How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks


The demand for once-unpopular shoes has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to collaborations with celebrities. The iconic Crocs, which were once a fashion flop in the early 2000s, are now back in fashion like never before. Crocs footwear has also taken on a new lease of life through collaborations with fashion houses such as Balenciaga and other brands. Nowadays, celebrities are not shy about flaunting ugly Crocs, which add a bit of eccentricity to well-chosen looks. Find out how some of our favorite stars wear Crocs.

Ariana Grande

How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks 1

Classic Crocs models with waterproof construction and a comfortable fit are where absolute comfort begins. These qualities were appreciated by the singer Ariana Grande, choosing an elongated black sweatshirt and a pair of white Crocs with socks.

Justin Bieber

How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks 2

Justin Bieber is a fan of casual Crocs clogs who prefers to wear them with socks. Wearing a comfortable black Fear of God Essentials tracksuit, the singer brightened up his look by wearing a pair of pink Crocs with black socks. Drew House, founded by Bieber, officially partnered with Crocs earlier this year. This became their second collaboration.

Nicki Minaj

How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks 3

Nicki Minaj made a splash on her Instagram with another nude image. The only thing that was present was a hot pink pair of Crocs and beautiful jewelry. The photo quickly went viral and boosted the company's sales by 4900%! On that day, all pink shades of shoes were sold out, and the site began to have technical problems from the influx of buyers. A few days later, Niki posted a photo in a swimsuit and black Crocs with the Chanel logo.

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Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler was clearly one of the first celebrities to embrace the Crocs for what they are - the perfect shoe for comfort. At the premiere of one of his films, All or Nothing, Sandler appeared on the red carpet in a pair of comfy Crocs and extremely casual attire. While his adorable wife Jackie arrived in a dress and high heels, her husband rolled out in brown Crocs, Billabong pants, a nylon jacket and sunglasses. The actor looked more ready for attending a soccer game than for a movie premiere. This is a testament to how relaxed you can be in Crocs shoes.

LeBron James

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When it comes to some of the best Crocs collaborations in recent memory, the Chinatown Market x Grateful Dead x Crocs three-way partnership comes to mind. This line of Crocs tie-dye clogs quickly sold out at the time of release. Basketball player LeBron James paired this psychedelic print with a sweatshirt and shorts from the collaboration featuring cartoon dancing bears.

Post Malone

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The singer, who entered the top five highest paid musicians in the world for the year, launched a wave of Crocs popularity. In the photo we see the eccentric image of Post Malone on the streets of Manhattan. He opted for classic dark Crocs with pink pants, a white cowboy hat and a pink tee that features a unicorn. Singer Post Malone has a long relationship with Crocs and was the first musician to collaborate with the brand. Since then, they have launched five collaborations of Crocs clogs together.

Pharrell Williams

How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks 7

American singer and producer Pharrell Williams is another celebrity who knows that a pair of Crocs can help you stand out on the red carpet if paired right. At the premiere of Netflix's The Black Godfather, he showed up in casual attire that included chino shorts, a hoodie and a pair of colorful Crocs tie-dye clogs. But to make the pair stand out even more, Farrell added "Plant" to one clog and "Super Dad" to the other.

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Earth whack

How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks 8

Rap singer Tierra Whack's colorful outfit pairs well with an eccentric pair of designer Crocs sneakers. To perform at this year's Afropunk Music Festival, the singer chose yellow platform Crocs, which appeared as a result of the collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs. As you can see from this outfit, a great way to highlight a statement pair of shoes is to pair them with another unique piece that also stands out from the crowd.


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At the Academy Awards ceremony of the year, the musician and director Questlove appeared in a formal suit, which he complemented with a pair of golden Crocs. The move caused controversy in the eyes of the show's organizers because a letter was sent to all contestants prior to the ceremony, asking them to adhere to a formal dress code. But when you're a Questlove, you definitely have permission to do whatever you want.

Bad bunny

How To Wear Crocs - Unexpected Celebrity Looks 10

There are very few celebrities who dare to appear live in a pair of bright neon green Crocs. But Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny did it twice - at the MTV Latin America's Millennial Awards and in his debut appearance on The Tonight Show. Combining his outfit with Crocs clogs, he turned them into a bold accent.

The passion for Crocs led the Latin superstar to collaborate with the brand. Together they paired with the singer's logo glow-in-the-dark gibbits, which sold out within 16 minutes.