5 lifehack and rules to get slimmer with clothes


One of the most pressing and frequently asked questions among the beautiful half of humanity is: "How to look taller and slimmer?" And if nature has not endowed you with the height of Eva Herzigová or Karlie Kloss, then the tips below on how to look taller and slimmer with clothes will come in handy for you!

Vertical lines

One of the simplest and most well-known stylistic techniques for stretching growth and reducing the volume of the figure is the use of vertical lines in clothes! It can be either a vertical print on clothes, or a vertical print in the form of an unbuttoned jacket, arrows and stripes on trousers, and even a placket on a blouse or shirt.

How to look taller

Monochrome image

Choose clothes of the same color! If you still don’t want to repeat the color of the top with the color of the bottom, then maintain at least one tone, that is, choose colors in clothes that are harmonious and as close to each other as possible.

How to look taller

Pants / skirts to the floor

Choose long trousers to the floor, or trousers with arrows! But remember that they should go up to the middle of the heel length or even completely cover the shoe. The ideal option would be flared trousers, palazzo, trousers or jeans in a loose and elongated cut. If you do choose cropped trousers, keep them narrow and end at the thinnest point of your ankle.

As for long skirts to the floor, when wearing them, you must choose shoes with heels, in no case at a low speed, otherwise everything will work exactly the opposite, and instead of the desired effect of stretching the height, you will "eat" it.

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The rules of harmony

High waistline

Do not choose models of trousers or skirts with a low waistline. This will visually shorten the length of your legs. High-waisted models are what will stretch your legs!

How to increase height

Shoes with heels or platform

Of course, everything is more than obvious here - the higher the heel / platform, the higher you are. But here I want to give your attention to the color of the shoes. If it matches the color of your tights or trousers, then the effect of legs "growing from the ears" is guaranteed to you!

Another tip for choosing shoes: if you choose nude color pumps, then they should ideally match the color of your skin or the tone of your tights. And in no case contradict the whole costume - choose light-colored outfits for light-colored shoes, and vice versa!

5 life hacks and rules to get slimmer with clothes

Things to Avoid


Despite the very current fashion trend for layering, the presence of a large number of layers can visually add volume to your figure and a lot of horizontal lines, thereby shortening your height! Therefore, in this case, you need to be extremely careful with this trend!

Excessive volume

Do not choose too loose items (strong oversize)! They will also add extra volume to the image and make you visually lower.

What prevents slimness

Color block - color separation in clothes

For example, you wear a blue sweater with a black skirt and brown boots, thus dividing your figure into color blocks, creating additional horizontals and visually shortening and expanding your figure!


Do not choose bottoms of clothing, be it skirts or trousers, from dense, heavy fabrics. This will weigh down and land your look.

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What prevents slimness

Violation of proportions

You also need to be extremely careful with the proportions in clothes, for example, choose a too voluminous top and a narrow bottom, and vice versa! This will visually divide our figure into 2 parts, thereby taking a couple of centimeters of our height.

What prevents slimness

Adhering to such simple stylistic rules, you will easily visually add yourself a few centimeters of height, while you will look slimmer!