How to tie shoelaces beautifully


It’s not enough to just buy high-quality lace-up shoes; you need to learn how to tie them correctly. There are a lot of easy and simple lacing methods that will allow you to create a new style in your look every day. In this article we will talk about this in more detail.

Types of lacing


A similar lacing technique is present on all pairs of shoes in stores. It is simple and concise, and also easily matches different types of shoes.

  1. From below or from above, thread the lace through the lower holes;
  2. If you look from yourself, then take the left lace and pass it through the next hole, above the bottom one. Then we pass it through the hole on the other side, only passing the one that is located above the bottom one;
  3. Using this method, we pass the laces through all the holes and tie a bow that can be hidden in the shoes.


Comfortable and original lacing, which ultimately forms Roman numerals.

  1. You need to insert the right tip of the lace into the hole on the left side and pull it out through the top hole;
  2. Next, we make a cross with laces and thread both through the holes on the right side;
  3. In the same way, we pull the right one up a couple of holes and repeat, the same with the left lace;
  4. Next, we cross the laces and throw them over to the left side, and then tie a knot.


One of the most fashionable lacing, which is popular among young people.

  1. First you need to pass the lace through the lower holes, and then one of the ends into the upper one on the right side, and then immediately to the left;
  2. Next, the laces are led up and passed through the same hole, and again they need to be led higher.
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It is otherwise known as a cobweb. This is an effective choice for shoes that have thick or multi-colored laces.

  1. With 6 pairs of lugs, this technique will work best;
  2. First, you need to pass the lace through the lower eyelets, and then thread the left one through the right eyelet at number 4. Next, we pull it up from the inside and pull it out through 5, and then we pass the lace through 2, pull it from the inside at 4 and bring it out on the front side, to pass through eyelet number 1;
  3. We do the same with the second lace, where the technology will already be clear.


At first it may seem that lacing has a very complex weaving technique, but in fact it does not. This method is suitable for wide sneakers where there is room to roam.

  1. First you need to make a straight lacing option, which we described above. Do it with white or black lace;
  2. Next, take a different color of lace and begin to simply weave over the horizontal lines, smoothly diving through one row.

Different color laces

You should not use only the classic lace colors, white and black, but choose different ones. It can be red, blue, green, yellow, gray, orange, pink, sand, beige, purple, lilac, lilac and others.

Another interesting method is to choose rainbow laces.

Gradient laces will look very impressive.

Glowing ones are suitable for evening time.