Women's fashion with elements of cowboy style


The world of the Wild West continues to be a source of inspiration for designers. You can see this by looking at the new collections of Alberta Ferretti, Beautiful People, Dsquared2, Isabel Marant and others.

This style, like many others, originally belonging only to men, is liked by girls. Even its individual elements, harmoniously combined with other styles of clothing, make a vivid impression. Leather is the main attribute of cowboy style. And to recreate the image in the spirit of the Wild West, you should take a closer look at things made of brown and red leather.

Things in cowboy style are practical and comfortable. As a decor, real cowboys most often used fringe, which also adorns fashionistas in our modern fashion, and in various styles. Lacing can also be an ideal decor for a cowboy style. And then, the girls do not have to look like a real cowboy.

The female cowboy style is more multifaceted and complex than that of the cowboy boys, who were mostly simple shepherds and their clothes did not have elaborate decor and richness. To reproduce the image of a cowboy girlfriend, you should pay attention to summer dresses, sundresses and skirts. With their help, you can create an attractive image in a cowboy style.

How to wear cowboy clothes

Designers often offer girls to give preference to a combination of different styles with cowboy elements. There are a lot of suede items in the collections, including boots. It is worth paying attention to jackets from the Coach 1941 collection, capes from the Beautiful People collection or Isabel Marant.

And the Etro collection presented delightful outfits in the spirit of the Wild West, using elements of the cowboy style and the ethnic style of the Indians. Only unlike historical events in fashion, cowboys and Indians do not fight among themselves, but harmoniously get along with each other.

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Designers advise to give preference to natural materials. Warm poncho with an ethnic pattern, suede or leather jackets, large scarves around the neck or a wide scarf will look good in the frosty cold. To complete the image can bag with a fringe and a hat made of felt.

Fashionable images with elements of cowboy style
Coach, Dsquared2, Beautiful People

Some fraying and even holes in your suit will bring you closer to the Wild West style. But do not get carried away with big holes on jeans or shirts, because real cowboys took care of their clothes and wore leather chaparejos, the so-called pants covers. Thanks to them, the pants did not rub on the inner sides of the legs from riding, did not get dirty from road dust, and the legs were saved from thorns and twigs of plants.

Embroidery and appliqués on leather will look good in a cowboy style, and lace trim and ruffles in dresses and skirts, in folk fabrics - ornaments on folk themes. Skirts can be of different lengths. Add to them boots of red color with a free top, and you can consider yourself a cowboy girl. A cage, especially in a shirt, is an indispensable print of cowboy clothes, like a hat.

To become a cowboy, you do not need to invest a lot of money to purchase outfits. Jeans, plaid shirt, red hat and boots. This is the finished image. At the same time, note that if there are boots and a hat, then they must be cowboy. The image will be irreparably damaged if you pick up these two items incompatible.

Dsquared2, Isabel Marant, Re Done

Cowboy accessories

It’s not difficult to find a cowboy’s belt in new collections, because a lot of things are acceptable in a woman’s costume. Remember the cowboy girlfriends from Hollywood films. If you are wearing a dress with lace frills, then a corset belt will suit it, emphasizing your femininity and thin waist.

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Cowboy boots can not be with a heel of more than four centimeters. They are also distinguished by a narrow toe and an extended shaft, so that you can freely tuck in your jeans. But designers allow themselves and women of fashion to experiment - they offer high-heeled boots, which visually lengthens the silhouette and gives the image attractiveness and femininity.

In addition to high heels, boots can be decorated with chains, buckles, applique, fringe. However, in summer, creating a women's costume in a cowboy style, boots can be replaced with shoes or fringed sandals.

fashionable accessories

In addition to the named items of clothing, which, in combination with each other or in addition to other styles, are somehow reflected in the images created by designers, there are also capes, blankets, scarves, vests, jackets. You can add them to your image, creating your own individual style.

Cowboy style fits any girl. But mostly appeal to him romantic natures who have a penchant for travel.

Today, designers are not trying to adhere to the established rules of the cowboy style. This style is daring, and should not be taken too literally. You can when creating an image of cowboy clothes to depart from the norm and add a little glamor. This will help luxury accessories from exotic leather.

Vanessa seward
Zimmermann, Alberta Ferretti