Long skirts: season trends and photos of outfits


The long skirt remains the undisputed favorite of this year’s modern fashion catwalks. Its superiority is difficult to overestimate. Gracefully emphasizing the outlines of the female figure, a long skirt gives the image a certain mystery and refinement. She looks great on every fashionistas, regardless of height and build. Moreover, the elongated style is well combined with different clothes and shoes, perfectly hides and even corrects figure flaws.

From our review, you will find out which models will be trendy this season.

Long skirts: maxi model

Maxi skirts are at the forefront of all fashion shows and are the favorites of famous designers. The maxi hem completely covers the female legs and can often touch the floor itself.

Beautifully flowing fabrics of the skirt together with the correctly chosen shoes and harmonious top perfectly complement the image, while remaining the focus of attention of others.

If you want more glamour, then opt for an expressive high heel. The urban casual style allows you to combine the maxi model with low running shoes or in a sporty style. Bright colors and unusual prints will certainly add more positive and good mood for the whole day.

An interesting popular version of the spring-summer season is longline skirts. Incredibly stylish look with ballet shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and sometimes even with boots.

The trend for curvy models will also be relevant this season. The volume of these skirts originates from the very waist line. Lush maxis look perfect on slender girls, adding piquancy and attractive romance to the image. The lush design will absolutely not interfere with creating the perfect everyday look - you just need to choose the right top.

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Midi model

Midi length skirts give girls incredible femininity, sophistication and elegance. The most popular among fashionistas are the luxurious “sun” and flared options, among which pleated fabrics are especially popular.

Pay attention to the delicate spring shades and original prints. They very advantageously enhance the image as a whole. These high-waisted skirts go well with men's style shirts.

Powdery shades of vibrant colors like pink, purple, yellow or blue are paired with cozy spring textures for a stunning, trendy look.

Try to combine a light, elegant skirt with a cozy jumper or a fluffy cardigan. Pair with high heeled shoes or sturdy brutal boots to make your outfit extremely stylish.

The unusual style of long skirts in the form of a bell draws attention to itself in the fashionable season. Fitted at the top and smoothly widening towards the hem, they are excellent in a single color. Dark shades give them a strict conservatism, allowing them to be worn as an office thing.

Of course, in the fashion of the spring-summer season it is impossible not to recall the extravagant leather models, which always evoke warm feelings in bold, free and self-aware women.

 Long skirt in a business style

Office dress code - does not mean boring and monotonous style. Modern fashion offers many options for unusual things, including long skirts - an indispensable must have for every business woman.

Combine a stylish skirt with a sweater and tone-on-tone shoes. This is a win-win option for creating a chic aristocratic image.

This season, the pencil skirt has not lost its relevance. It can be cutout, wraparound, or asymmetrical. All of these accents are definitely trending this year. The most important requirement for such a model is high quality fabric and a perfect fit. Such a skirt should be both simple, strict and at the same time the center of your entire image.

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Long skirts: fashion trends, prints and designs

A girl in a stylish long skirt with an original asymmetric cut gives the impression of a confident and bold lady, and a seductive cut gives a touch of insolence and sexuality.

Geometric prints are not spared and fashionable long skirts of this year, and it seems they have a great future. No matter what trends pursue fashion every year, young beauties, elegant ladies and aged women always prefer stylish geometric contrasts. In such a dress lady is hard not to notice. And of course, it is not a secret to anyone that the correct choice of a geometric pattern can successfully smooth out possible figure flaws.

For young romantic natures, the couturier has created an amazing collection with floral motives. A model like this will perfectly combine with a monochrome top. But even more daring solutions, for example, in combination with a traditional geometric pattern, can become an impressive highlight of a stylish look.

Denim long skirts

Sporty long skirts

Long skirts: new in the photo

Airy chiffon skirts and mesmerizing transparent inserts give the image extra lightness and weightlessness. This is a real fashion hit this season. Such models always look elegant and very seductive, demonstrating the beauty and grace of female legs - an excellent option for the warm season.

A flowing light ebb on a translucent chiffon excites the imagination, highlighting the girl's bright personality.

Luxurious long skirts have always been an attribute of evening wear, but today, more and more often, such a style is becoming an indispensable thing in creating an everyday look. And the wide variety of possible style solutions gives every right for such a skirt to be at the top of the fashion pedestal.