How and with what to wear summer dresses in winter - tips and photo images


How to wear summer thin and light dresses in autumn and winter? Great question, especially since I get asked it every fall. And every autumn has its own nuances. So I always have something to say about this.

The floral print on a dark base background is great for fall and winter sets. The most obvious options are “warming” the dress with a leather jacket, for example. And not only leather - both bomber jackets and sheepskin coats will be used.

Another option is a jacket or cardigan to match or with a close print.

A universal move is to add a top layer to the dress in the form of a sweater. The sweater can be short or long. You can add a belt to the set - and any dress fits this look. Unless I would not take too long models - the dress should be no lower than the ankle. And you should not choose obviously thin materials that “stick” to tights. The rest is complete freedom of choice.

There are dresses made of thin but dense opaque fabrics. With these, there are no problems at all about how to fit them into the wardrobe in the cold season.

Fluffy dresses with a clear silhouette are also suitable. But then the top layer should then be clearly up to the waist (here there are skirts in the photo, but the idea is clear).

Looks good sets in the same color, but assembled on the difference in textures. Here is a woolen coat, glossy lacquer boots and lace dress.

But it is not necessary to withstand everything in black.

You can warm up not only from above. A floral dress goes well with an additional bottom layer in the form of, say, a turtleneck. The color of the turtleneck will tell you one of the shades of the print. As for shoes, I would advise taking either deliberately rough boots or suede boots. Black color is quite universal, but if it is some more interesting shade (for example, burgundy), it will be even cooler.

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Adding a bottom layer under the dress is generally a cool idea. And not just for floral print options. You can wear a warm turtleneck or, for example, a thick T-shirt, with the expectation that then you can add another layer on top - say, a cardigan or a jacket again.

Important: if this dress has thin spaghetti straps, it should be loose. Fitting is only suitable for dense fabrics such as denim. So that the bottom layer does not spoil the silhouette.

The dress itself should not be too short and thin. This dress is not the best example. Even now it looks scanty, and if you add tight tights, it will not look very good.

As for general remarks, when choosing a dress for a “transformation” from summer to winter, I would rather lean towards midi lengths and below. This makes it easier to warm up. But, I repeat, not so long as to sweep the ground with a skirt - in our slushy winters this is very impractical.

Floral print + leather jacket

To create a stylish autumn or winter look, you can choose dark dress with a floral print, and put on a leather jacket on top, Bomber or even a short sheepskin coat. Alternatively, a jacket or cardigan in the color of the dress or with a similar print.

Summer dress + sweater

Very cool if worn over a dress with a collar oversized sweater. It can be short or long. If you don’t like the resulting image with a long jacket, then you can always wear it over it. belt.

Turtleneck under a summer dress

One of the most trendy things of the season is a turtleneck or turtleneck sweater! Wear a turtleneck under your dress to keep warm. prints. To successfully combine the color of a turtleneck, pay attention to the print of the dress and choose one of its shades.

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Winter shoes with summer dress

It will fit perfectly in such an image. rough shoes. Black color is a classic, but if you choose another saturated color, it will be much more stylish. The best combination: turtleneck + summer dress + cardigan or jacket.

Important points when choosing a summer dress for winter:

  • Don't choose very thin materials that will stick to tights and tuck under a long sweater. Pay attention to dresses made of thin but dense opaque fabrics.
  • Lush dresses with a clear silhouette are also great for the cold season, but at the same time, a sweater or jacket on top should only be up to the waist.
  • A dress with thin spaghetti straps should be loose-fitting. If you have fitting dress and you want to try it on in winter, pay attention to the density of the material - it should be made of heavy fabrics or denim.

Summer dress should not be too short, too long or thin. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking ridiculous, especially if you choose thick, dense, woolen winter tights.