, stylists have insisted, as a necessary element of the wardrobe, on the acquisition of a variety of skirts. The rich shade of the product will help you emphasize your femininity, draw attention to your appearance and correct the flaws of the lower part of the figure. In this case, a trapezoid or bell of moderate length will be an excellent solution.

Lovers of seductive mini designers are invited to pay attention to leather, suede and knitwear and models. In question, a wine-colored skirt with what to wear, you can add both a bright and calm top.

wine skirt

Wine color cardigan

A win-win choice in a beautiful saturated shade is a cozy elongated jacket, which can be used as a stylish addition to the look on a cool evening, or as an alternative to outerwear in the warm demi-season. Lalo cardigans with a gradient transition from darker to lighter remain a fashionable trend.

Oversized voluminous styles are also in fashion, which look great with a contrasting belt. When asked what color wine is combined with, stylists suggest using light-colored denim clothes in outfits with a cardigan.

wine-colored cardigan

Wine bag

If you do not dare to purchase the main part of a rich deep shade, then an accessory will help to add attractiveness to the image. The best solution in this case would be a bag. Strong models are perfect for strict business attire, relaxed casual and feminine romantic combinations.

The trend is voluminous and roomy tote and hobo, neat mini and cross-body, an elegant clutch bag and a city backpack made of leather or suede. In the matter of what to wear a wine-colored bag with, it is best to dwell on plain ensembles in bright colors.

wine bagwhat to wear with a wine bag

Wine shoes

Beautiful colors are perfect for completing the look. Shoes will help to add catchiness, but at the same time they will not interrupt the basic elements and accessories. The trend is both classic styles, for example, oxfords, boats and ballet flats, and urban unusual models - on tractor soles, moccasins with tassels, on a platform and wide heels.

In the matter of what to wear with wine-colored shoes, you will not have any problems, since such a detail looks great both in plain total look and contrasting ensembles. Let's see the most popular solutions for today:

  1. Suede. Products made of soft material look very nice and neat. Such models are perfect for everyday looks in a romantic style with a dress, skirt or cropped trousers.
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wine shoes

  1. Velvet For exquisite evening dresses, velvet shoes became the most popular solution. Light shine and overflow of material gives a special charm and attractiveness.

what to wear with wine shoes

  1. Varnish. Patent leather models have become a fashionable alternative to velvet products. However, this option will fit perfectly into the everyday business or romantic look.

beautiful wine color

  1. Leather. Leather shoes are a universal choice for an outfit in any style. To make the finish look original, pay attention to styles with embossed patterns under reptiles or perforations.

wine color is what

Wine color pedicure

In the season of open shoes, it is very important to pay attention to the care of toenails. A rich deep shade is perfect for both a summer pedicure and cold-making solutions. A one-color coating remains a win-win, with a matte top adding attractiveness and accuracy.

The fashion trend is the style of Feng Shui. However, unlike hands, the thumb stands out here. A beautiful wine color can be supplemented with sparkling rhinestones and stones, sparkles, a contrasting or transparent hole, and a painting using the art painting technique.

pedicure wine color

Wine color manicure

The varnish of such a beautiful and fashionable shade remains popular in the art of nail-art in hand shows. Stylish manicure is represented by many interesting solutions - from simple to complex and intricate. Designers use a variety of techniques and unusual ideas for decoration. And attractiveness will always be added by an unusual decor, both in a specific theme and in a universal style. Let's review - wine color nails fashion ideas:

  1. Solid color. A win-win for every day remains a monochrome coating. This option is suitable for any shape and length of the nail plates. And to add accuracy to manicure, use a matte top to complete.

wine color manicure

  1. Ombre. Interesting gradient transitions look very unusual and spectacular. Saturated mono varnish is combined with both light colors and black. And the most fashionable in modern nail-art is the geometric ombre.

wine color of nails

  1. With rhinestones. Refinement and luxury to the saturated background will add beautiful sparkling crystals. Interesting drawings by rhinestones and colored stones - flowers, insects, a crown and others became especially popular.

deep wine color

  1. Feng Shui. If you follow a restrained style, but want to add originality to your hands, focus on ideas with the allocation of one or two fingers. In this case, you can use both contrasting varnish and decor.

wine color combination

Wine hair color

A beautiful shade has become a popular solution in modern hairdressing. This option is suitable for any type of appearance, since the trend is staining with strands. You can make highlights throughout the head or highlight only bangs. A plain wine red hair color will not cause you problems if you regularly update your hairstyle.

And for several seasons in a row, the fashion trend has been staining in the ombre technique, combined with both dark blond and black, and light shades of blond.

wine hair color