Leather dress - trendy style and photo outfits


Leather dresses are gradually replacing dresses of lighter and more practical fabrics from the wardrobe, and all because the skin looks stylish, expensive, and sometimes provocatively. Today we will analyze trendy leather dresses and tell you what to wear them with.

Leather and skin again!

Leather dresses were previously associated with vulgarity and were used only as an addition to some special image. At the moment, modern fashion has changed dramatically and the once forbidden leather dresses have become permanent products for the ordinary life of an average girl.

Naturally, the style itself must comply with the norms of a day dress, and not be too frank and cramped (we leave such models for a party), so it will be very simple to make various images with a leather dress.

Types of Leather Dresses

First of all, leather dresses are distinguished by the material itself:

  • Imitation leather;
  • Genuine Leather;


  • Classics - black, white, brown, gray;
  • Colored - blue, burgundy, red, yellow, green;
  • Mixed - when 2 or more colors can be present in one dress.


  • Short.
  • Midi.
  • Long
  • sexy models.
  • business models.
  • Models with decor.

The choice of leather dresses is actually very wide, so any woman can choose a similar product for her figure.

Benefits of Leather Dresses

  1. It is always stylish and up-to-date.
  2. A large selection of styles and colors, which allows you to choose the best option for your appearance color type.
  3. The ability to adjust the figure (natural black leather visually tightens and makes slimmer).
  4. Faux leather dresses are not very expensive, therefore more affordable.
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The disadvantages of leather dresses

  1. It is easy to create a vulgar or tasteless look, due to the capriciousness of a leather dress, which must be able to be correctly combined with other clothing attributes.
  2. Faux leather dresses, although they are cheap, their quality is not always high.
  3. Colored leather dresses can plump.

How to wear leather dresses in style and color


For short models, high-heeled shoes and low-speed shoes are well suited. It can also be sandals, sandals and ballet shoes. Avoid athletic shoes; under leather dresses, they will look out of place.


Leather midi dresses will be worthy of any official or solemn event. Midi dresses must be worn only under the heel and it is advisable to select only classic pumps. Choose gold or silver as jewelry, avoid color variations.


Long dress models are very extravagant. They should be worn under high heels, where you can even use boots or rough boots. Massive jewelry, often of a Gothic theme, as well as various hats in the form of a beret, a hat with narrow brims or a scarf are suitable as accessories.


These dress models are well suited for a nightclub. The top is usually open for such models, so you can throw a black or white leather jacket over your shoulders. But shoes are heels, platform, wedge or stiletto heels.


Surprisingly, very good business models are obtained from leather, which are perfect for working hours. They can be presented in different colors, but in particular - it is black. For business leather dresses, stylists recommend choosing pumps, and natural pearls, light-colored jewelry, gold or silver jewelry are selected as an accessory.

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Colored leather dresses

White sneakers or moccasins are very suitable for colored leather dresses. At the same time, the style itself should be more free so that the image looks successful and stylish. If the dress has a fitted cut, then use shoes in a color with a difference of one or two tones.