Fashionable denim dresses for women - photos of outfits


Denim items are in demand because they are practical and comfortable. Clothing designers cannot ignore the public demand for items made from denim, so they are actively working with this texture. What fashionable denim dresses are on offer this year?

Popular models and silhouettes

A denim dress is part of a girl’s basic wardrobe, but older women often buy denim items. They feel comfortable in them. The advantage of denim dresses is that they are versatile. The diversity of the model range allows you to choose products that suit your taste and body type. Models made from light denim are more suitable for warm seasons, and thick denim for cool seasons.

A denim dress is mainly associated with casual, street style, but this is not entirely true. Depending on the model and silhouette, you can choose a dress that is appropriate to wear to some celebration, use for an evening out, going to a club, for example, interesting designer vintage models.

A denim dress goes harmoniously with both high-heeled and sports shoes. Fits into different looks, it can be worn with almost all models of outerwear, jackets, coats, cardigans. Jeans are versatile in terms of combination with various accessories and textures. Organic in combination with suede, leather, various fabrics. Various models of bags are suitable for denim dresses: from a small clutch type to a string bag.

When choosing a denim dress, think about what you plan to wear it with and combine it to diversify your look.

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Fashionable denim dresses this year:

  • the hit of recent seasons is the shirt dress;
  • tunic;
  • high-waisted and flared skirt options;
  • sundresses;
  • sheath dress;
  • Bustier (off-shoulder);
  • asymmetrical models;
  • with zippers, laces, buttons;
  • vintage designer models;
  • summer dresses with frills and ruffles;
  • jumpsuit dress;

Designers demonstrate models of different silhouettes and lengths.

Hit of the season - shirt dress

This is perhaps the most popular model of denim dresses, and not only among young people. Many women like this comfortable model. The shirt dress comes in different cuts. Silhouettes of a classic cut shirt, mini-length, just above the knee, look great on young thin girls. An oversize size will hide extra pounds. A trapezoidal dress with a flared hem is suitable for women with wide hips. Dresses with an asymmetrical hem are more expressive. Additional decor can include patch pockets, a collar, and buttons.

The denim tunic can be classified as a related model of the shirt dress. The difference from a shirt is that it has fasteners. The hood can become an additional element of the tunic. Interesting models with embroidery, stickers, in boho style.

Denim sundresses

Fashionable this year, denim sundresses are popular in the new season, just look at the photos of fashion shows of famous brands. This model is convenient because it allows you to diversify your look when mixed with blouses, T-shirts, and shirts. Sundresses with a deep neckline under the arms attract attention. In combination with a cropped top, the waistline is piquantly visible. Sheath sundresses will accentuate your figure. Models with slits and various patch pockets look interesting.

A jumpsuit dress is a type of sundress, a comfortable model for everyday wear and physical work.

Asymmetrical denim dresses

This trend of recent seasons will continue in the new season; an asymmetrical cut makes things more original. It is noteworthy that asymmetrical cuts and cutouts can be in unusual places. For example, at the waistline on the sides. Denim dresses with one bare shoulder look flirty. The asymmetrical hem has become a favorite design technique for many designers.

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Vintage denim dresses

The designer models of vintage denim dresses are quite interesting. These are models with lace decor and openwork inserts. Dresses with embroidery, including ethnic and floral motifs, look cute. There is a wide range of denim dresses with laces that go well with denim items. It can run along the bust line, spine, or along the sides of the skirt. An echo of the 90s - models with frills and flounces. This year, fitted models with a belt, in the style of the 60s, with a wide flared skirt are popular.

Combined dresses

In the new season you can see quite a lot of combined models. The trend is for denim dresses made from two-tone denim, combined with leather, suede, and other types of fabrics. This design technique will diversify the model range and add color and expressiveness to the denim dress.

Decorating techniques

The denim segment is embedded in the context of fashion trends.

Among them are:

  • emphasis on details such as puff sleeves, interestingly shaped collars, pockets;
  • asymmetrical details;
  • belts made of fabric of a different color, leather, suede;
  • using lace as decoration;
  • flounces, ruffles, frills;
  • ties, lacing, zippers;
  • decorative seams, buttons.

Women who have extra pounds are recommended to choose denim with the addition of elastane fiber, which has a slimming effect.


Denim items are always popular. Fashionable denim dresses this year meet the trends of the season, as you can see by looking at the photos from the shows. The range of denim dresses is diverse in terms of stylistic interpretation and cut. Every girl and woman will be able to choose a style that suits her tastes and body type. Any wardrobe will be decorated with original vintage designer models. Denim sundresses and shirt dresses remain at the peak of popularity.